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Top 10 Best Hockey Sticks for Kids (2021 Reviews)

Hockey is a game known to have players of all temperaments, vast brands of sticks, shapes, sizes, and material. When it comes to selecting the best hockey sticks for kids, there is a method to find the best.

You can apply this process for children ages 5-10 years who have been playing hockey for a while.

But, you can also use it for beginner players. Our guidelines and review below give you detailed information that you should know before making any selection.

How do you pick a hockey stick for a child?

Below are some of the essential factors to consider while buying a hockey stick for your child. It includes:


When selecting a stick for your child, considering advanced features like flex ratings, lies, blade shapes, or curves should be of minimal consideration. If you select a stick with blade curvature, then, ensure that its maximum depth is minimal, that is, not more than 1/2″.

You can determine by laying the hockey stick flat with its curve facing the surface, thus, forming an arch. Then you can measure between blade heel and toe to the ground the calculate the depth.


In today’s generation, hockey sticks can either be one-piece or two-piece in design. The most common materials used may vary from wood to graphite composites or carbon fiber.

Wood sticks are known to be more durable, although they tend to be heavy than other materials. Graphite and carbon fiber composite, on the other hand, are lightweight and easy for kids to skate.


It is necessary to look at the type of blade used and where it makes contact with the ice or ground. If it is worn out or maybe frayed near the heal, it may mean the stick is too long for your child or the child has poor balance, thus using it for support.

More so, it is necessary to have blade lay flush with the ice surface on contact. That will result in increased velocity and also energy in a shot, which is very important as children are limited to wrist shots in competitions.

How long should a child’s hockey stick be?

When selecting a hockey stick for a child, the top priority to consider is the length. Whether the stick is too short or too long, your child may develop balance issues and poor skating posture, which can also lead to lousy skating habits.

As we all know, children ages 4-8 years should use youth sticks while ages 7-12 years should go for junior sticks. The standard length of a junior stick ranges from 46-53 inches, but you can also find the best by going through the following process.

First, the child should wear the skates; then, you can place the toe( end of the blade) on the ground. The butt( end of the stick) should reach to his/her chin. If the child isn’t wearing skates, ensure the stick rests at the tip of the nose.

1. Franklin Sports Knee Hockey Set

Franklin Sports is an NHL light up goal set that can add new dimensions to your hockey game. With its special design of rugged high impact plastic tubing of light up, you can play with ease in the dark.

The goal has a fitting and durable netting to last longer, even during the continuous games. It includes two mini glows on the dark hockey sticks, and a soft molded mini glows on the dark ball.

The goal size is of 28″ * 20″ * 18″. It requires six AAA batteries to bring the fun at any time of the day. Lastly, it is easy and quick to assemble, thus no time wastage and more fun at all times.


  • Easy to assemble
  • More hours of fun
  • Lightup plastic tubing of high impact glowing
  • Perfect for beginners


  • Too small

2. Liberty Imports Dual Hockey Stick

Liberty Imports Dual Hockey Stick is a perfect set for your all-star junior hockey. With this elegant model, your kid will develop an eye to hand coordination, play actively, and improve timing.

This model comes with two hockey sticks, a ball, and a pair of oversized pucks. The hockey sticks are 28 inches long while the puck and ball are 3.5 inches in diameter.

The set is of a durable and lightweight plastic that is ASTM CPSC certified and tested to be safe. This model is suitable for street, floor, and roller hockey.

Lastly, this best hockey sticks for kids is a plastic hockey equipment suitable for training and practicing in both outdoor and indoor games for elementary levels.


  • Suitable for Junior hockey all-stars
  • Lightweight and durable plastic making
  • Great for indoor and outdoor game
  • Helps kids develop good timing, active play, and hand to eye coordination


  • The sticks are not as durable as expected.

3. Franklin Sports NHL Mini Hockey Set

With Franklin Sports NHL Mini Hockey Set, your kid can enjoy the favorite hockey by supporting the team and playing like a pro.

It comes with two mini hockey stick sets, one for the right-handed and the other left-handed making it possible for multiple playing.

It comes with two soft EVA foam balls that fit the young players by playing safely, even in indoors. The design suits kids of ages three and above. The variable designs of NHL teams allow fans to enjoy the game with passion.


  • Safe balls for indoor games
  • Durable hockey sticks of high impact
  • Shot zone textured blades that are pre-curved
  • Great for kids


  • Slightly hard foam balls

4. Mylec Deluxe Hockey Goal Set

Mylec Deluxe Hockey Goal Set has a foldable goal set off a sleeve netting and high PVC tubing, making it easy to assemble. The set comes with a ball, goal, and two sticks.

