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Founded in 1932 Globe electric has established itself as an innovative industry leader in creative energy products. Committed to delivering effective products, processes and technologies to their customers It is no wonder why their LED desk lamps are among the top rated in its class.

Desk lamps are mostly used for work related tasks such as reading, writing or drawing. What is needed is there for a desk lamp that is clear, bright and is not too harsh on the eyes.

The light should be focused, and glare should be limited. Finally, the design of the lamp should be adjustable to allow the user the freedom of movement for whichever task is at hand.

LED lights are the best option for desk lamps and are much more energy efficient than the bulbs previously used. Here are some of the best globe post light products which tick all the boxes previously mentioned.

List of Top 5 Globe post light

5. Globe-Electric 56963-32

globe post light

What I like

Globe Electric’s 32″ Multi-Joint Desk Lamp with Metal Clamp is ideal for desk lighting. It is made to fit incandescent or LED bulbs which is great. As previously mentioned LED bulbs are your best bet since they fit perfectly with what users need for desk usage.

Therefore, it is amazing that this lamp offers the option of both incandescent or LED depending on the user’s particular preference.

This lamp offers variable mounting, a spring-loaded swing arm as well as a 6-foot cord. This means that the light can be positioned and maneuvered into whichever position is needed and the long chord will not limit the lamp to any tricky wall socket positions.

For a desk lamp adjustability is extremely important, and this lamp shines in this regard.

The lamp contains a clamp on design, which is useful for smaller desks as it preserves desk space and allows the user more work area. The multi joint design is also useful for larger desk spaces where it is necessary to adjust the light position wherever it is needed.

What we have here is a lamp that provides for both. Whatever desk you have you can be sure of the fact that this Globe led desk lamp will fit seamlessly into your workspace.

Lastly, what may seem trivial but if done wrong can ruin an entire product is the placement of the on/off switch. Turning your light on and off should be easy, therefore it should be placed conveniently rather than hidden or blocked from view.

This lamp has a switch conveniently placed on top of the lamp, which is easily reachable. Putting the switch on top of the lamp means that you no longer have to fiddle around on the chord for a switch.

What I don’t like

The main complaint regarding this product has to do with the clamp which has received many complaints from customers. Despite it being an amazing light, the clamp holding it to the desk is unfortunately not durable.

It is recommended to purchase an extra clamp for the light to ensure that you have a spare should the one given to you fail.

The shade is also not deep enough to support all bulbs, unfortunately, some bulbs may protrude. This is a minor detail and since the lamp will fit most LED bulbs, it can be overlooked.


  •  Fits most LED light bulbs
  •  Highly adjustable design
  •  Perfect for any desk size
  •  Convenient on/off switch


  •  Badly made clamp which may break
  •  Lamp shade may not fit all bulbs

4. Globe-Electric Company-12643 LED Desk-Lamp

globe post lamp

What I like

The design of this Globe led desk lamp is glossy black with a chrome gooseneck. The design will fit perfectly into any office space but is best suited for one with a contemporary design.

The stainless-steel finish is a nice touch and gives this product a sense of elegance and simplicity.

The desk lamp will put out a whopping 35 000 hours of light! For what you are paying this is serious value for money. Let’s say on average the lamp is used for 3 hours a day, in theory it should last you over 30 years.

The lamp is therefore a must have for those who do not want to spend every year shopping for a new lamp because their current one has failed them.

The light source type is LED. Between 2700K and 4500K are generally very pleasant to work underneath, especially for desk lamps. The color temperature of this lamp is 3000K making it ideal for those wanting to use it for working those late nights under a light.

This little lamp packs quite a punch and will deliver a great amount of light. Once again, for the price you are paying you are receiving a lamp that outshines many of its competitors for half the price.

What I Don’t Like

The on/off switch could be placed better. It sits on the cord, a little too low, which leaves it out of reach from where you may be sitting on the desk. This minor detail is something which most companies overlook but which may irritate some users that value convenience.

The lamp is not versatile enough to work on bigger desks and may not be bright enough. However, for the customer which it is targeting the lamp works great and you get exactly what you pay for.


