Top 10 Best Inline Hockey Skates Reviews

Inline skates are very different from regular roller rink skates because of their wheel structure, which forms a straight line. They have gained popularity over the years because of its performance and durability while on sidewalks or streets.

It is also known to be great for street hockey use, exercise routine, or transportation. Below are guidelines for finding the best and review of the top 10 best inline hockey skates to consider.

How do you choose inline hockey skates?

When selecting inline hockey skates, you should know that they are very different when it comes down to Boy’s, girls, women, and men’s skates. That is because their design precisely fits their leg shapes.

For instance, women have narrower feet and Lowe cuff height for an inline skate while men have wider feet and higher muscle calf.

Ideally, inline skates size goes in line with the standard shoe size for each gender. With that in mind, you can now consider the following factors before making a purchase.


High-quality bearings are beneficial to you for inline skating as it determines how fast the skate can go. Look at the skates ABEC and ILQ number to determine the bearing quality.

Meaning, look for ABEC numbers skate of either 7 or 9 for more speed. If it’s for recreation or fitness, then looking at the numbers won’t be a must for you.

Ventilated boots

Ventilated boots have ventilation channels that ensure your feet remain cool and comfortable while in use, whether on a hard workout or a hot day.


The type of wheels you select depends on the type of inline skating you are into. The difference comes in maneuverability and speed. If you need to go fast, go for larger wheels.

But, for easy maneuverability, go for one with small wheels. For instance, fitness skates have mid-sized wheels; aggressive skates have smaller wheels, while speed skates can have 100 to 110 mm.


It is necessary to purchase an inline skate whose closures do not loosen anytime, as it is potentially dangerous. Go for one that you will feel secure once you have fastened all the closures.

Some use lace as the closure system, while others combine it with ratchet buckle or the snap-down buckle. You should purchase one that your feet more secure to avoid any harm while skating.


Many people don’t know how to differentiate skates. That is because it’s designed determines it’s control and skill level for use. For instance, skates with 100mm or larger wheels are known for recreational purposes and may also be too first for inline skating beginners to control.

However, skates with longer wheelbases tend to be more stable and also easy to maneuver. Meaning it will be easy to go fast.


It is a vital consideration factor because you will be able to flex your ankle forward only if it fits perfectly. As a beginner, consider one with a supportive ankle cuff that is higher. For advanced skates, go for a lower ankle cuff that is more flexible for aggressive movements.

What size roller hockey skates should I get?

A proper roller hockey skate should be size 1-1.5 smaller than your shoes. Your toe should barely touch the skates toe cap.

More so, not more than 1/4 inch should exist in the heel space. Ideally, after lacing up the skate, it should feel snug with your foot resting on the footbed. Unless the skates are true to size, follow the 1-1.5 size smaller than your shoe size.

1. Youth Hockey Code 9 Youth Adjustable Inline Hockey Skate

Best Inline Hockey Skates

Customized for ankle support, code 9 youth Adjustable hockey skates deliver maximum comfort throughout the game. That is also because of the deluxe comfort padding that keeps you cool when it begins to heat up.

More so, the bearings are of Bevo silver five-race, making it durable and sturdy enough. With a slight twist, you will be able to stop the skate.

Besides that, its construction is outstanding when it comes to performance and quality. Their sizes run a little bit larger than shoe size. Lastly, the whole piece adjusts, making it a perfect piece for inline hockey skate.


  • Great fit for youth legs
  • High-quality construction and also comfortable
  • Suitable for recreation and hockey
  • Worth its price
  • The size change is easy enough.


  • None

2. Rollerblade Zetrablade Men’s Adult Fitness Inline Skate

Rollerblade Zetrablade Mens Adult Fitness Inline Skate

The Rollerblade Zetrablade inline skate is the best to put into consideration for men entry-level players. It is an ideal skate for casual and novice skaters. The durable shelf and high cuff used in its design ensure you learn skating with ease.

Apart from that, the padded liner and secure closure system ensure you get a snug fit hence comfortable while in use. What makes it reliable and perfect is the 82A wheels and SG5 bearings for moderate speed and better wear.

In conclusion to that, the buckle, strap, and lace closure system help fasten the feet properly into the skate so there will be no inconveniences while in use.


