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It is essential to plan carefully before purchasing any sporting equipment. Whether you are more or professional to the sport, selecting the best ice hockey sticks that meets your needs is essential.

That is because it is the key to execute offensive and defensive maneuvers with confidence. Below is a guide on top ice hockey sticks designed to meet your needs adequately.

What to consider when buying a hockey stick?

Below are some of the essential factors to put into consideration before buying the best ice hockey sticks. It includes:

Blade curve

Hockey Sticks have three blade curve options: curve depth, face angle, and curve type. Blade curve is an essential factor of consideration when it comes to your field position.

For instance, as a defensive player, you must have good control and be able to shoot hard and low.

That is only possible with a slight curve. If you are a forward player, you need deep or mid curve as they take more snapshots.


Hockey Sticks are of two types, wood and composite. Wooden sticks tend to be more authentic and best feel, while composite ones offer better power and durability. That is why many professional players go for composite hockey sticks.

However, there are also two types of stick to expect. That is one piece or two-piece stick. The one-piece stick has shaft response and a constant flex point.

On the other hand, a two-piece stick gives players the option to match and mix a shaft and blade that suits them.


The flexibility of a hockey stick is so important, no matter your playing position. Its shaft is rated between 40-100. The higher the number, the more stiff and rigid the shaft is.

For heavier players, a stiffer shaft is what you need, while lighter players need a flexible one to provide more shots.

Grip options

This feature depends on a player’s preference whether to go for a no-grip finish or grip finish. A hockey stick with grip finish has a better stability.

And remember that a better grip has better control, which is essential for any player in a fast-paced game.

On the other hand, experienced players prefer a shaft with a clear finish as there will be nothing preventing their hands from sliding.

For instance, midfielders or defensive players need longer stick so that they can drive the ball further. An offensive player, on the other hand, requires a shorter stick for secure handling and control.

Ideally, a hockey stick should reach the top of your hip bone. But, take time to experiment and see if it meets your needs more.

How to choose your hockey stick length?

When choosing your hockey stick length, you must remember that flexibility and length work together. You can select either junior, youth, intermediate or senior size.

Once you know the difference between those sizes, you will find a stick that performs best. At a younger level, the player needs how to shoot and pass the ball, that is why the stick length varies in sizes.

Go for a stick with perfect kick point, flex and length to elevate your game to the next level.

1. Raven Ninja III Hockey Sick

best ice hockey sticks

Raven hockey’s Ninja III 30 is for the juniors or youth players under 80 lbs weight who are looking to control hard passes on a rush while still capable of raising the puck at a top-shelf.

The unique features you may also admire in Ninja III 30 are that it has a low flex rating of 30. This low flex rating is appropriate for the weight and height of most youth players for hockey, with it being the lowest in the industry.

Most of the youths’ hockey sticks are of a narrow shaft and cannot allow for correct puck control and stiffness that negatively affect passing and shooting.


  • For players under 57″ tall
  • Low flex ratings to fit you the
  • Comes with a 60-day warranty
  • Ergonomic design for correct puck control


  • None

2. STX Ice Hockey Stick

STX Ice Hockey Stick

Suppose you’re seeking a durable and much-performing ice hockey stick, then this is the time to go for the STX ice hockey stick.

It is of a lighter blade that necessitates the distribution of weight up the shaft, thereby giving you a high balance point with the lighter feeling on the stick without deterioration on durability.

A constant flex is achieved with the stallion HPR features that work out for the maximum power throughout.

It has a pure blade power that is upgraded from the original pure blade technology utilized by surgeon Rx2.

It is of a square shaft geometry, that features a traditional shape. Besides its matte grip and it’s raised texture, you can have the confidence to unleash the HPR power.


  • Ultra-high balance point
  • Power flex
  • Pureblade power technology
  • Square shaft geometry
  • High performing and durable


  • None

3. Get Out! Ice Hockey Shooting Pad

ice hockey shooting pad

Get Out! for an active hockey shooting lifestyle. The hockey shooting pad and passing trainer is one of the perfect products to add to your practice equipment.

It is designed in a manner to act as ice hockey, and they can help you improve your handling and shooting skills.

The pad is of a slippery plastic that necessitates stick handling and hockey shooting training in an optimal manner. You can as well improve on your strength performance while training on this added friction surface.

The hockey board does mimic the real ice feeling that it is portable. Moreover, its design makes it easy to store, easy to clean, and also resistant to harsh weather conditions, thereby durable.


  • Can be used anywhere
  • Allows for performance strength training
  • Helps build on your skills
  • Safe, easy to use and portable


  • Nice but narrow

4. Cramer Cosom Plastic Hockey Stick

warrior hockey sticks

Cramer is a simple plastic hockey stick-built on the history of success through the physical education market.

Cosom is the best brand that is often demanded by retails and students and recreational athletes. Cramer and Cosom are two of the most renowned companies in producing sporting goods.

The two companies joined to come up with this high-quality product for physical education and sports training. While giving better services, Cosom is a trusted brand in the recreational and learning industries.