  •  Sleek, contemporary design
  •  long life of the product
  •  Perfect light temperature for desk use
  •  Delivers great light for its relatively small and compact design


  •  light switch could be better placed
  •  Not versatile enough to be used on bigger desks which require more light

3. Globe Electric LED Desk Lamp

best led globe lights

What I Like

The design is trendy, featuring a matte gold gooseneck that is easily adjustable. The gold and white are beautiful will complement any office space. It is a welcomed break from the traditional black design you will find on most other lamps.

The cord on this Globe led desk lamp is 6 feet, which means that you are not limited to where the wall socket is. It is extremely frustrating when your cord is too short and essentially renders the light in a stationary position.

As we all know, desk lights need to be moveable so that the light can be positioned wherever it is needed most.

This light is energy star rated. What this means is that the light will save you around $77 in energy costs. The lamp also hosts an integrated LED light that uses only 5 watts of electricity.

The 3000k light offers a soft white light which is easy on the eyes during those long work hours.

The lamp is compact, which fits nicely on a small desk. Together with the beautiful matte design the overall look and feel is outstanding.

What I Don’t Like

It would be much better if the on/off switch was located on the lamp or the base. It is however on the cord. This is one of the few complaints about an otherwise great product.

The gooseneck is a great-looking feature but this product does not appear to be very sturdy. Having a trendy-looking lamp must be accompanied by durable and sturdy parts otherwise the products may come across as cheap.


  •  Trendy, funky design
  •  A long cord makes the lamp easily movable
  •  Energy star rating means big savings
  •  Small and compact design, perfect for smaller desks


  •  On/off switch on the cord
  •  Gooseneck may be slightly unstable

2. Globe-Electric Architect-32″ -12641

single globe lamp post

What I Like

I like that they included an LED bulb in this product. This goes to show that they know and understand their customer and what they are looking for.

In a desk lamp, an LED is by far the best light, since it gives off a soft light that doesn’t put unnecessary strain on the eyes. The fact that this is included is a big bonus for us.

The lamp has an average life span of 25 000 hours. Together with the energy saving LED bulb this lamp will save you big in the long run.

The on and off switch is located conveniently at the top of the lamp which means no fiddling around for hard to reach switches.

The design of the lamp includes a desk clamp and swing arm making it very adjustable. For a big desk, this is essential. The desk clamp will save tons of space on your desk and is especially useful for smaller desks.

What I Don’t Like

There have been numerous complaints about the desk clamp breaking. This is dangerous as it may result in the whole lamp falling on the floor and breaking, which is a serious waste of money.

The clamp obviously has a limit on the thickness of the desk which it can accommodate. Should the desk be any thicker it would require you to drill holes in the desk, causing permanent damage.

As a measure it would be nice for the lamp to come with the option of a base upon which the lamp could stand on.


  •  LED bulb included
  •  The long life of the product and energy saving LED means you will save in the long run
  •  Conveniently placed on/off switch
  •  Lamp design is adjustable, very versatile


  •  Desk clamp is not sturdy/durable
  •  Desk clamp is not compatible with all thickness of desks

1. Globe-Electric 33″ -5698601

globe lights outside

What I Like

The design of the lamp is classic, for those who prefer the old school look and feel. It however maintains a modern twist with its elegant black finish. This design looks amazing on any desk.

The small base is great since it will save precious desk space. The smaller footprint of the base can sometimes leave the lamp unstable. This is not the case with this product and remains stable no matter which position you extend the light to.

The spring balanced swing arm allows the light to be directed into whichever direction it is needed. This is great for use on desks. The swingarm can extend to 35” at its tallest making it ideal for big desks where the light may need to be directed in different directions.

The on/off switch is located on top of the lampshade. It is a large rotary switch which is very convenient and allows the user to switch on and off very quickly.

What I Don’t Like

The metal which is used comes across as cheap and may not be as durable as it seems. For the price you are paying it is a great product.

Two screws at the bottom of the arm that attaches it to the base have to be removed before it can articulate. This is of course essential to the lamp being the adjustable light that it is advertised at and nobody really knows why they were placed there in the first place.

Once these two screws are removed the lamp works great and can be adjusted into whatever position is necessary.


  •  Classic design
  •  Small base with a minimal footprint
  •  Adjustable spring arm allows light to be directed in whatever position is necessary
  •  Conveniently placed on/off switch on top of the lampshade


  •  Cheap material may not be durable in the long term
  •  Screws that need to be removed are unnecessarily burdensome for the customer

With the guide above, we hope you can now make a choice on the globe post light from a point of information.


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