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YOREPEK 17 Inch Large Roller Backpack

It’s common nowadays to travel with your laptop, especially if you are an employee or businessman who goes to a lot of places every time. It’s easy to notice people traveling with their laptops because they either carry a laptop bag or a big backpack with them.

However, it’s not that comfortable to bring a big gadget with you all the time. If you don’t have the right carrier, carrying your laptop all day can give you backaches and body pains.

If you are wondering how you can prevent this hassle, it’s all about choosing the right bag for your laptop. So, here’s the list of the best rolling laptop bag for travel.

1. Rolling Travel Backpack By Matein

Best Rolling Laptop Bag For Travel

This best rolling laptop bag for travel looks like a regular backpack at one glimpse. But, you will notice that it comes with a handle and wheels that make it easier to bring for travel. Its capacity is 45L while the weight is 5.2 lbs. Its external dimensions are 21.65″ x 13″ x 10″. A 17″ laptop can fit inside the bag.

This product has 3 main compartments: the main clothing pocket, the laptop and iPad pocket and the quick access pocket. There is also a mesh pocket where you can out your tumbler or bottled water.

The main parts of the bag are lockable zippers, adjustable straps, a comfortable sturdy handle, a rotatable strap buckle, and an airflow back.

What’s great about this travel laptop back is that it has wheels and it can be worn at your back. If you are tired of carrying it, you can easily switch to pulling the bag.

If your luggage is too heavy, it’s an ideal bag for you. Plus, there is a large space for your clothes and other travel essentials aside from your laptop and iPad. It is also perfect not just for men but for women who travel a lot too.

The bag won’t be useable if the straps and hooks break easily. This is a major con of this product. If you put too much inside the bag, there is a possibility that it will break easily so make sure to control what you are putting within the travel bag.

2. Aoking Rolling Travel Backpack

best rolling computer bag for travel

Another alternative you have is an Aoking rolling travel backpack that works like luggage for travelers. It’s a one trolley backpack that can be converted into one luggage or one backpack. The wheels of this best rolling computer bag for travel are large to make sure that it can support the reasonable weight of what’s inside.

The largest size of the laptop you can put here is 20″. Its interior is made out of insulators too to protect you from the heat of gadgets. It also has a waterproof protective cover to avoid the dirt from getting to the wheels while you are carrying it.

The advantages of using this Aoking rolling travel backpack include maximum versatility, mobility, efficiency, and security. You can use this product in four ways: carry it as a backpack, use it as rolling luggage, haul the handle for short trips, and utilize it as a hand carry bag when traveling through the airport.

Its mobility will save you time and energy especially if you have many things to bring during your travel. It has enough space for your clothes and devices.

When it comes to security, you are sure that you are traveling with maximum protection because of its keyrings and insulation materials. It has a reflector that makes you visible while you travel.

However, the size of the bag is not ideal if you want a smaller laptop bag. The wheels are too large as well, adding weight to the bag you have to carry if you decide to use it as a backpack. This is a con of using this product.

3. HollyHome 19 Inches Wheeled Rolling Backpack

best rolling laptop backpack

This best rolling laptop bag for travel comes in different colors such as purple, brown, black, and blue. It’s good for use by men and women who travel a lot. The height of the bag is about 1.5 feet and if the handle is included, it’s 3.3 feet in height. The recommended user should be no more than 6 feet tall.

The bag can carry up to 45L capacity. The compartments include a big pocket, medium pocket, and side pockets. The big pocket is ideal for laptops and clothes. You can put pens and paper in a medium pocket. Finally, the side pocket can be storage for your phone and other small things.

The great thing about this best rolling computer bag for travel is that it is lightweight. It only weighs 4.8 lbs and is lighter compared to other bags on this list. It’s suitable for students and working adults too. It has plenty of pockets and convenient designs that make it more fashionable than other products.

Although it has plenty of pockets, space might not be enough if you are traveling with clothes and other traveling essentials. You should limit the things you put inside so you can keep the bag intact. If you put things that exceed the maximum capacity, this may be damaged easily.

4. Tragus Rolling Backpack

best wheeled laptop backpack

This Targus product is another option for you. You have two selections when it comes to its size: 15.4 inches and 16 inches. The 15.4 inches can fit a laptop up to its size.

The same applies to 16 inches if you have a bigger laptop to bring. It has different compartments for other business essentials such as keys, files, and business cards.

A great thing about this best rolling computer bag for travel is that it is lightweight and compact. It’s ideal for users who have a 15.4″ laptop or smaller. The straps are secured too and its notebook sleeve can be removed.

The con of buying this product is on the size too. If you want a larger space, you should get a larger bag. You should not put things that weigh more than the bag’s capacity to avoid damaging the bag.

5. HollyHOME Travel Wheeled Rolling Backpack

HollyHOME Travel Wheeled Rolling Backpack

HollyHOME’s Rolling Backpack Laptop Bag is suitable for carrying 16-inch laptops. There is an adequate amount of storage space and many pockets inside the compartments, that can be used to keep smaller stuff like pens and keys.

