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hockey gloves

Hockey gloves are among the must-have gears for hockey players, but each model offers different performance. If you will be participating in a competitive hockey play, then finding the right hockey gloves set is the best solution.

But with various brands in the market today, finding a perfect one can be a problem. That is why in our guide below, we provide you with detailed information on why you should buy any of the reviewed gloves.

We have picked the top best hockey gloves for each level. You can read through to find out more how different they are from each other.

Why you need hockey gloves?

The primary purpose of hockey gloves is to protect your wrist and hands against picks and sticks. They can also shield your hands if you fall while playing on the ice.

What size hockey gloves should I wear?

When it comes to sizing and fit, it is necessary to find fitting gloves for comfort and enhanced performance. They are measured inches. Sizes13-15 inches are known to be adult size while anything less than that is for youth or juniors.

These measurements represent lengths from the inner elbow bends to the base of the fingers. When selecting gloves, consider the following.

  1. There should be a 1/4″ of space on your fingertips, and when curling your hand to fist, the material connecting palms to the glove should not stretch.
  2. Breaks in your finger should feel comfortable and also line up well with the knuckles.
  3. Your wrist break has to line up with the wrist on your underside.

How to clean hockey gloves?

As a hockey player, you must have realized how awful a dirty hockey gear can smell. No one likes such smells. On that note, their various methods you can use to clean your gloves. It includes;

Washing and drying

it is one of the easiest ways to remove any hockey-related smell in your gear, especially the gloves.

Washing- You can use the machine to wash and also include a daily detergent. Remember to avoid any type of bleach detergent that is not oxygen type.

Drying- Hang the gloves in front of a fan until they dry thoroughly. If it drys fully, then there will be no smells after.

Other tips

Mix a 1/4 a cup of detergent to warm water. Soak your gloves for up to ten minutes then drain the tub. Then you can dry it off. But remember to dry anything of your skate that gets wet.

1. Byte International Field Hockey Glove

best hockey gloves

The Byte international field hockey glove is one of the best hockey gloves, especially in design. It is a left-hand glove with padded foam ideal for protecting your hand against injury while playing outdoors or indoor hockey.

Weighing only 3.84 ounces, it does not add any extra weight, making it convenient for use. Its construction is in a way that you won’t feel any inconvenience while playing.

More so, the palm area is so soft, making it very comfortable. Also, it is worth its price, so a great product.


  • Offers enough protection
  • Durable and comfortable for use
  • Worth its price
  • Left-hand glove
  • Medium-sized


  • Tends to be a little stiff

2. Bauer S18 NSX Senior Hockey Gloves

bauer nexus gloves

Bauer glove is the best option for beginners or recreational hockey players looking for comfort, durability, and quality protection.

The S18 NSX features upgraded protection through the fingers and backhand with plastic inserts. It will also provide you with an excellent range of motion for your wrist as it uses its most popular cuff in the making.

With this glove, forget about sweating because the breathable polyester mesh ensures your hands remain cool all time. A moisture-wicking nylon mesh inside ensures you are always comfortable.

Lastly, the Nash palm with extra overlay in the high wear area provides better longevity thus, durable enough.


  • Lightweight weighs only 1.3 pounds
  • Offers a range of motion for the wrist
  • Durable, breathable construction
  • Comes as a pair
  • Non-slip
  • Has amazing padding


  • The material wears out fast

3. Franklin Sports NHL HG 150 Junior Hockey Gloves

street hockey gloves

Franklin Sports hockey gloves are one of the best hockey gloves to consider when it comes to functionality. It has a short cuff for optimal wrist movement.

The best hockey gloves tend to be unique from others because of the high-density SHOK-SHORB padding that provides ultimate protection. You can use these gloves for a more extended period because it is breathable and also lightweight.

This is junior small 10″ glove, therefore, not suitable for ice hockey play. Ensure you get the appropriate size by measuring the distance from your fingertips to the elbow pad.


  • Breathable and lightweight
  • Comfortable for use
  • Offers ultimate protection
  • Good for the price
  • Durable


  • Does not offer adequate protection for competitive play

4. Hummingbird Sports Girl Field Hockey gloves

girls hockey gloves

From its attractive looks, it is easy to tell what to expect from Hummingbird gloves. Its construction is of high quality.

That is handcrafted genuine Cabretta leather, and Lycra mesh known to offer more flexibility and ventilation. Additionally, the lightweight padding on the key area offers enough protection to your hands.

It takes the sting out of being hit in the hands. Getting a natural feel and comfort makes playing fun, and that is what its leather palm offers. That is because it stretches for a custom fit and absorbs sweat, which prevents the hands from slipping off.


  • Offers warmth and protection throughout
  • Comfortable for use because of quality padding
  • Incredible grip hence non-slip
  • Perfect female gloves
  • Flexible and also breathable


  • The medium size does not offer enough padding for field hockey play

5. Mylec Elite Street Hockey Gloves

mylec elite street hockey gloves

Known to be top of line street hockey gloves to consider, the Mylec hockey gloves offer you excellent performance while playing. It is lightweight and of streamlined design for flexibility.