  • Majorly for recreational programs and physical education
  • For grades 4-6 students
  • All polythene shaft that cannot market the gym floors
  • Durable


  • Low quality

5. The Hockey Arsenal Ice Hockey Stick

hockey stick display case

It is not wrong to cover hockey arsenals with the new cover of carbon composite with an OPS hockey stick.

The covet is for the experienced ice hockey players who would instead go for the lightweight, durable, and excellent performing hockey stick.

The covet is also a composite stick, thus suitable for pickup games, intramural squads, recreational league Hocker, and any backyard rink or a frozen pond.

The A92 curve and 85 flex improve on the stiffness of the blade, thus making it responsive. The design fits today’s matches with an optimal kick point that enables fast puck release.


  • For the playmakers who need the lightweight, durable and high performance
  • Perfect for pickup games
  • Quality tested making
  • Secure stick handling and shooting


  • None


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6. STX RX3 Ice Hockey Stick

stx hockey stick review

STX ice hockey stick is innovative with an underside shaft ergonomic shape that provides an increased surface area. Its improved surface area helps in good control over the stick plus the maximized hand contact points.

More so, the sticks lower section has a reengineered flex peak for quick and responsive play. The upper portion of the shaft is stiff to maximize the load portion when needed.

The RX3 ice hockey stick is a stable and durable structure with its innovative new silver streak material in the base of the blade.

Lastly, this best ice hockey sticks have a high balance point that brings the feeling and playability of the stick.


  • Precision flex II
  • Silver streak material for more durability
  • Ultra-high balance point stick
  • Peregrine and innovative shape


  • Tends to be a low-quality stick

7. Arsenal Envy Carbon Fiber Ice Hockey Stick(Left Handed)

carbon fiber hockey stick

The carbon fiber hockey stick is designed for you as an experienced hockey player who expects more from a stick. That is because of the balance and durable materials to bring performance and longevity.

The arsenal envy sticks are majorly for the pickup games in the neighborhood, beer league hockey, competitive adult leagues, intramural squads, and any frozen pond hockey game, with the right balance between the weight of the blade and the shaft.

The best ice hockey sticks are ideal for defensive and forward hockey players. It’s making is of quality that has undergone different testings as the other big brands.


  • Perfect stick handling and shooting
  • Quality making and of high performance
  • Perfect for pickup games
  • For the experienced hockey players
  • Perfect for left-handed players
  • Matte Non-grip


  • A little heavy

8. The Hockey Arsenal Envy Carbon Fiber(Right Handed)

carbon hockey sticks

Are you a fun of The Hockey Arsenal envy carbon fiber stick? Like the previous product, this model works perfectly for players who need more from a hockey stick.

The difference between the two is that this model is for the right-handed player who loves grip shaft material. The composite materials used in its construction guarantees your durability and performance.

More so, The Arsenal Hockey envy sticks are known to be perfect for pick-up games, whether in leagues or just for fun.

It is an ideal stick for defensive and forward players because of a balanced blade to shaft weight ratio. Lastly, its optimized kick point for a fast puck release thus; perfect for use.


  • Perfect for right-handed players
  • Suitable for experienced players
  • You get 45days warranty
  • Of carbon fiber composite hence great performance


  • A little heavy

9. STX Stallion Hockey Stick

STX Stallion Hockey Stick

All new stallion HPR from STX is of an ultra-high balance and performance. The new stallion design is for players seeking excellent performance and durability in just a package.

Just as the power flex provides a constant release of energy when shooting, the stallion is known for its great choice for most hockey players.

Besides, it also has a pure blade power that gives out a stoutly turned blade with maximum pops and weight savings during the gameplay.

The best ice hockey sticks product is durable to last longer and highly performing due to its excellent technology making of innovation and ergonomic design.


  • Ultra-high balance point
  • Constant load and consistent release
  • Ergonomic design
  • Durable making
  • Great performance


  • Cannot mix with other sticks

10. Arsenal Jealousy Carbon Fiber Ice Hockey Stick

best composite hockey stick under 100

The jealousy is a super lite The Hockey Arsenal’s carbon fiber composite of 420 grams. These best ice hockey sticks come in a stick piece OPS built with pro stock specifications.

More so, it is for the elite ice hockey players who need a lightweight and high performing hockey stick. The sticks are for pick up games like intramural squads, recreational league hockey, and any backyard rink or a frozen pond.

Its design is for elite and experienced hockey players looking for durable, lightweight, and high performing sticks. Their quality is of high-performance carbon fiber that has undergone the quality tests, and you also get a 45 days warranty.


  • Great shooting and stick handling
  • High quality and performance
  • Designed for elite players
  • Good for pick up hockey games


  • None


We hope that our guide has enough detailed information for you to select the best ice hockey sticks. We have considered all level players, playing positions, durability, and functionality of the sticks.

That is why we believe purchasing any of the above sticks will meet your needs as expected. Don’t let the numbers confuse you; all are of good quality, durable, and worth the purchase.

We hope we have given the right advice, and you find it easy to select your hockey stick and elevate your gaming to the next level.


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