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When it comes to finding the best youth hockey stick, there are no best youth hockey skates, but it comes down to which one suits you best.

That depends on your playing style, skill level, foot size depth and width, and weight. In this article, we focus on what best youth hockey skates suits you best, depending on your playing ability and personal preference.

What to consider while choosing youth hockey skates?

Boot construction

It is an essential factor to consider when choosing hockey skate because manufacturers offer different skates styles. They do so to be able to cater for all foot shapes.

For instance, most brands make a wide and deep skate with a small variation and less volume. In case you have a wider foot, go for a model that design skates for wide feet.


Most skaters find wrong sized skates because they end up purchasing skates that are the same sized with their shoes. The truth is that you should get a smaller size skate than your shoe.

If the skate is too big, you will not skate faster because your foot will be moving inside. That means you won’t be comfortable while skating.

For too small-sized skates, you may experience cramping and be so tight that it affects your skating ability.


Comfort and fit are among the top priorities to consider in a skate. That is because if your leg is hurt, you won’t be able to perform well.

Some people have high arches or wide feet, so you must find a skate that perfectly accommodates you. Always look at the fitting guide provided by the manufacturer to find a perfect fit.

More so, the lacing system plays a big roll in fitness, and because it offers easy adjustability, then go for one that won’t be discomfort.

How often do hockey players sharpen their skates?

We suggest that you should sharpen your skate as often or when the need arises. But before you do that, you should put the following factors into consideration.

For younger skaters

If you are a beginner hockey player, consider sharpening after two weeks, depending on the use. That is because young skaters can dull up their skates easily.

For atom-level players

You may consider getting your skate sharpened 6-10 hours of skating on ice to 10-15 hours.

For youth players

You can consider sharpening your skate 6-10 or 5-6 hours of use.

Bottom line

It is advisable to get the skates sharpened after ten to twelve hours of use on the ice. If you prefer frequent sharpening, be ready to replace the skate blades after the season or late season.

1. Bauer Junior Ice Hockey Skate

best youth hockey skates

Bauer skate is a unique and exclusive boot for junior ice hockey skates players. Its construction gives up to 15% ankle support with an atomic fit.

The materials used in its construction makes it more robust and durable. The soft microfiber lining helps the shoe remove excess moisture; the ankle padding is of Evaform, whereas its tongue is of a black felt piece 30oz thus, comfortable for use.

The shape of the Eva form gives excellent support and comfort on the footbed while the outer sole is of an integrated comp weave hence no inconveniences.

The Tuuk light speed pro Ii holder enables the shoe to be of high durability besides offering better stability, control and leverage.


  • Unique and exclusive boots
  • Soft microfiber liner to remove the excess moisture
  • Its shape gives you support and comfort
  • Blade holder and runner for control, stability and leverage.
  • Durable


  • None

2. American Athletic Boys Ice Hockey Skate Shoe

boys hockey skates

American Athletic ice hockey skates shoe is a black shoe designed majorly for boys to use in the ice skating games.

The shoe is true to sizing size; therefore, it can fit perfectly. It is also a perfect shoe for both indoor and outdoor skates and even pond and backyard hockey.

The ice force hockey skates are for the entry-level players because it has multilayered boot construction for ankle stability.

Besides, it also has a moisture-resistant gambrelle lining for easy break-in and added comfort.

Lastly, it also features an edge carbon steel blade, nylon blade holder, and a cut-resistant box toe.


  • Has a nylon blade holder
  • Both for indoor and outdoor hockey skates plus recreational purposes
  • Ensures ankle stability with the multilayered boot construction
  • Moisture resistant lining for easy break-in and comfort


  • Not recommend for hockey

3. American Athletic Senior Soft Boot Hockey Skate Shoe

soft boot hockey skates

The American Athletic Senior Soft Boot Hockey Skate Shoe is suitable for skating around with kids as it keeps them comfortable and warm. The skate has a cool styling with a thick foam padding for comfort and warmth.

This best youth hockey skate velcro strap is designed to provide you with added support on your foot.

Besides, the shoe takes a short time to lace with the lace loops. The ankles’ stability is met through the multilayered construction of the boot.

Moreover, it has a carbon steel runner and a pull-on heel tab, making it suitable for use. The grey and black camouflage-patterned skate shoe are perfect for recreation and non-competitive ice hockey.

Its hockey blade is of stainless steel; therefore, no need to worry about rust issues. More importantly, this best youth hockey skate is true to size, making it reliable for various players.


  • Has lace loops for easy and quick lacing
  • Multilayered for ankle support
  • Thick foam padding for comfort and warmth
  • Its blade is of stainless steel


  • The blades are not fitted to the standard

4. CRS Cross Hockey Skate Guards

hockey skate guards

The hard guards are to protect your ice skate blade to and from the ice. This ergonomic CRS Cross skates come with a pair of the guards, a towel meant to dry your hockey skates blades after every use.

The towels colour matches the guards and soakers and is of absorbent terry cloth. The pair of soakers covers and protects your skate blades inside your skate bag for storage purposes.

More so, it is also of absorbent terry cloth with its colour matching the guards and towel. The blade is taken good care of so you will maintain your skating performance at the top.

The CRS guards help you protect your blades from the debris and dirt.


