Top 10 Best Compound Bows Under 200

serenelife compound bow

Many compound bows are displayed on the market today, making it difficult to find the best compound bow under 200. The best part is that they are readily available. However, few trends stand out from the rest.

Although compound bows tend to be dangerous to both people and native animals, they are legal for use. The process for their use follows a certain process, therefore legitimate for use.

What makes compound bows outstanding is the features included that allow micro-adjustments, thus perfect for arrow flight. That is why our guide compares different models in the market, and we hope you find the best compound bow under 200.

How To Choose The Best Compound Bow Under 200?

With various options in the market today, choosing the best compound bow under 200 can be complicating. If you know what to go for, it will be simple for you. People have different perspectives when it comes to features.

For instance, a person who considers speed, length, or weight won’t bother about other things. To avoid inconveniences as a first-time buyer, you can put the following into consideration.


Bow speed is an important characteristic to look out for. Speed depends on the type of hunting you perform. Therefore, you can find the best solution that meets your needs. If you hunt for multiple subjects in different locations, then you have to maximize speed and performance.

Beginners, opt for a 230-300 fps solution as it can cover your needs. Also, it is essential as it will help you improve your skills. Other characteristics influenced by speed includes arrow quality and wind condition.


It is an influential factor when it comes to performance. Their weight ranges from 4-7 lbs. Some compound bows have an approximate weight of 4lbs. Meaning as a beginner, you can prove your skills and learning experience on maneuverability.

You can also consider heavier bows as they come with better speed performance. The weight of a now is unchangeable; therefore, you should find it easy to use as beginners only focus on skill improvement design.


Length influences the maneuverability and results of the bow. At 28 inch axle to axle, a minimum mark is placed, while the maximum mark is at the 32-inch axle to axle length. However, there seems to be no difference for you as a beginner, with maneuverability as an exceptional feature.


It is also a vital feature of consideration. It can be of various materials, but most manufacturers use aluminum. That is because aluminum is low weight and also maintains it’s rigidity.

Knowing what to look for makes the process as you can find one with additional materials like rubber, which plays a positive role in sounds and vibrations.

1. iGlow Compound Bow

best compound bow under 200

We consider the iGlow compound bow as our top best compound bow under 200 because of its accuracy level. With an adjustable draw weight of 40-70 lbs, this iGlow compound bow offers an excellent performance for you to hit the target.

Its design comprises the aluminum riser, an enhanced string suppressor, a molded fiberglass limb, and a nicely polished. You can go for this iGlow, it includes a premium kit, and it is also worth every $.


  • The sight is adjustable.
  • It offers great performance.
  • Good for the price
  • Powerful and more accurate


  • It may come with missing accessories.

2. Sanlida Archery Dragon X8 Hunting Archery Compound Bow

sanlida Archery Dragon X8 Hunting Archery Compound Bow

The Sanlida archery dragon x8 hunting archery compound bow is one of the best for targeting, hunting, and fishing. This is one of the best budget compound bows that you can rely on during the hunting season.

With a weight of up to 70 lbs, you don’t need a bow press while using it. Its large adjustable draw length of 18-31 inches makes it even more convenient to use.


  • Has the value of money
  • Has high stability
  • It offers great stretch and accuracy.
  • It is of the aluminum bow riser.


  • Has no case
  • It doesn’t have a hand release.

3. Genesis Original Bow Kit

genesis original bow kit

This is one of the best compound bows under 200 for consideration in the market today. That is because it fits everybody from kids to adults. Therefore, perfect for all archers. The Genesis original bow kit has much less recoil, no turning problem, less noise, and very accurate shooting.


  • An adjustable bow to various draw length
  • Has a lighter draw weight of 20 lbs
  • It is perfect for all archers of all ages.
  • Of single-cam technology thus offering great performance.
  • Has good accuracy and stretch


  • May come damaged

4. Leader Accessories Compound Bow

leader accessories compound bow

With a maximum speed of 296 fps, you can rely on this right-handed compound bow. More so, you do not need a bow press for this leader accessories compound bow because it is of an aluminum riser with adjustable draw weight and length.

The best part is fiber optic sights, release aid, drop-away arrow rest, D-string loop, wax, and peep sight. This feature ensures that all your needs are met while hunting.


  • You get one year warranty.
  • Of great value to quality ratio
  • Has high speed this, great performance
  • Suitable for all ages use


  • It may come with missing accessories.

5. iGlow 55lb Compound Bow

iGlow 55lb Compound Bow

Since it is one of the best manufacturers of the compound bow, this iGlow 55 lb compound bow also does not disappoint. With an arrow speed of 220 plus fps, you will hit the target with high accuracy.

This iGlow 55 lb compound bow is nicely polished, thus offering great performance while hunting. So, if you really need the best hunting bow, it is the best option you can opt for.


  • Easy to use with adjustable draw length and weight
  • Offers great performance and speed
  • It is a right-handed bow.
  • Excellent for the price


  • May come without arrows.


