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youth hockey stick

Hockey requires so many skills, which is only achievable with the right hockey stick. Since there are many factors to consider when choosing the best youth hockey stick, it is also important to remember that everything depends on your preference.

Although there are various youth hockey sticks to select from, our guide gives you the best youth hockey sticks to consider.

We find them to be outstanding not just because of their performance but also of there positive customer reviews that are outstanding. Read through to understand further why they are worth the purchase.

How to choose a hockey stick flex?

Flex is a measure used in hockey stick construction to determine how much of the shaft will bend. The right amount of flex helps in improving accuracy and power on each shot in hockey.

Too little or too much flex impacts negatively on accuracy and power. The guide below gives you more information on how to find the best flex. That includes

Hockey Stick flex chart

As a beginner player, you should not worry about flex because you are still learning the fundamentals of hockey. Below is the actual value of flex used in various hockey sticks.

  • Youth-40 flex
  • Junior-50 flex
  • Intermediate- 60 to 75 flex
  • Regular flex-85 flex
  • Stiff flex-100 flex
  • Extra stiff-110 flex

You can only choose the right flex by first picking up a flex, which is half your weight. For instance, if your total weight is 160 pounds, then begin at 80 flex.

In case you need flex adjustment, then consider the chart below:

  • -5 flex if you want to take lots of wrist shots and snapshots
  • -5 flex if you don’t have a strong form
  • +5 flex for lots of slapshots
  • +5 flex if you are strong and perfect in shooting

This chart is just a guide, but the flex you choose is of personal preference.

What hockey stick should I use?

Many aspects come in mind when it comes to selecting the best hockey stick to meet your needs. That is more than getting a good fit and right size hockey stick.

However, each hockey stick has its pros and cons. You have to look for one that meets your play style and your budget. Your height, weight, playing style, and playing position are factors to consider.

Since weight plays a more significant role, then you can select from the following categories.

Light(below 540 grams)-it is the best stick for experienced offensive players. Its design is for quick dribbling, agility and moving the puck. Suitable for forwards

Light to medium (540-560 grams)- offers quick agility and stick work. It is suitable for forwards and midfielders.

Heavy (over 560 grams)- Heavy stick has more power hence suitable for defensive positions.

Does hockey stick flex affect accuracy?

As we had seen above on how to choose a hockey stick flex, from its destination, it is clear the hockey stick flex affects accuracy. With the right amount of flex, you will be able to improve on your accuracy and power.

But always remember too little or too much flex impacts negatively on accuracy and power. Just ensure that the flex is half your total body weight.

1. Franklin Sports Hockey Starter Set for Kids

best youth hockey stick

Franklin Sports youth street hockey is a starter set with 2 to 37 inches of hockey sticks with vibrant details for the juniors.

Besides, they also have hockey balls of 1 to 65 mm of low density that can fit the juniors perfect With the shaft and blade of a flexible ABS plastic, the product is an ideal gift idea for the ages of 6 and up.

Franklin’s future champs kids hockey stick is a perfect product to help you teach your young player how to play with more ease.

You can promote the outdoor play with the two sticks for two players, one on one game and make your kids active as they practice and test out their hockey.


  • Vibrant designs of hockey sticks
  • Comes with a hockey ball
  • ABS plastic blade and shaft
  • Renowned hockey starter for kids


  • Difficult to get a raise

2. Mylec Mk1 ABS Stick For Youths

mylec hockey stick

Mylec Mk1 is a hockey stick made in China, majorly for the youths is of the wooden shaft, Abs blade which renders it durable for use on all surfaces.

Its making is engineered to meet the harsh conditions on the rugged surfaces. The 46-inch hockey stick is of composite integration on the blade to help minimize the cracks in the offensive e zones during the hard passes and shorts.

Moreover, Mylec hockey stick is perfect for most street games, including ice hockey competitions.


  • Durable product
  • Flexible Abs blade
  • Its shaft is wooden
  • Capable of using in multiple street games


  • Perfect for roller hockey and not street hockey

3. Liberty Imports Bulk Hockey Sticks

bulk hockey sticks

You can choose to top the puck and let the fun begin with the perfect starter hockey set for your junior hockey all-star stick. With this Liberty Imports, your kid will develop good eye coordination, improved active plays, and timing.

It comes with six hockey balls, six oversized pucks, and twelve hockey sticks of 28 inches long. The puck and balls are 3.5 inches each in diameter. It is of a light and durable plastic that kids cannot find hard to lift and play.

This best youth hockey stick is ASTM CPSC tested and certified to be safe. You can either use it for indoor or outdoor plays, including street hockey, roller hockey, and floor hockey, thus perfect hockey stick for elementary level.


  • Perfect for juniors of 3-7 years
  • 28″ long hockey stick with 3.5″ balls
  • Useful for both indoor and outdoor play
  • Helps kids to develop their timing, eye coordination and overall active play


  • None

4. Cramer Cosom Plastic Hockey Stick

plastic hockey stick

Cramer is a simple plastic hockey stick with a green style name built on the history of success through the physical education market.