The easy folding set makes it easy to store and carry along where you wish to have your game going. It comes in a one on one instant play besides the two jets Flo sticks of 43 inches with blades and a bouncing hockey ball. The goal size is 48″ * 37″ * 18″ of width, height, and depth.


  • Easy to assemble
  • Easy to fold for storage and transportation
  • Durable making of PVC tubing
  • Perfect for kids


  • Misleading pictorial assembly

5. Franklin Sports Kids Folding Hockey Goal Set

Franklin Sports kids hockey goal set comes with everything needed for a hock y game to run, whether outdoor or indoor plays.

It is suited for both knee and street hockey with its adjustable plastic street hockey sticks, a street hockey ball, ABS knee hockey sticks, and two foam knee hockey balls.

Franklin and NHL made this item to fit everyone’s experience of hockey-playing in your home. The little athletes will enjoy the two in one set that allows them to play with ease.

With the exclusive folding joint technology, you can set up and bring down a goal in seconds. Each of the hockey sticks freely adjusts from 18 to 28 inches for more prolonged use by the growing athlete.


  • Perfect for learning
  • Easy to assemble
  • Great indoor and outdoor playset
  • Adjustable hockey sticks to fit most kids


  • Flimsy nets


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6. Franklin Sports Mini Hockey Goal Set

Franklin Sports Mini Hockey Goal Set is an indoor hockey set with a twist. It does prevent the runnings and accidental slips within the house. You can as well practice your shooting skills and goalkeeping on any type of floor.

More so, this easy to assemble and dissemble hockey goal set for kids comes with it’s carrying bag; thereby, you can decide to camp with this to the playset. The durable and rugged set is designed majorly for beginners of ages three and above.


  • Durable set
  • Comes with all that beginners may require to get the game going
  • Easy to assemble and dissemble
  • iGood for practice goalkeeping and shooting


  • Cheap and easily breaking products

7. Mylec Jr. Hockey Goal Set

Mylec Junior hockey goal set is white in color and durable in making a PVC piping system besides the heavy-duty sleeve netting.

This quick and easy to assemble product comes with a complete hockey package of a goal, a ball, and two sticks. With this set, you can enjoy hockey games in the driveway and street.

Also, the easy folding, pint-sized goal set measures 40*36*15 inches in dimensions. It has a heavy-duty sleeve netting that can withstand the abuses of aggressive play and harsh weather conditions. This best hockey sticks for kids are 32 inches, each with no bouncing round balls.


  • Durable PVC piping
  • Heavy-duty sleeve netting
  • A foldable goal set for secure storage
  • Designed for Juniors


  • Good netting idea but incomplete

8. Franklin Sports Knee Hockey  Goal Set

Franklin Sports Knee Hockey Goal Set is an ultimate mini hockey set that comes with all you can need to battle with friends.

You can have more time playing since the set is easy to assemble. Play like a pro with this elegant model that brings the authentic feeling to your mini-game.

A perfect gift for most hockey players. It comes with two 32″ * 21″ * 12″mini-goals, right an email from a mini handed stick, and a foam Moni hockey ball.


  • Comes with all you may need to game
  • Easy to assemble
  • Have the feeling to play like a pro
  • Perfect gift for kids


  • A grey ball that is hard to see

9. Geolinca Hover Hockey Set

Geolinca Hover is looking forward to benefiting both physical and psychological health from childhood to adolescence.

You can develop more fun playing hockey with kids at home, be it outdoor and indoor in a safe way without having to go to a hall. The set is durable and safe for kids aged 3 to 12.

This best hockey sticks for kids is a safe PVC that cannot easily damage this comfortable. The air puck is treated with foam bumper for quick shots or passes without damaging the ground or furniture.


  • Of unique air puck design
  • Safe and durable design
  • More fun with this model
  • Perfect gift for kids


  • The net falls when hit

10. Cramer Cosom Elementary Plastic Hockey Stick

Cramer Cosom Elementary Plastic Hockey Stick-built on the history of success of the physical education market is one of the best to select.

It is a brand that is requested by most educators and retailers who try to get the best for their recreational athletes and students.

The two of them stay respected companies came together to offer the best and high quality physical education and training products of better services and choices. Cosom is for fun, learning, and recreational in the sporting industry.


  • Most used floor hockey equipment
  • Great for grade 4 to 6
  • Comes with a polythene shaft that doesn’t interfere with the floors
  • Suitable for recreational programs and physical education


  • Low quality


It is essential to support your kids’ dreams by supporting their skills. The same point applies to hockey players. They need to have a good background to be able to advance to higher levels.

They should also learn all techniques used in the game, which is only possible with the appropriate hockey stick for kids.

We hope that the information given helps you select the best hockey sticks for kids and help them advance their game level.


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