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Top 4 Best Rolling Laptop Bag

Are you looking for a carrier that will reduce your pain and hassle when bringing a laptop or other gadgets? Well, anyone who travels with a laptop dream of having the most convenient bag his stuff.If you are a student or a professional adult, you deserve something that will support you throughout your trip. So, for those who are hoping to find the best rolling laptop bag, here’s the list we made just for you.

1. World Traveler Women’s Fashion Print Rolling Bag

best rolling laptop bag

This best rolling laptop bag comes in a variety. It has 12 designs where you can choose from. The options have different prints and colors. If you have a laptop that is 17″ big, it can put diagonally in this bag.

Alternatively, you can use it to bring your books to school or other business essentials when you are traveling to work. The bag has also more 3 compartments to give you space for your stuff.

The good thing about this rolling bag is its fashion. The company is able to make a rolling laptop bag that is not only useful for travel but is stylish in many ways too.

The compartments are big enough to carry your laptops, other devices, and books wherever you go. Also, it is made with heavy-duty polyester, making it a top-quality bag. The shoulder strap is adjustable too so if you want to carry it for convenience, you can do so.

But, this is not ideal for people who are looking for luggage and a backpack at the same time because this bag is suitable for rolling and shoulders. If you want a more versatile laptop carrier, you can choose from other options below.

2. Ladies Damask Rolling Computer Laptop Bag

wheeled laptop bag

This best rolling laptop bag looks like a briefcase because of its style. You can put your laptop vertically and add clothes or other essentials on top of it. Since it works like luggage, you need to make sure that you are putting lightweight stuff on top of your laptop.

There is also a compartment on the lid of the bag that will serve as your storage for files and small stuff. The prints of this bag will surely make you stylish and fashionable when you bring it to your trip.

What’s really ideal about this bag is its capability to fir laptops with 14″, 15″, 16″, and 17″ sizes. Whatever laptop you have as long as it will not exceed the 17″ capacity, you can put it inside and conveniently go to work or school.

The quality of this bag is also good since it is made out of 600D heavy-duty polyester and fully padded compartments. Your devices are secured inside even if you walk along a rocky path.

This is not suitable for you if you want a backpack. You can only carry this on your shoulders in case you are tired of rolling and pulling. The bag also limits you to use it horizontally rather than vertically. Some customers are uncomfortable with this setup.


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3. Matein Rolling Laptop Bag

rolling laptop bag

Looking for a best rolling laptop bag? Try the Matein Rolling laptop bag. It is a 17.7″ x 9.5″ x 13.7″ bag with wheels and an adjustable handle. It has a padded 17″ laptop compartment that protects your gadget all the way through.

The front zippered pocket also allows you to put small accessories such as your earphones, IDs, and passport. Inside the bag, you can place your clothes in the bigger compartment and your laptop in the lid pocket.

You can also bring your planners, files, and other notebooks with you by utilizing the medium or secondary pocket. The smallest compartment is designed for your smaller stuff like keys, pens, and dictionaries.

One of the major advantages of this rolling bag is that it is fashionable enough for your business trip. The sleek and rich black color of the product will add to your style as a businessman. If you are traveling with your 17″ laptop or smaller, this is suitable for long trips and international business meetings.

Another great thing about this best rolling laptop bag is its large compartments that give you enough space for your traveling needs.

No need for extra luggage when you can pack all your essentials in one bag. It’s very easy to organize your things with this the Matein rolling bag.

Although there are many benefits to using this product, expect that it will be heavier if you put more things that weigh more than the bag itself.

You also have to be careful of what you put inside to ensure that your laptop will not crash with other solid devices. As long as you put a minimal number of clothes, you are good to go.

4. Kenneth Cole Reaction Carry-On Tote

best laptop backpack 2016

Kenneth Cole Reaction is one of the best brands when it comes to bags. If you are looking for a branded rolling bag for your laptop, you can consider this one. It comes with black, pink, and gray colors.

It can be used as a rolling bag and a tote at the same time. It has a retractable handle and small wheels to make it more portable.

What’s inside the bag is a padded laptop pocket that can fit up to 16″ laptop devices. It also has an exterior body material and a fully lined interior to serve as your protection whenever you are bringing personal items with you.

This is an ideal product for people who are looking for pain-free portability, large storages, compact and convenient bag, and an accessory that will boost one’s confidence.

This Kenneth Cole Reaction product can carry all your essentials if you are traveling locally or internationally with a laptop. You don’t have to worry about storage anymore.

The only downside of it is the price. It is more expensive compared to other choices on this list. Well, considering that it is a Kenneth Cole Reaction product, it’s already expected.


Traveling with a laptop should not be too hassle for you. With the best rolling laptop bag, you can go wherever you want without worrying about storage and compartments. You can use one bag to pack all the necessary things for your school and business.


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