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Field Hockey Stick

When it comes to purchasing a hockey stick online, it can be a hectic process, especially with various brands available. But, having a basic idea of what to consider will ease your process.

Are you looking for a midfielder, defender, or forward hockey stick? Our guide below gives you the best field hockey sticks that you can rely on.

No matter your game level, the list below will help to solve your problems. Read through to find out more about best field hockey sticks and why you are purchasing any of them is beneficial.

What to consider when buying a field hockey stick?

Before purchasing a hockey stick, there are various factors to consider, as they all impact your performance. It includes


Hockey sticks weights range between 535-580 grams. But, weight is a factor that depends on your personal preference. But remember, both the lighter and heavier stick has advantages.

Lightweight – A lightweight stick ranges between 535-545 grams. Such sticks offer flawless reception and allow quick wrist movement. That means you will have a quick stick and backswing skills with ease.

Heavy-weight – Heavyweight stick range between 550-560 grams. They also tend to be more durable compared to their counterpart. Its main advantage is adding more power.

Skill level

Knowing your skill level will help you select the best field hockey sticks. There are four levels beginner, intermediate, advanced, and elite.

Beginner – Such sticks are perfect for first-time players interested in learning fundamental skills and also control. It is suitable for ten years old players or those with one year of experience.

Intermediate – intermediate sticks focus on control but begin to introduce a power element to your game. It is suitable for 10-13 years old who have 1-2 years of experience.

Advanced – it is among the best sticks to consider as it offers a balance of control and power. It suits 13 and above years old with two-plus years of experience.

Elite – Such sticks are best for experienced professional players who desire power together with precision. They are also the most powerful of all. Suitable for 15 and above years old players with over 3-years experience.


The common materials used in their construction are fiberglass, carbon, wood, and Aramid. Carbon adds power and stiffness to the hockey stick. So the higher percentage of carbon, the greater its power output.

Fiberglass is used as a reinforcing material for more durability and strength. It can also add power if used alone, but once combined with carbon, it works as reinforcement.

The wood material is known to be the least stiff as it adds elements of forgiveness and flexibility to the stick. You will get clean receptions without much straining.


You can select from classic, low, to extreme low bow sticks as each has a different function. The difference is that classic bow maximizes control and power; low bow increases control, while the extreme low bow is perfect for drag flicking, sweeping, and aerial skills.


Length is an important factor because it decides to make a tackle, complete a pass, or make a mistake.

Longer sticks are perfect for midfielders and defensive players, while shorter sticks are perfect for offensive players.

Longer sticks are perfect for longer shots, while shorter sticks offer perfect control. Be sure of your skill level and position to select the best length stick.

1. STX Field Hockey Starter Pack for Juniors

best field hockey sticks

STX is a great field hockey kit for the junior and beginners. The field hockey starter pack includes the ASTM certified goggle.

It comes with an HPR 50 beginner stick, adults reversible shin guards, dual-sport adult goggle of 2See-S and a black prime stick bag making it of value to money.

The goggles meet the NFHS field hockey regulations. The product is available in different sizes of 34, 35, and 36 inches.


  • Great for Juniors
  • ASTM certified goggle
  • Available in different sizes
  • Goggles meet the NFHS field hockey regulations


  • None

2. GRAYS Surf 500 Field Hockey Stick

GRAYS Surf 500 Field Hockey Stick

Gray surf 500 is an ideal field hockey stick for the beginners. Gray is a Crafted wood that has fiberglasses.

The reinforced mulberry wood reinforcement provides added support that makes it durable to use in all gaming, including recreations. It’s lightweight and thinner design makes it easier to handle and use.


  • Maximum toe technology with good hitting power
  • Fiberglass a reinforced mulberry wood construction keeps it lightweight and durable
  • Great for new players
  • Perfect for outdoor play


  • Not that durable

3. GRAYS GX 1000 Field Hockey Stick

grays gx1000

GRAYS GX 1000 is the best field hockey sticks that have a free chamois grip. The products are of Kevlar, integrated composite carbon matrix, and fiberglass to give out high power, durability, and lightweight.

Its glass fiber content ensures good ball control besides acting as a shock absorber. The premium construction gives it’s a perfect feel and mix.

Moreover, chamois grip addition provides more shock absorption and grip in wet conditions.


  • Excellent power and lightweight
  • High-performance construction
  • Provides extra shock absorption
  • Enhanced ball control


  • None

4. Byte HX2 Composite Field Hockey Stick

composite field hockey sticks

The byte is a blue composite hockey stick of 5% carbon making. It is an extra light that has good value for money. This fiberglass stick making is excellent for the youth players.

The model is available in different sizes to fit most young players. Lastly, it Gives excellent power for hard hits. Its head is of maximum size and a pretty tight heel even though not that round.


  • Lightweight in making
  • Comes in a variety of lengths
  • HX series that is with tit’s price
  • 5% carbon and fiberglass for durability


  • The customer complained of getting a slightly damaged one

5. GRAYS GX5000 Composite Field Hockey Stick

GRAYS GX5000 Composite Field Hockey Stick

GRAYS GX 5000 is a lightweight field hockey stick that gives a superb feeling and balance. You can have the privilege to perform like a champion with this elegant hockey stick.

It is available in both medium and lightweight due to the fiberglass matrix making. It comes in different colors of orange and black with different lengths of 35 to 38 inches.

The carbon, fiberglass, and Aramid make it stiff and have high power ratings, therefore, enhancing its performance. It has a standard blade profile and handles construction; thus, convenient for use.


