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Top 3 V lights Reviews (2021 Reviews)

The V LIGHTS brand of desk lamps and other household lighting products is a part of the larger Victorian Lighting company.

The company specializes in manufacturing lighting products such as V LIGHTS Led, mag lamp, and other lamps to help light up a room or an office space. The products come in different designs and colors to cater to various customer needs.

1. V-LIGHT LED Energy-Efficient Desk Lamp

V lights

What I Like

The most outstanding feature about this lamp is that it has extendable arms, increasing the area that the LED light can cover. It is also very slim, making it very light and easy to fit into small spaces.

The fact that it is portable also means that it can be carried from one room to another, as needed. The plastic material makes the bases more durable than other metallic counterparts, although this may make it more susceptible to damage from external elements.

The lamp does not have a battery, so it works by being plugged in whenever one wants to use it. This means that it does not need a battery replacement every so often.

The light from the lamp is clean, making it much easier to see with. The LED light has a lifespan of about 20,000 hours before it burns out.

What I Don’t Like

The construction quality is not as good when compared to other lamps, especially because it has a plastic base. Buyers have also complained about a weak handle that is not as evenly finished as they might like.


  • The lamp is one of the most affordable desk lamps on the market, making it a desirable option for many.
  • The extendable arms also give it a very wide light dispersion, eliminating the need to add other light sources to the room.
  • The lamp also comes with a shade that control how much light is emitted at a time.
  • It is also very versatile, and can be used in various indoor spaces without appearing odd or out of place.


  • This LED light may prove too bright for some people, especially when it is used at night.
  • This situation is aggravated for those with sensitive eyes.
  • The LED cannot be replaced once it burns out, so a new lamp will be needed.


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2. V-LIGHT Banker’s Desk Lamp

v light led

What I Like

The v light led comes with a 13W bulb that saves energy during use. This is especially important for people with the desire to spend less energy in lighting up a house or a working space.

Also, the bulb can be replaced whenever it burns out, without the need to purchase an entirely new lamp.

The design is timeless, giving the room a look of antiquity and class at the same time. It is a great piece to make a room stylish and elegant.

The rotating shade can be moved depending on where one wants more light, and it is handcrafted for this purpose.

What I Don’t Like

For customers who have to assemble the lamp by themselves, the cord can be very cumbersome because it tangles in the process. Also, the shade cannot be tightened to fit the customer’s needs.


  • The shade is easy to adjust, and does not require a lot of energy or strain.
  • It is made of green translucent glass, to allow light to pass through at controlled intensity.
  • The v lights also comes with a traditional pull chain that can easily be tugged to turn the lamp on or off.
  • The lamp has the height of around 13 to 16 inches, giving it more light coverage in the room.
  • The all metal brass finish gives the desk lamp a neat look that is great for executive suites, homes, or the office desk.


  • Some clients have reported that the shade rotates away while the lamp is in use.
  • This can interfere with a person’s activities if they have to keep readjusting the shade to the correct position.
  • The lamp also comes in colour green only, which can be a discouraging factor for people with specific colour preferences or where the lamp will not fit with the colour scheme of the room.

3. V-LIGHT Magnifying Lamp Desk Task Lamp

led v light

What I Like

This LED V LIGHTS Magnifying Lamp Desk Task Lamp comes with three color options, black, white, and silver. It is slender, allowing it to fit into the tiniest spaces.

For the workspace, this can be very useful when one is looking at fine detail. It comes with a 22W bulb that gives off a lot of light and lasts for long without burning out.

It also has a 44-inch reach that allows it to cover a large space when being rotated. The lamp comes with a glass magnifier lens that can be shifted to focus on very tiny details.

What I Don’t Like

Since the lamp is meant to be used to carry out detailed work, it would be great of it could be clamped sideways depending on the view needed. That is not possible with this particular lamp.

However, it can be rotated as much as needed to increase the area of light dispersion.


  • The lamp comes with a heavy-duty performance light bulb that emits a lot of light.
  • The v light is also very vivid, reducing the chances of one’s eyes suffering damage.
  • The bulb has a natural glare-free daylight effect that is is friendly but effective.
  • The magnifier is also fitted with a pin that holds it in place after the lens has been adjusted.
  • Finally, the on/off switch is located on the shade, making it easy to press whenever needed.


  • The spare parts for the lamp are not as readily available as other lamp parts, making it hard to make repairs when the lamp breaks down.
  • For this, a buyer might have to email the company itself and get parts, or get a new lamp all together.

V LIGHTS LED are great for lighting up the office, a household room, hotels, reception desks, and even workspaces where extra light is needed for detailed work.

They are all different, with each lamp having particular adaptations in order to suit the purpose it is bought for. They are also relatively affordable, so buyers will get value for their money.

As with most other electronic products, the desk lamps also come with a warranty, allowing the customer to have the item fixed or exchanged in case of any defects that arise after the purchase.


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