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Boston lights

3. Boston Harbor Lights:ATB-8004 Piano Desk Lamp

Boston lights

With its polished and modern design, the Boston Lights is a great addition to any musical furniture, work desk, or nightstand.

What I Like:

The sleek design of the lamp looks attractive in any home. Also, the silver color easily matches most color schemes. The nickel finish and metal shade is another attractive feature that adds to the modern design of this product.

While most lamps of similar make are quite expensive, this model is both affordable and manufactured with decent quality. In addition, the lamp’s 14.5” height allows the light to effectively disperse over my workspace.

What I Don’t Like:

The biggest disadvantage of this lamp is that it’s a bit shaky. Unless it’s placed at a specific angle, there’s the threat of it toppling over, which is a bit disconcerting. However, the base is relatively sturdy when set at the appropriate angle. This lack of functionality may be a by-product of the affordable price tag.

Also, the lamp head gets quite hot, and it burns through bulbs quickly.


  • The Boston lights include a rotary switch, and it’s easy to turn it off and on. For the most part, it’s well balanced (apart from the issue I previously mentioned). Along the bottom, the lamp contains a protective felt coating to preserve the finish and protect furniture.
  • The versatility of this lamp is also another benefit. It’s ideal for a piano; however, it can also be used as a desk lamp or to project light onto pictures or paintings.


  • This model does not include a lightbulb. However, that’s a relatively normal circumstance when purchasing lamps. Also, the lamp has wiring issues, and, with no warranty, it can be frustrating when it stops working.
  • Previous customers have also expressed concern over electric shock hazards due to the poor wiring around the switch. Also, the lamp does not have a long life expectancy. However, for the affordable price, it shouldn’t be expected to last as long as some of its more expensive and higher quality competitors.

2.Boston Harbor Lights: TL-WK-134E-BK-3L

lights in boston

This sophisticated and sleek lamp is a great addition to any office or workspace. Whether you need additional lighting at your desk or adjustable features at your bedside table, this product can be used for several purposes.

What I Like:

The polished matte black design of this lamp allows effortless compatibility with most home color schemes. Also, its metal materials and shade make it durable. Standing at a height of 17.25”, the lamp is great for effective light distribution.

In addition, it’s easily adjustable and doesn’t take up too much room. With a flexible range of motion along the lamp’s arm, I can move and adjust the product with little restraint or difficulty. Also, the long cord length of approximately 6 feet offers additional convenience.

What I Don’t Like:

The most prominent feature of the lamp that I don’t like is the plastic knobs. Because plastic doesn’t offer as much stability as metal, I fear the lamp will wear out sooner than expected. With metal knobs, the lamp would likely be more secure and last longer.

Also, the lamp shade tends to dip after some time. The hinges that secure the shade to the arm aren’t as strong as I would like. In addition, the head of the lamp doesn’t have as much functionality than other products. However, with the affordable price, it’s expected to have some disadvantages.

In addition, the lamp shade gets quite hot and can pose a danger if you touch the shade after prolonged use.


  • The rotary switch is an easy and convenient way to turn the lamp on and off. Also, the base is quite heavy and weighs about 3 pounds.
  • This heavy weight prevents the arm and shade from coming off balance.


  • Although the rotary switch is an appealing design, it’s prone to breaking. Many past customers stated that the switch stopped working after a month or less.
  • The low-quality plastic material of the switch is likely the cause of these issues.

Also, you have to assemble the lamp yourself, which is not the most convenient feature. In addition, several customers noticed that the arm to base connection is fairly unstable. The base itself is sturdy and good quality, but the unstable connection causes the lamp to wiggle slightly.

1.Boston Harbor Lights: WK-618E-3L

boston lamp

This modern desk lamps has some great features and an appealing design. The brushed nickel finish creates a satin aesthetic that looks create in most homes.

What I Like:

The adjustable and swinging arm makes this lamp highly versatile and user-friendly. Also, its sturdy frame and strong base is ideal to carry its weight. The metal design creates a high-quality and sleek appearance that looks great on any workspace.

Not to mention, the lamp is easy to assemble and stays in its set position with little to no deviation. With its heavy weight, I can adjust the lamp without the worry of it tipping over or becoming unbalanced.

What I Don’t Like:

The largest disappointment with this product is the inconsistency between the picture and the lamp. In the picture, the tone of the image makes the lamp look metallic gold. However, once you unpack the product, you’ll notice that its silver.

Although this issue isn’t of significant consequence, especially since the silver color presents a modern appeal, the product should have a consistent advertising image.

While the base, shade, and arm of the lamp is high-quality metal, the hinges are plastic. Because the lamp is heavier than its plastic competitors, the low-quality hinges may pose a structural issue in the future.


  • The heavy base and adjustable features are a considerable benefit. The ease and versatility of this product is a convenient choice for most workstations. Also, with a height of 26 inches, it illuminates a large circumference. With the deep shade, the lamp covers the entirety of the bulb, so it doesn’t momentarily blind you if you move it.
  • The affordability is another benefit of this product. For around $30, this lamp is much less expensive than competitor products that often charge twice as much.


  • Despite the many advantageous features, the lamp doesn’t have a long life expectancy. Many past customers had issues with the switch. After about six weeks, several customers have complained that the lamp’s switch was no longer functional.
  • Also, the shade gets quite hot and is not recommended for use around small children or curious pets. One customer even experienced a suitable watt lightbulb exploding once they operated the lamp.


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