  • The frame system and integrated shell used ensures more control and stability
  • Secure and convenient for entry-level skaters
  • Reliable for fitness and recreation
  • Perfect for intermediate and beginner players
  • High-quality components hence durable
  • Has the value of money


  • Not durable as expected

3. Roller Derby Boy’s Stinger Adjustable Inline Skate

roller derby stinger 5.2 adjustable girls inline skates

When it comes to construction and performance, then Roller Derby skates takes the lead. Its molded cuff, and EZ push-button adjustment system ensure maximum comfort, stability, and balance. There will be no smells as the liner is washable.

Apart from that, the cam lever buckle for ankle security; therefore, you have to pull and tighten the lacing system without tying.

More so, by using the button, you can adjust the skate to four shoe sizes, making it a perfect fit for growing feet. Lastly, it includes silver-5 speed-rated carbon-bearing hence a fast ride.


  • Lightweight and durable reinforced polymer frame
  • Great for indoors and outdoor surfaces
  • Liner is removable and washable
  • Adjustable sizing
  • The molded cuff offers support and smooth skating.


  • The straps may not hold excess tension.

4. Rollerblade Microblade Boy’s Adjustable Fitness Inline Skate

Rollerblade Microblade Boy's Adjustable Fitness Inline Skate

The Microblade inline skate is of high quality and four adjustable sizes. The push-up buttons ND the markers in the toe area helps in aligning the skate to the correct size.

Besides that, the mesh used in its construction offers breathability, thus enhancing comfort while in use. What makes it best is its durable frame design that lowers the center of gravity, thus improved stability, control, and balance.

With this best inline hockey skates, you won’t have to spend much in the future as you can upgrade later by purchasing larger wheels. The power strap, buckle, and lace closure system ensures you get a very secure fit and a perfect choice for kids.


  • Lightweight and supportive
  • Can upgrade to 3WD
  • Offers optimal balance and cushioned comfort
  • Adjustable four full sizes
  • Four and three-wheel versatility for enhanced performance


  • Customer complaints of strap opening.

5. Woolitime Sports Adjustable Blades Roller Skates

roller skates for 4 year old

With Woolitime adjustable rollers skates, you are guaranteed many years of fun without inconvenience. The skate design is of high quality, thus offering great performance.

It is a perfect choice to make as adults or kids use. Its ratchet buckle, strap, and laces offer you maximum ankle support and comfort; thus, a safer riding experience.

More so, the kids model has four illuminating wheels, which lights up automatically while skating. That means your kid will be safe will using it.

Besides that, its construction is of reinforced aluminum alloy frame, PU 82A polyurethane wheels, and ABEC 7 bearings; hence you get a quiet, smooth, and confident ride.


  • The illuminating wheels do not need batteries as it is powered by wheels rolling
  • Safe enclosure system hence secure for use
  • The brakes can be removed or attached
  • Great product for beginners
  • Has the value of money


  • Tends not to offer excellent support


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6. MammyGol Adjustable Inline Skates

aggressive inline skates

The MammyGol inline skates are the best to consider, especially for growing kids. That is because it is of an adjustable size.

Therefore, reduced the budget for some years. Its construction includes grade ABEC-7 bearings, aluminum alloy chassis, and PU leather.

More so, the frames are reinforced with soft nylon liner, which means it absorbs sweat and offers extra padding. Lastly, this brand is committed to providing professional and quality products, therefore safe for children’s use.


  • Size adjustable
  • A carry bag included
  • Sweat absorbent design thus comfortable
  • Cool lightning wheels for more safety
  • Offers extra padding


  • Not durable as expected

7. PETUOL Kids Inline Skates

freestyle rollerblades

Petuol kids inline skates are not only a fashionable skate but also good in performance and quality construction. The four adjustable sizes make it perfect for younger children to big children, therefore reliable.

Apart from that, it is so simple for a child to wear or take it off because of the velcro strap, polyester lace, triple closed system, and memory buckle design, therefore safe and convenient for use.

What we like most about this best inline hockey skates is the bamboo charcoal nano fabric that is not only super absorbent but also comfortable and easy to wash.


  • Easy to remove and wash
  • Simple and convenient design for children to use
  • Wheels are of illuminating t design
  • Triple closure for enhanced safety


  • May come with missing parts if not double-checked

8. 2PM SPORTS Torinx Inline Hockey Skate

outdoor roller skate wheels

If you are searching for premium inline hockey skate with premium performance, then considering this vibrant orange/black color combination is the best solution.