  • Comes with blade guards to protect the ice skates
  • Soakers to protect the blades while in the bag
  • The towel to dry your ice hockey skates or figure
  • All in one for hockey and figure skates


  • The materials quality isn’t that perfect

5. American Ice Force 2.0 Hockey Skate

American Ice Force 2.0 Hockey Skate

The American ice force 2.0 hockey skate is a black hockey skate shoe that is lightweight, comfortable and can fit you with ease.

This American Athletic skate has a cutting edge composite mould that gives the shoe extra support on the ankle and the right feeling outside the box.

Comfort and customized feeling are enhanced with the breathable inner lining that is softly packed with padding.

Also, an enhanced quicker speed with the toe box and lightweight nylon blade holder is w. You will also get Optimized agility with the stainless steel blade that is durable and free from rust.

In conclusion, this best youth hockey skate has copper rivets that allow for maximum heel support.


  • Great for both indoor and outdoor use
  • Is of a lightweight composite mould
  • Stainless steel blade for optimum agility
  • Experience the explosive power and agility


  • Hurts ankles


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6. Bauer Ns Senior Ice Hockey Skate

bauer ns senior ice hockey skate

The Bauer Ns senior hockey stick is also one of the best Bauer hockey skates to put into consideration.

With this boot, you get 15% ankle support and anatomical fit hence a more robust and durable product. Your feet will remain comfortable throughout because of its quality construction.

That is a soft microfiber liner to absorb moisture, Anaform ankle padding, and tongue construction. Besides, the Eva foam used will offer more support and comfort to your foot while in use.

Lastly, with this hockey skate, expect better stability and balance while skating. Therefore, it is very safe for use.


  • High-quality construction hence durable
  • Offers more support and comfort
  • Budget-friendly
  • Has great performance


  • Only available in whole sizes

7. American Athletic Senior Cougar Soft Boot Hockey Skate

cougar hockey skates

The American Athletic skate boots are not only high in performance, but also of durable making. It is a perfect hockey skate boot for your kids as it will keep them warm and comfortable while skating.

The thick foam padding and lace loops make it easy to use with quick lacing.

Besides, you will also get additional support from the velcro strap used hence no inconveniences while in use.

When it comes to stability, it is of double-layered, so your ankle will have double balance. Lastly, the carbon steel runner used is durable; thus, no worries while skating.


  • Lace loops give quick lacing
  • Multilayered for ankle support
  • Thick foam padding for comfort and warmth
  • High-quality carbon steel runner therefore durable


  • Blades are not that sharp.

8. 5th Element Stealth Ice Hockey Skate

best youth hockey skates reviews

The 5th Element ice hockey skates are one of the skates that have the value of money to put into consideration. With is premium quality ankle padding, stainless steel blade and heel support, you can be sure of blowing away the competition.

It also has moisture-resistant liners for comfort and keeping your feet fresh. With design suitable for beginners and intermediate hockey players, this best youth hockey skate is suitable for outdoor games and leagues.

The built-in ankle support renders you the compression at the right amount to prevent your ankle’s rolling. Also, its built-in heels support and foot cradle allows for easy maneuverability.

When it comes to construction, it is durable and lightweight; therefore cannot get dull after some game sessions.


  • Premium quality
  • Stainless steel blade to prevent rust
  • Moisture resistant liners to keep your feet fresh
  • Reinforced outer sole for comfort


  • Not that comfortable

9. American Athletic Co.Women Soft Boot Hockey Skate

womens figure skates

The grey American Athletic Co.Women are fashionable soft boots for women’s hockey skates. The shoes have their coin built of cushy foam padding for durability purposes.

The fiber lining used in its construction also allows for comfort and warmth while in use on ice skating. Lacing the skate is simple, easy and quick as it’s of the lacing system and strap.

Its multilayered ankle support provides your ankle with enough support to keep your ankle safe at all gaming times. It is of a steel runner hockey blade that is of high quality to last longer while sharp.


  • Has lace loops for easy and quick lacing
  • Multilayered for ankle support
  • Thick foam padding for comfort and warmth
  • Its blade is of stainless steel therefore durable


  • Not a standard hockey skates sizing

10. Botas Draft 281 Men’s Ice Hockey Skate

botas ice skates

The new model for Bitas Draft 281 men’s ice hockey skate is an eye-catching design due to its golden and silver decorations. Its black base and silver laces attract the young players so much, making it a perfect gift.

Besides, the ergonomic uppercut and side strengthening acts are the skates’ protective elements, thus increasing its longevity.

This best youth hockey skate is of high-quality construction materials. Another unique feature is the new anatomic tongue, which improves comfort during skating.

Also, the PA fabric coating on the plastic toe protects your toe in case of any collision or injury. The padded lining of synthetic velour gives the boot overall resistance and strength besides its dual-component that is sandwiched.

Lastly, the outer sole is of black PVC and carbon steel skates while the heels are of a high-quality Cu rivet fastening hence durable and high performance.


  • High-quality blade
  • Padded lining
  • PA fabric and synthetic resistant keeps you protected
  • For active athletes
  • Easy to clean and maintain


  • Rusts quickly


We hope that you will find the best youth hockey skates, that sets your needs from the above list. Although there are many elements to consider, always remember to prioritize the following elements; sizing, fit, level of play, and cosmetics.

If you follow that order, then selecting the best won’t be a problem. More so, the skates above are perfect for youths without causing any inconvenience. Please purchase one of them to find out what you have been missing all along.


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