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Top 4 Best Rolling Work Bags Reviews

There are best rolling work bags and ordinary laptops bags available in the market to cope with the needs of professionals. These bags are mainly useful for carrying a laptop, documents and small items of the customer.

These best rolling work bags are highly useful for very busy professionals and travelers. The bags have wheels attached to the bag for easy mobility

1. Alpine Swiss Rolling 17″ Laptop Briefcase Bag

best rolling work bags

Firstly, we shall see the Alpine Swiss rolling laptop briefcase bag. This best rolling work bags has folders inside the bag and space for laptop products with pad features. The compartments are divided into keeping materials and a laptop.

The dimensions of the bag are structured to cope with the demand of a busy professional in his daily life. Wheels are provided for this rolling briefcase bag. The main compartment of the laptop briefcase has the feature of an organizer where one can keep his pen and card slot.

The bag is specially equipped for the professionals keeping their legal-sized documents. The bag is provided with a handle to pull by the customer.

This handle is pulled up and down by the customer who uses the bag. The wheels are very smooth and are skate featured. The TSA size of the bag is meant for carrying personal items of the individual.


  • The top zippers of the bag are highly useful to the customers for keeping secret things.
  • Professionals who are busy in their office work can keep the laptop inside the rolling bag easily.
  • Adjustable leathers and it also has adjustable shoulder straps.
  • The bag gives a stylish look to the user and has enough space for keeping documents is a separate folder.
  • It has a front pocket for keeping papers and documents too.
  • The side pockets are useful to keep small items of the professional.
  • The handle of the briefcase is highly useful for dragging.


  • Handle is a week on expansion by the user.
  • The skin of the cover gets separated after a small gap of purchase.
  • The front part pocket latch is broken.

2. Samsonite Women’s Mobile Office

best rolling work bag

Secondly, we shall see the Women’s Mobile Office bag of Samsonite. This best rolling work bags comes in black color with enough space on all sides to keep files without any hassle.

The bag has been looked a favorite by the women who are professionals. The company logo, Samsonite is printed on the front side of the bag.

This best rolling work bag is good for women’s office goers and carrying a laptop inside it and suited for traveling a long distance for business purposes. The bag has skate wheels that are made up of polyurethane.

The bag is provided with a padded pocket as an accessory purpose. The bag gives a stylish look to the women and has different compartments for documents and files.


  • The bag is highly durable and gives an elegant look to the woman who is having.
  • The different compartments inside the bag can hold different documents, laptops and other important items of women.
  • The presence of wheels under the bag helps the women for easy moving without any friction.
  • The bag is very safe to the user and hence it is liked by most of the professionals.
  • Both men and women can use the bag for their professional use and personal aspects.
  • Small items like cell chargers, pencils, and pens, headphones in the pockets of the bag easily.


  • This Samsonite bag has carrying handles for the user which are difficult for some customers due to its lengthy nature.
  • Tough to handle the exterior handles as it makes scratches to the hands of the user.
  • It does not have space for keeping textbooks inside the bag.


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3. Rolling bag laptop of Amazonbasics

rolling work bag

This rolling laptop bag has wheels that are of high quality. This best rolling work bags is highly suitable for professionals who are very busy traveling to many countries and locally.

The front side of the bag has compartments that are suited to keep many materials like ID cards, business cards, small pocket notebooks.

The professionals who have a big laptop can use this bag as the design is perfect to keep it safe without any hassle. The product is good enough fitting under the airplane seats of the customer.

This best rolling work bag has a push-button for the user to use it. The push-button is easily adjustable. It is designed in such a way that it is light to carry.


  • This best rolling work bag is a friendly product to many professionals who are traveling a lot for their business and office work.
  • The bag can hold the laptop of big size, small items of the person inside it.
  • The bag is of great use to these professionals for traveling a long distance and many places without any hassle.
  • The front pocket feature, and zippers inside the laptop bag, the laptop has a padded structure inside the laptop bag, and lightweight of the bag are the major benefits of the laptop bag case.


  • The wheels tend to get repaired of tear and wear after a few days of purchase.
  • Some customers feel that the handles are too hard to pull.

4. Deluxe Fashion Rolling Bag Overnighter Of Olympia

small rolling bags for work

This best rolling work bag has the feature of polyester materials. The bag has wheels with bearings and is used for traveling. This product has more space for keeping many items inside with a padded laptop compartment. The side pockets of the bag are important to the user.

The product has a zipper on its front side for keeping items of the user. This best rolling work bag comes in black and purple color and has one size alone. Inside the bag, it is fully printed and is very light in weight to be carried away.


  • The handlebar of the bag is extremely fine and useful.
  • This best rolling work bags has a huge space for keeping many books and personal items of the customer.
  • It has a high packing capacity with many closure pockets provided with zippers.


  • The bag is not suitable for many customers in selected flights as they are unable to keep the bag under the seat due to a difficult dimension.
  • Some customers complain that the wheels of the bag are easily broken after some period of using it.
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