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6. Southland Archery Supply Compound Bow

southland archery supply compound bow

With southland Archery now, you will be able to hit the field with confidence. It has an adjustable draw length of 19-29 inches. More so, this southland archery supply compound bow meets all the consideration factors that you can think about.

Besides that, you will benefit from its high speed of 260 fps, therefore offering great performance and ease of use while hunting.


  • Worth the purchase
  • It comes with the camo accessories kit.
  • Lightweight therefore easy to use
  • Easy to maneuver
  • Perfect for beginners


  • The bow tends to be noisy.

7. Siege SAS 29″ Compound Bow

sas siege compound bow

If you are searching for a starter best compound bow under 200 in the market, this 29″ compound bow set is all you need. Its design is of high quality in that if you loosen the bolts, it draws weight decreases by 5pounds while tightening it increases the weight by 5 pounds.

This Siege SAS 29″ compound bow is of the aluminum arrow and 30-inch carbon, offering a maximum speed of 206 fps.


  • Compressed ABS limbs thus long-lasting
  • Draw length adjustable
  • Has adjustable bow sight


  • It may come with missing hardware pieces.

8. Southland Archery supply 70 lbs Compound Bow

70 lbs compound bow

This model of SAS bow is one of a kind. Its difference from the previous model is its draw length of 25-31 inches and a maximum speed of 270 fps. Its compressed ABS limb span, weight, balance, and strength to increase its longevity.

Apart from that, this compound bow takes a force of 70 lbs, enhancing its performance when it comes to hunting.


  • Increased durability thus of high quality
  • It has great stability and accuracy for beginners.
  • It is worth the price.


  • It can be difficult to use

9. SAS Feud Compound bow

sas feud compound bow

This constitutes one of the best compound bows under 200 to consider because of its high speed of 300+fps compared to other bows. What makes it more outstanding is its ease of use. It is simple yet powerful to draw at 70 lbs. That is because of its lightweight and high level.

This SAS feud compound bow has everything you need, whether as a kid or an adult. Besides that, it is one of the smoothest bows you can opt for because of its design.


  • Comes fully with all accessories needed
  • Has the value of money
  • Offers maximum speed of 300 fps
  • Powerful an nd easy to use


  • The hand space can be very uncomfortable.

10. Serenelife Compound Bow

serenelife compound bow

When it comes to compound bow that is worth the purchase, Serenelife compound bow is worth every penny. It has a maximum speed of 320 fps, which is high if compared to previous brands.

This right-hand compound bow weighs only7.5 lbs; therefore very easy to maneuver while hunting. This is professional archery that the whole family can rely on because of its great performance on target.


  • Lightweight and portable size
  • Offers powerful archery projection
  • Has adjustable draw weight and length
  • It’s of high quality hence durable.
  • It comes with a year warranty.


  • It easily breaks if not handled properly.

A compound bow is used in modern archery. It is a bow that uses a system for leveraging using pulleys and cable. This system is for bending the limbs. Compound bows are primarily used in hunting and target practice.

What Is The Advantage Of a Compound Bow?

A compound bow tends to be much better. Traditional bows in various ways. That is because their designs are for shooting, as it has greater power and accuracy. Some of the advantages of a compound bow include:

Easier To Shoot

Compound bows tend to be more convenient than traditional how because of their ease of use. This factor is what makes it more popular among bowhunters. To fully understand what it offers, you have to look back at what technology offers compared to the previous models.

More Accurate

Compound bows are perfect for making good shots. What distinguishes different types of players in archery is the accuracy level. A compound bow design facilitates an accurate catch, thus, making it the best hunting bow.

Increased Speed

There is an improvement while using compound bows. That is because speed is increased using pulley hence boosting acceleration.

High Resistance

Compound bow tends to be humidity and also extreme temperature resistant. Temperature and humidity tend to have greater effects on the bows. But since their design is resistant to such conditions, you can rely on it for long time use.

How Long Should A Compound Bow Last?

A compound bow’s longevity is based on how frequently it is used, how often it is shot, and how often it is serviced. Not only this, a compound bow is made of several complex parts.

So, longevity depends on the proper functioning of each part and the service given to each of them. With proper maintenance and servicing, the best compound bow under 200 lasts for as long as 50 years. But, with frequently advanced bow models, people keep changing to new models.

Some Primary Parts Of A Compound Bow That Are Crucial For Proper Operation Of The Bow:

The Bowstring: It is the least durable part of the bow as it is prone to break. However, modern bows have a bowstring that blends synthetic and strong materials.

It is the primary energy conductor of the bow. An arrow should be able to fling at a common speed of 330ft/sec. Replace bowstrings one time in a year.

Limbs: They bend towards the archer while pulling the string to sustain the stress of the pull. Modern versions are made of fiberglass layers that add to durability. Overstressed limbs can break.

Cams: These are metal discs that are present at bow ends. It enhances the tension when the string is pulled back. If bent too much, the cams can derail.

Screws: They hold several parts of the bow. They endure wear and tear, so closely observe for earlier replacements.

Is A Compound Bow Better Than A Longbow?