For a secure fit, you can adjust the wrist roll any time you want, making it very convenient. You will also get a comfortable foam padding which enhances hand protection against injuries.

More so, the rugged Nash palm offers excellent performance for maximum wear and feel while in use hence very comfortable.


  • Lightweight design
  • Adjustable wrist roll for a secure fit
  • Offers maximum protection


  • Can be a bit tight


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6. Grays International Pro Field Hockey Gloves

grays anatomic hockey glove

Even if you are not playing, but a perfectly warm and protective glove is a plus. That is because apart from playing, you may wear it during cold temperatures, and that is what Grays international pro gloves offer.

It offers maximum hand protection against bruises and pain. Its Lycra construction offers comfort and also makes it a superior fit for the left hand.

The foam used in its construction ensures excellent flexibility while playing. There will be no inconveniences as the Climagrip palm used makes it all-weather grip, which comes as a plus for use.


  • All-weather grip
  • Offers excellent flexibility
  • Warm and protective
  • Comfortable once stretched
  • Left-hand glove
  • Black/neon yellow


  • Sizes may vary

7. Grays Skinful Field Hockey Gloves

Grays Skinful Field Hockey Gloves

One of the best hockey gloves that your kids can rely on when playing or during cold weather is Grays Skinful glove. Not only does it offer a good grip, but it also provides enough protection for regular hockey.

It will always keep the hands warm as it is of silicone style material. The rims are also elastic, and non-slip, which makes it very convenient.

The best part is it is a full finger glove with textured grip pattern. That means you the hockey stick in whatever case won’t slip off your hands.


  • Lightweight hence flexible enough
  • Offers excellent grip and protection
  • Good quality and warm
  • Ideal for kids


  • None

8. Grays Anatomic Pro Field Hockey Gloves

grays field hockey gloves

If you are searching for the best half finger left-hand hockey glove, this grays Anatomic Pro Field is the best to go for.

Its half finger design with Lycra construction and molded knuckle protection ensures your hands remain protected throughout, and you also get exceptional flexibility.

The Climagrip palm design makes it perfect for all-weather use. For more comfort, high-density foam with Lycra covering is included to avoid inconveniences.


  • True to size
  • Offers great protection
  • Comfortable for use
  • Easy to use


  • Does not offer full finger protection

9. GRAYS International Pro Field Hockey Gloves

Grays International right-hand field hockey gloves are one of the best-updated gloves to put into consideration. This new model is of Lycra construction and superior fit, therefore, offering excellent performance.

It also provides great flexibility as it is of ergonomic design. Its construction is of high quality, thus a reliable hockey glove.

More so, it is suitable for use in all weather conditions because of its Climagrip palm, which is also breathable. Lastly, it is X-small in size, so be sure to find a perfect fit that suits you.


  • Warm and protective
  • All-weather grip
  • Offers excellent flexibility
  • Comfortable once stretched
  • Black/neon yellow-colored


  • Sizes may vary

10. Harrow Field Hockey Glove

Harrow Field Hockey Glove

We consider Harrow’s field hockey glove to be one of the best hockey gloves to consider because of its performance. Although it does not offer full hand and finger protection, its performance is tempting.

Designed for left-hand use, it features a high-density foam.on the back of the hand and also ventilated palm with a reinforced thumb hole to offer more comfort.

Don’t confuse it with the Harrow knuckle mitt as this one has a palm. You can rely on it if you need to protect your middle finger or pinky.


  • High-density foam hence comfortable
  • Ventilated palm to avoid inconveniences
  • Cole grey/black
  • Reinforced thumb hole for more comfort
  • Suitable for high school students


  • Does not offer thumb protection which is risky for those with a weak grip

How to repair hockey gloves?

Hockey gloves are bound to tear after a while one way or another, and as time goes on, the holes will keep increasing. After a short while, you might start thinking about whether to sew or go to a craft store for help.

But is that necessary? After all, anyone can repair their gear if they want to or instead choose to spend more. The guide below gives you instructions on how to see your torn gloves at your home.

For the process to be successful, you need a sewing needle, a thread, a pair of scissors, and the material to use.

Step 1. Make a patch

Identify the shape and size of the patch needed to cover the hole. Add 1/8 inch to each side to get enough room for attaching the thread around the hole.

Step 2. Needle and thread

Cut a long piece(somehow) of your thread from the app, then loop it and tie the ends together.

Step 3. Sew the patch

. Align the patch and center it over the hole. Then, stick the needle through the patch then stick the needle all through the glove.

. Poke the needle all through the hole area

. Continue doing that until you border the patch entirely. Then, try to finish while the needle is pointing towards you to tie the rope with ease

Step 4. Finishing the patch

Once you sew everything, two- ends of the thread will remain to poke up. Just take super glue and drop a drop on each knot that you tied the thread to avoid inconveniences. Let it dry for it to be ready for use.


Getting the best glove depends on your hockey level of play. If it is just for fun, a cheap one can work, but for a competitive league, go for the above suitable quality gloves.

We promise you that they are comfortable, durable, flexible, and reliable. All of them have a value of money, and its maintenance is also simple.

We hope that you will find hockey gloves that meet your needs from our best hockey gloves reviewed.


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