The laptop sleeve is padded with thick foam material. The large storage capacity of the bag allows it to be used for multiple uses like a travel bag, school backpack, business backpack, and laptop backpack.

The design of the bag is convenient and has unidirectional wheels and a cushion in the back to cover the wheels. The fabric used is nylon which is durable, easy to clean, and waterproof. The Trolley rod is made of aluminum alloy and can bear a lot of weight.

The shoulder straps are broad, padded, and thick, designed for your comfort. The reviews by customers are all positive. The qualities of the bag that are best rated by the customers are its storage space, design, cost effectiveness, and waterproof material.


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6. Hedgren Cindy Rolling Trolley Bag

Hedgren Cindy Rolling Trolley Bag

Hedgren’s rolling trolley bag is suitable for carrying laptops of size 16 inches or lesser. good quality wheels. The chrome metal handle is excellent in sturdiness.

The luggage strap is thick and wide, designed for comfort. The reviews from customers rate its convenient size, strap design, vibrant colour, and it’s quality zippers, as the backpack’s best features.

7. AOKING 20/22″Water Resistant Rolling Wheeled Backpack

AOKING Water Resistant Rolling Wheeled Backpack

AOKING’s rolling backpack is suitable for carrying laptops of size 17 Inches or less. The backpack has a large storage space and can fit many things in along with the laptop like, books, keys, pens, and files. The bag can bear up to 12 kg of weight.

The laptop compartment’s sleeve is padded with shockproof material and keeps your laptop safe. The material of the fabric uses to make the bag is nylon, which is waterproof, dirt resistant, and tear resistant.

The shoulder strap is padded with shockproof material too which makes it comfortable on the shoulders. It can be used as a school backpack as well as a business backpack. The wheels are excellent and are made with 360 degree spinning technology.

They are smooth and quiet while rolling, and the design of the backpack easily covers the wheels, so that you don’t get any dirt on your clothes. The rod is made of aluminum alloy and can handle weight, not over 12 kg.

The reviews from the customers state that they are very much satisfied with the backpack. The qualities of the backpack that are rated the most are it’s 360 degree turning spinner wheels, lightweight, waterproof material, capacity, and it’s professional yet fashionable look.

8. Vera Bradley Women’s Softside Rolling Work Bag

Vera Bradley Womens Softside Rolling Work Bag

The Vera Bradley rolling work bag is specially designed for women. The bag is suitable for carrying laptops of size 19 inch or below. It has adequate storage space that comes with many pockets for multiple uses. It can also be used as a backpack.

The reviews from customers claim that the backpack is the most ideal rolling backpack for women. The feminine design looks professional and trendy at the same time. The qualities that are the most rated by the customers are its design, cost efficiency, cost effectiveness, lightweight, storage, and sturdiness.

9. HollyHOME 19 inches Wheeled Rolling Backpack

HollyHOME 19 inches Wheeled Rolling Backpack

HollyHOME’s rolling backpack is suitable for a 14 inch laptop. The backpack is light in weight and is comfortable for usage as both, school backpack and business backpack. The material used is nylon which is easy to clean and durable.

The rod of the backpack is made of Aluminium alloy that can bear weight more than other rods can. The backpack has a lot of storage space that comes with many pockets that can be used for holding smaller things like, flash drives and keys.

The design of the bag is excellent and takes care of the tiny issues we might face like, getting the dirt from the wheels on our clothes, by including a back cushion to cover them. The shoulder straps are thick and broad and are padded.

The top handle is padded with a cotton fabric, which makes it comfortable to carry. The back is also padded which makes it comfortable on your back when carried as a backpack.

10. YOREPEK 17 Inch Large Roller Backpack

YOREPEK 17 Inch Large Roller Backpack

YOREPEK’s Rolling Backpack is suitable for carrying laptops that are of size 17 Inch or below. The laptop compartment is padded with Velcro. The roller backpack can also be used as a huge laptop bag as the bag has a removable handle that is easy to remove.

The bag also has a large storage space with many pockets on the inside and one on the side, so it can serve as a multi purpose laptop backpack. It comes along with a built-in charging cable that you can use to charge your devices without having to necessarily take them out of the bag.

The material of the bag is waterproof and made from polyester that is dirt resistant. The backpack’s shoulder strap is padded with soft-touch pad which is comfortable on the shoulders and provides a good grip.

It can be used as a travel backpack, laptop backpack, as well as a school backpack. It can also serve as an ideal gift. The customer reviews claim that they are more satisfied than they ever thought they could be.

The most rated qualities of the bag are its sturdiness, storage space, good wheels, and the accessibility and ease to convert the bag to a rolling backpack.


Traveling with a laptop should be lightweight and easy. You don’t have to settle for simple backpacks that can hurt your back. You can switch to the best rolling laptop bag for travel that will support you throughout your travel. If you want the best for your trip, choose from the list above.


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