Top 5 Childrens Wall Light Reviews

kids bedroom wall lights

Are you on the lookout for the right wall light for your children? If yes, you might find many things that could be interesting and informative as far as this article is concerned. However, making the right choice could be a tough and difficult task.

This is because there are dozens of models and makes of childrens wall light. Many often get confused with an overflow of information and they end up making the wrong choice. We have to keep in mind certain points when choosing wall light for your child.

Children’s Room Walls Are Different:

Compared to the living room, the walls of the children’s rooms are different. They are usually bright in color keeping in mind the psyche and mind of the children. Hence, regular wall lighting may not be enough to make the room bright and also enjoyable to the child.

You also would need different types of lighting arrangements. When the child is awake and playing you might need a bright wall light that illuminates the entire room without making it too bright and uncomfortable. On the other hand, when the child is ready to sleep you might need a night wall light.

This should be sober and at the same time be able to make the child drift to sleep while looking at the night lamp hanging from the wall. Hanging pendants are also liked by children and are popular amongst them.

However, you must be sure that it can be hung easily on the wall or from the ceiling. There are many wall lamps for children that offer much more than just lighting up the room. They also double up and works as a wonderful piece of home décor.

Hence it is quite obvious that there are quite a few things that must be taken into account when it comes to choosing the right childrens wall light. We are now happy to have a look at five different brands and makes of wall light for children.

We will look at the features, the pros and cons so that the readers and also prospective customers will be able to make up their mind based on factual, reliable and correct information.

1. LED Wall Night Lamp For Children – White

Childrens Wall Light

This comes from the house of Ideas and there is no doubt that this is an intelligently thought-out night lamp for children. It offers stunning white color and it resembles like a cloud floating in the wall. There are quite a few other features that are also quite exciting and interesting about this night lamp for children.

What I Like

It comes with user-friendly features. All that you have to do is to plug-in to the power source. It lights with the help of night light and it gives out ambient light that is quite enough for the child to have a good and enjoyable sleep.

The soft brightness that it offers is neither too bright nor is it too dim. It offers light illumination to ensure that you know where you are walking in the bedroom of your child.

It will help your child to easily go to the rest room, perhaps get a glass of drinking water and get back to bed again. You will not need to turn on the main lights. If there is more than one child in the same room, it will not disturb the sleep of the other child.

It also comes with an auto-on and auto-off feature with an in-built sensitive light sensor. This feature enables to light to switch on immediately when dusk falls and switches off at dawn. Hence, manual turning off and on can be avoided.

What I Don’t Like

Though it has a beautiful white color, it may not be exactly soothing to the eye. Further the white plastic casing looks quite ordinary and may not suit well against walls that are off-white.


  • Works as a good companion for the children.
  • It allows them to relish the cloud-while illumination.
  • Easy to use
  • Long-lasting offering value for money.


  • Some customers find it too bright.
  • The off-white color may not match perfectly with the natural color of the wall.

2. Pink And Blue Owl LED Wall Lamp For Kids

kids wall light

This is a two-piece lamp that is perfectly suited for kids. It has been designed to perhaps keeping children’s sound sleep in mind. It is tech-savvy and comes with automatic functioning that is controlled by sensors. It is energy efficient because it runs on the LED.

On the whole, it is quite an exciting product from FuWinet. It is made from high quality, eco-friendly ABS plastic and has an overall dimension of 2.75 x 2.4 x 3.14 inches. It is quite light weight and weighs around 3.5 ounces.

What I Like?

There are quite a few things that are likable as far as this children’s wall light is concerned. It comes in a compact size and also has offset prongs. It is designed in such a way that the nightlight does not block the other outlet on the wall.

Yes, you can decrease your power consumption quite significantly and keep it on for 12 hours requires only 0.08 degrees of power. It is safe for young babies. On the whole it is a good buy offering very good value for money.

What I Don’t Like

Though the prongs are welcome, they do not rotate. Some users feel that it is too bright for comfort and could disturb good sleep. The plastic external design could perhaps have been better.


  • It has an auto switch on and switch off facility.
  • You can save quite a bit of power compared to conventional wall lights for children.


  • The light is too bright for comfort, according to a few.
  • The auto on and off facility does not work after a few months.
  • Packing is not good and a few broken sets have arrived at customers’ place.

3. Plug-in Night Light for Kids by LOFTER

kids bedroom wall lights

This is a product from Lofter and it is a quality plug-in wall light for kids. It has a number of exciting features including a warm white night for the baby’s room, hallway and bedroom. There are a few more interesting features and functions that are worth mentioning. It comes with an RGB color and a changeable LED lamp.

What I Like

There are quite a few things that are likable as far as this wall light for children is concerned. The RGB multicolor is certainly a big takeaway and this compares with traditional single color LED lights.

Further, you also have LOFTER rotating color and this certainly keeps your little one engrossed and also helps him or her to gradually drift to a peaceful nights’ sleep. It offers eight different colors to choose from.

What I Don’t Like

There are no moving pieces and therefore it cannot be moved horizontally and vertically. Whatever movement that happens is pre-set. Cleaning is considered a problem by a few customers. The brightness cannot be adjusted.


  • High-quality lighting that is soothing and also bright at the same time.
  • The sensor-based lighting system ensures that the light switches on and off automatically.
  • It remembers the last color you selected and senses the ambiance of the room automatically.


  • The color cycling technology does not work properly.
  • Customer services for replacements have a few things left to be desired.

4. Light My Way Nightlight From Munchkin

kids room wall light

This is a cute-looking and feature-rich children wall light that has a few things interesting about it. To begin with it is a battery operated owl and therefore is extremely attractive for little children and babies. It helps them to play with the wall light and eventually doze off to sleep.

What I Like

Since it is battery operated it does not drain your expensive electricity. It has been made keeping in mind the needs of toddlers. The LED technology is another takeaway and it is cool to touch. It is cord free and other such things because of its battery-operated technology.

What I Don’t Like

Since it is battery operated, it does not have brightness and power once the battery wears off. Replacing batteries on a regular basis is a recurring expenditure. The design and color features could have been more attractive.


  • It could be one of the best gifts for your toddler.
  • It can be hung on the wall and also be handled by the child (under parental guidance).
  • It is safe because of battery operation.
  • The LED light is quite bright without being irritating.
  • It will help your child to play and sleep enjoying the beauty of the design and light that it emits.


  • The on-off button at times malfunctions.
  • The on-off button is not conveniently located making it difficult for the child.

5. Jasco Aqaualites LED Night Light

children's plug in wall lights

This is a sophisticated and advanced night light system that has been designed keeping today’s modern children, babies and other small kids in mind.

The LED light has different colors to it including green, red and also various types of multicolor phases. It also has light-sensing features that help to turn off the light during dawn and turn it on during dusk. This is done automatically.

What I Like

It has special covers for unsightly outlets. It leaves the second outlet free for other use. It lasts quite a bit and hence offers very good value for money. It is also energy efficient and is suitable for bed room of the child, hallway, bathroom, bedroom, and stairway.


  • It has color changing underwater scene.
  • It is perfect for a child’s room.
  • The LED bulbs are long lasting and there is no need to replace the same.
  • It is cool to touch and energy efficient.
  • Unique design feature does not impact second outlet.


  • The fish and plant lie on the ground in a liquid state.
  • The manufacturer photos and actual product have some differences.
  • The liquid is just a gimmick once the light is switched on.


We are sure that the above reviews would certainly have given some useful and meaningful information about the various things to be kept in mind when it comes to choosing the right childrens wall light.


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