  • Superb balance and feel
  • Comes in different colors and lengths
  • Standard handle construction and blade profile
  • Super stiff power ratings


  • None


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6. MALIK Field Hockey Sticks

malik field hockey sticks

The Malik field hockey stick is the top stick in the carbon-tech dribble curve range to put into consideration. As an experienced hockey player, this is the best field hockey stick for you to excel at the highest level.

More so, it is the most preferred choice by several world-class players, which means you are getting a perfect deal with this stick. It also offers a high-quality grip, thus, best control of the hockey ball.

It is only available in senior size, 37.5 inches; therefore, a strong and elegant hitting power. This lightweight high-end hockey stock, sky blue color, will offer you the best throughout.


  • Offers high-quality grip
  • Suitable for experienced players
  • Lightweight hence perfect for middle or defense positions
  • The oval shaft offers a firmer grip
  • Hockey stick bag included


  • Not for beginners

7. Brine C100 Youth Field Hockey Stick

Brine C100 Youth Field Hockey Stick

Are you looking for an ideal hockey stock as a beginner? The Brine C100 field hockey stick is ideal for beginners players. It is incredibly lightweight with a thinner handle shape that makes it easy for beginners to use.

Especially when it comes to controlling speed and adapting to the skills of the game, with a control rating of 4.5/5.0, the player will be able to learn the game without any inconveniences.

More so, it’s construction is also outstanding. That is of a composite combination of carbon, Aramid, and glass. This best field hockey sticks work just as expected hence reliable and effective.


  • Lightweight thus, easy to use
  • Ideal for the youth beginner player
  • High-quality construction hence durable


  • May come defective if not double-checked

8. MALIK Field Hockey Sticks Sizes 36.5 Inch

best field hockey sticks for midfield

The Gaucho MALIK field hockey stick is also one of the best to put into consideration. It is a lightweight, high-end hockey stick, 36.5” perfect for outdoor use.

If you are an experienced player looking forward to excelling at high hockey levels, this is the most preferred international level hockey stick to consider.

Although it has equal features as the previous MALIK hockey stick reviewed above, the only difference is that it is a Gaucho stick.

Besides, it offers quality control because of the quality grip used. Lastly, it has not only the value of money but also powerful and elegant hitting power.


  • Offers high-quality grip
  • Offers low bow curve type
  • Suitable for experienced players
  • Lightweight hence perfect for middle or defense positions
  • Hockey stick bag included


  • None

9. Grays GX5000 Jumbow Field Hockey Stick

grays gx5000 jumbow field hockey stick

Jumbow models offer to curve lower down the blade, and that is why this stick is also famous. It helps generate drag-flick momentum, which is desirable for many top players who must comply with the rules.

Its enhanced lower curves help in improving the penalty corner flicking capability. That means it won’t lose control while hitting, dribbling, or stopping the ball. With that in mind, you can now see why most top players consider Grays Jumbow range stick.

More so, the IFA head surface helps improve control, which is an essential feature for experienced players.


  • Has an energy reduction handle hence no straining
  • Maxi head shape
  • Improves penalty corner flicking capability
  • Strong, durable and convenient for use


  • None

10. Grays GX2000 Superlight Field Hockey Stick

Grays GX2000 Superlight Field Hockey Stick

The GX2000 hockey stick is one of the best to put into consideration, especially for indoor purposes. Crafted with Aramid, fiberglass, and carbon, expect a high-quality stick that meets all your needs as a youth player.

Carbon adds stiffness and strength, thus, perfect hitting power. Aramid and fiberglass, on the other hand, helps in delivering extra strength and reduce vibration. As you can see, it’s construction is what makes it more perfect.

More so, it will also offer premium power and faster swing speeds, which is necessary to avoid inconveniences. Furthermore, the maxi shape head features a hook toe to enhance the hitting power and receiving surface.

Lastly, this best field hockey stick handles are thinner; therefore, you get an excellent grip.


  • The chamois grip offers extra shock absorption in wet conditions
  • Lightweight hence, fast swing speed
  • Has excellent grip
  • Ideal for competitive players
  • Comes with free chamois grip


  • None


Although no-stick tends to offer everything you wish, the above sticks quickly adapt to your play style and need.

The difference between each stick is composition, each with a different purpose. But, do not select a hockey stick that has more elasticity than your control.

Go for a stick that you find more convenient and comfortable while in use. We hope you will buy from any of the above best field hockey sticks to see what you have missed.


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FAQ Of Best Field Hockey Sticks:

Which is the best field hockey stick for forwards?

Forward players, also known as wingers or strikers, have to receive the hockey ball with a good touch, while their body shields off the defenders.

The best stick to consider is the Grays GX1000, which is an all-round stick to avoid inconveniences. It is lightweight, with enhanced ball control and excellent performance.

Which is the best field hockey stick for defenders?

Defenders need a sturdy hockey stick for tackling. It also has to be powerful to clear the ball with ease. Go for a long stick so that you can reach the tackles with ease.

Heavyweight offers higher hitting power and much more. Some of the competitive brands in this category are Grays and Adidas Hockey Stick that works best for defenders.

What is the best field hockey stick for midfielders?

As a midfielder, you must have excellent ball-handling skills and also be able to make perfect tackles. Although their sticks have to be durable, that doesn’t mean it has to be too heavy.

A stick with aramid material will help a midfielder in keeping control when dribbling and trapping. That is why the best field hockey stick for a midfielder to consider is the Gray GX1000 field hockey stick bundle.

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