A Compound Bow Has The Following Benefits As Compared To A Longbow:

  • They have a much higher efficiency rate.
  • Their efficiency results in an energy conversion lot better from the limbs to a compound bow’s arrow.
  • They give the archer an enhanced accuracy with laser-like arrow pinpointing.
  • They are perfect for hunting games
  • They have very good draw stops, which are not so pronounced in a longbow.
  • A good draw stop gives an archer consistent draw length.
  • This bow has improved precision and groupings.
  • The learning curve is smaller with a compound bow, and it hence becomes easier to be proficient.
  • These bows come with pre-set bushings to attach different bow accessories for enhanced performance.
  • These bows are considered finely tuned bow machines for efficient energy transfer, providing elite arches with excellent proficiency.
  • These bows are successful and efficient for hunting.
  • These bows also enable longer hunting time as lesser effort is required.
  • The bow has some inherent let-off features.
  • The drawing wall offers enhanced performance.
  • These bows can be tuned and tweaked to optimize their capability.
  • The kinetic energy level is much enhanced as compared to a longbow.
  • These bows have higher power efficiency output with higher arrow velocity.
  • They are prepared to handle attachments.

What’S The Difference Between A Crossbow And A Compound Bow?

There is 6 primary difference between a compound bow and a crossbow.

They Are:

Noise: With the increase of draw weight, the weapon shooting an arrow causes vibration/Noise. A crossbow has a higher draw weight and so is a louder weapon as compared to a compound bow.

Look: The two bows look variant from one another. This changes the way they behave and feel to you whenever you are using them. They are horizontal vs. vertical. A compound bow appears much cooler than a crossbow, but a crossbow is simpler to use than a compound bow.

Size: Crossbows are heavier as compared to compound bows. A heavier bow can give a higher power stroke. However, they are heavy to carry too. A compound bow, on the other hand, is a lighter weapon. It is about 3 times lighter as compared to a crossbow. It is a great bow for those who have lesser upper body potential.

Speed And Power: These factors are related. A higher power stroke makes the arrow fly at a faster speed. A compound bow changes its power stroke by a module switch while a crossbow by enhancing its length.

Draw Weight: Draw weight is the strength or the potential required for drawing a bow. Compound bows have a lesser draw weight as compared to a crossbow. The higher the draw weight, the heavier the bow is, and the more the arrow’s shooting power. However, the weight enhances the toughness to reload the arrow and lock the bolt.

Accuracy: The crossbow is much simpler than a compound bow. However, it is not as accurate as the compound bow. When a bow is drawn back, the string holding hand is drawn back to a point against your cheek/face.

This is also termed as the anchor point. Compound bows use a string loop to enhance their accuracy. The bow’s arrow rests on the loop and between the knots. The latter releases at the right distance.

Therefore the anchor point is efficient and the same every shot in a compound bow. In comparison, a crossbow used a latch to lock the bow draw, losing its accuracy with time.

Are Compound Bows Easier To Draw?

Compound bows are comparatively easier to draw and easy to shoot. You can achieve a draw weight using non-circular cams or wheels, which alter the archer’s much-needed force while they finish the draw cycle.

The power or let-down stroke that drives the bow’s arrow in a compound bow is variant from a draw curve.

Compound bows are easier to draw and aim to shoot since the let-off curve is high to about 90 percent. This means archers only have 7 pounds hold for a full draw on a compound bow with a peak draw weight of 70 pounds.


Hunting requires the correct gears, and considering the best compound bow under 200 is one of the solutions to the problems. Recently, compound bows have been legalized in many countries, therefore, don’t worry about laws.

Picking the best compound bow under 200 depends on your hunting style and one that suits you in terms of weight, size, and built. This is because you will carry this bow in the hunting season, but it is a key factor to determine your successful hunt.

It should be smooth in operation, accurate, and efficient. Affordable bows without compromising on its primary features will give you higher performance and go easy on your pocket too.

Compound bows have great precision accuracy, Therefore, you can rely on them full time during the hunting season. We hope that any of the compound bows above you opt for will work as expected. All the best.


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FAQ Of Best Compound Bows Under 200:

How Many Shots Will a Compound Bow Last?

The compound bow string needs at least 200 shots to break in. After that, the bow will shoot differently. Meaning after that period, it will need a tune-up and the timing inspection.

Strings tend to stretch over time, therefore affecting the bow performance and timing. Even though the bow may look fine, you should put your focus on its performance.

How Far Will a Compound Bow Kill?

The compound bow shoots an arrow over 1000 feet. Archers stay within an effective range of 30-60 yards. The compound bow also has a large range if compared to traditional bows. The range is calculated based on arrow speed and kinetic energy; therefore, it can kill.

Are Compound Bows Dangerous?

Yes, compound bows designs are for killing. therefore, they are dangerous. Even though it is categorized as a lethal weapon, it is considered to be legal. Not only are they dangerous to people, but it is also dangerous to animals.

However, they’re so still legitimate for arrows and bows to be used for target practice and sporting, which require a considered regulation to protect both wildlife and the public.

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