Cosom is the best brand that is often demanded by retails and students and recreational athletes. Cramer and Cosom are two of the most renowned companies in producing sporting goods.

The two companies joined to come up with this high-quality product for physical education and sports training. While giving better services, Cosom is a trusted brand in the recreational and learning industries.


  • Majorly for recreational programs and physical education
  • For grades 4-6 students
  • All polythene shaft that cannot market the gym floors
  • Durable


  • Low quality

5. Cramer Cosom Elementary Plastic Hockey Stick

street hockey sticks

The Cramer Cosom is known to be among the top bestmanufacturing companies when it comes to hockey sticks, and this brand also does not disappoint.

It is also known to be the best for recreational programs and elementary physical education programs featured in tournaments.

What we like about the elementary plastic hockey stick are its construction and performance. It is perfect for kids in grades four to six.

More so, they will be able to advance their hockey skills to the next level as it is easy and safe for use.


  • Suitable for grade four to six children
  • Offers great performance because of its lightweight
  • High performing single hockey stick
  • Ideal for all surface use


  • Tends to be of Low quality


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6. Mylec MK1 Senior ABS Stick

mylec hockey equipment

Are you looking for a multifunctional hockey stick? Mylec MK1 senior ABS stick offers you an all surface stick for use. Although it is of ABS material, the shaft is of wood hence durable.

The best part about this stick is its design, with composite integration throughout its blade. That means you get minimized cracks during hard shots and passes in an offensive position.

Moreover, this best youth hockey stick is a standard Senior stick making it convenient and reliable for use.

Lastly, its construction of the wood shaft, wood blade, and fiber coated glass makes it durable enough for even backyard hockey.


  • High-quality construction hence durable
  • Offers great performance
  • Perfect for all surface use
  • Suitable for offensive and defensive players


  • Easily breaks

7. Franklin Sports NHL SX Hockey Stick

best hockey stick for a forward

The NHL SX Hockey stick from Franklin Sports is of assorted colours and both right and left-oriented. The 40-inch hockey stick has a National Hockey League License. Its shaft is of multiply poplar or birch.

Furthermore, Its blade is of a replaceable high impact polymer. Besides, this best youth hockey stick also has a molded shot zone blade grip texture. It fits a kid of average age of seven to eight years.

Kids have lousy stick holding habits, and the stick can clash with the goalposts while playing, They can as well be dragged in the rough surfaces; for these reasons, the product is made durable to put up with all these frustrations.


  • Great for beginners
  • Durable hockey stick to bear the frustrations
  • 40 inch long thus fits the youths perfectly
  • The blade has a replaceable high impact polymer


  • None

8. Frontier Kid Hockey Stick

frontier hockey sticks

Frontier is a kid’s beginner wood hockey stick that uses the left blade. The 43-inch stick is of anatomic correct twelve ply birch shaft.

It also has an industrial-grade abs blade that has overlaid fiberglass. More so, the blade and shaft are durable, robust, and perfectly Integrated.

You can consider to use it in both ice and street play. Its dimensions are 49 * 1 * 9 inches with a weight of 12.8 ounces.


  • 43″ hockey stick that fits youths perfectly
  • A Beginners left-blade hockey stick
  • Can be used in both street and ice plays
  • Solid and durable blade


  • None

9. GRAYS GX750 Field Hockey Stick

grays gx750 field hockey stick

Most beginners love the gray youth GX750 field hockey stick for the youths. It is the lighter and thinner version of the GX750 for the adults.

For increased control, it is of less carbon. It’s lightweight and thinner design allows the kids to use them more easily. It has an enhanced hitting power and receiving surface that comes from the maximum head toe shape.

The toe shape is suitable for drag flicks and reverses stick control. It is of premium quality with a one year warranty from the manufacturer’s. It is of Pakistan making.


  • Lightweight and thinner design
  • Maximum head to shape
  • Standard head face
  • Comes with a one year warranty


  • None

10. Mylec Senior Total Hockey Stick

mylec senior total hockey stick

Mylec senior total hockey stick is a 58 inches total hockey stick with a durable ABS blade that makes it suitable for both roller, street and ice hockey.

This left-handed play hockey stick is durable and can last for a long time while playing. Besides, it works also for the ice hockey game.

You can choose this hockey stick with a huge curve that helps shoot around pucks and the cheap ball nets. It’s decor as well is eye-catching and perfect that can lure you into the game.

Usable for street hockey, roller hockey moreover being an ideal gift to your loved ones who play hockey.


  • Usable for street hockey
  • Durable product
  • Can as well manage an ice hockey
  • Great shooting power


  • The customers complained of the right-handed orientation photo that misleads during the purchase


From our review, you must have noticed that we have considered all features that a good stick must have and also players playing positions.

They offer high power and control for you as a youth player. The list includes top best sticks for you as a beginner or experienced youth player.

We are confident that purchasing any of them is the best decision you can make. If you always want to win and advance your skills to the next level, then buy any of the above best youth hockey sticks to avoid inconveniences.


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