Choosing The Best Desk Lamp For Students

Best Desk Lamp For Students

It won’t be wrong to say that choosing the best desk lamp for students is a personal decision similar to choosing a pair of glasses for studying. This is due to the reason that there are many different types of desk lamps available in the market but each lamp offers something different.

You need to make sure that it is easy on your eyes if you want to use it for the purpose of studying. In fact, the choice of the study lamp for students depends on your reading as well as studying habits along with how good your eyes are.

For instance, a wide variety of desk lamps (sometimes also called study lamps) available in the market come with halogen bulbs. The halogen bulbs are the brightest bulbs and are great for studying but the light they emit is not ideal for everyone.

One of the reasons is that halogen bulbs are extremely bright which means it may lead to a lot of contrast and glare which is a problem when you are studying a printed book.

Best Desk Lamp For Students

It can easily tire your eyes and you may also start seeing spots of red and green. Therefore, this type of lighting is not considered good for your eyes in the long-term and you may suffer as you won’t be able to bear the eyestrain for long if you keep studying in that halogen bulb.

Some people also notice the subtle flicker of halogen lamps and it also strains their eyes.

Another problem with desk lamps with halogen bulbs is that light is extremely concentrated which means light shines extremely good on one page of the book but it does not shine on all the contents of the study desk.

Therefore, if you want a study lamp for students that also shines a light on all the other things on your desk, you may opt for different types of light.


However, proponents of the use of halogen bulbs in study lamps argue that concentrated light helps in staying focused on studying and helps in visually blacking out other distractions on the desk.

In other words, the choice of bulb is a very personal decision and depends on your studying habits.

In case you find that halogen bulbs are not right for you, there are thousands of different types of study lamp for students available in a market with energy-saving bulbs or incandescent bulbs.

If you want bright light on your desk but do not want halogen bulbs, you have the option of using a full spectrum light bulb. This will provide you the needed brightness without the issues mentioned above with the halogen bulbs.

study lamp for students

Another important feature that you need to choose is the best desk lamp for students. Most of the lamps come with an adjustable arm or a bendable neck that is usually made of metal or plastic.

This helps in focusing the light where it is needed. However, not all the study lamps come with adjustable arms.

Overall, these are some of the things you need to keep in mind to choose the best desk lamp for students.


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