This vigorous color combination is very attractive, which is why most it is best to find for your children. It is the exact fit size for growing children as you will be able to adjust up to four different sizes, therefore money-saving.

You will also have a smooth, quiet, and comfortable ride because of its construction. Triple protection offers the best protection for children; therefore, your child will get ankle support and stability throughout.


  • Offers triple protection hence safe for kids use
  • Four sizes adjustable
  • High-quality construction therefore steady and comfortable performance
  • Suitable for kids, men, and ladies


  • None

9. High Bounce Adjustable Inline Skate

high bounce adjustable inline skate

The High Bounce Adjustable Inline Skate is among the top-rated skates for you because of 0of good reviews, performance, and construction. With a press of the button, you can adjust the size to your preference.

Its frames are reinforced nylon, which means you get a breathable, soft, and sweat absorbent inline skate.

Moreover, the wheel is of gel. Meaning you will get a quite and smooth ride while outdoors or indoors.

Although sizing is a big issue when it comes to purchasing skate, this inline skate is true to size; therefore, take the foot measurement of your child to get an appropriate one.


  • Of adjustable roller blade
  • True to size
  • Comfortable and safe for use
  • High-quality construction


  • Does not offer triple protection

10. K2 Skate Youth Raider Inline Skate

k2 raider inline skates

Is your kid interested in inline skating? Whether as a beginner or advanced skater, K2 skate is the best alternative for you. Ideally, most parents prefer this inline skate because of its great value.

It uses the FBI frame interlocked with the base, therefore, offering more balance to the child.

Besides, the wheels provide high performance; therefore, you get good spin and safe speed. What makes it unique from the other skates in its five full-size adjustabilities.

Meaning, this best inline hockey skates can be used for many seasons hence money saving. Lastly, it also offers triple protection for your child, therefore reliable and safe for use.


  • Has triple protection
  • Good for recreational purpose
  • The frame used absorbs road vibrations hence easy to skate
  • Comfortable and adjustable to up to five sizes


  • The straps are not as durable as expected.

How do you stop inline hockey skates?

Below are some of the methods and techniques you can use to stop inline hockey skates.

1. Using the brakes

In most inline skates, the brake is located almost at the end of one boot. At first, you have to get low to lower the center of gravity. After that, you bend your knees to engage the brake.

Lastly, place forward the brake skate with your legs in a staggered position. Also, ensure that the rear leg gets pulled back, and your feet should not widen more than your shoulder-width apart.

While doing that, ensure that you don’t look down, maintain your back upright, and put your hands forward to balance the weight. This method is proven to stop inline skates quickly, therefore, reliable.

2. No brake

Some skates like roller and race skates do not have a broken system. That is because it will affect its performance; therefore, most experienced players cannot rely on them. For you to stop your inline skate without brakes, you can use the following techniques.

3. The plow stop

In this position, your weight gets pulled and converged near the stop. And by seating in this position, the skate is guided in a forward position. To achieve this method, you have to assume a seating position, keep the toes pulled together then pull the skates frontward.

4. The heel break

Once you bow the arms and knees simultaneously, you will achieve the heel break. That is because it’s the primary purpose is to keep the legs balanced. This technique works if you have sufficient room so that you don’t end up slamming on the wall or something.

5. The T-stop

To achieve this technique, just push one foot behind you and keep the toes turned out. The skate wheel has to be at right angles to the travel direction then use the foot for applying downward pressure until you stop. Remember, your shoulders should face the direction of travel for more balance.


Whether you are a beginner inline skater or professional, you need to know what makes the best inline hockey skates. You must ensure that the skates you are purchasing will match your skill level.

It should be comfortable and also supportive of the ankles and feet. We hope that our guide has provided you with enough information to ensure you get the best inline skating experience.


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FAQ Of Best Inline Hockey Skates:

How long do inline skate wheels last?

Inline skate wheels lines depending on how often it’s used, your skill level, surface abrasiveness, and the wheels’ material and quality.

That means, if you are an aggressive player, it may last for some months, but for those who use for recreational purposes after some weeks, then it may last for several years.

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