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Solo New York Walker Leather Rolling Laptop Bag

At present, heavier workloads, as well as expectations, are faced by the professionals out there. Nevertheless, it is not imperative to break one’s back by carrying around essential documents, laptops, and tablets.

When it is not possible for a regular bag to accommodate your belongings, a rolling work bag will be required by you. It will make it simpler for you to bring around paperwork and gadgets whenever required.

There is no need to suffer from pain in your shoulders and back anymore. In the subsequent paragraphs, we have mentioned the top 10 best rolling work bags which will help you to select the best rolling work bag available on the market at present.

1. Alpine Swiss Rolling 17″ Laptop Briefcase Bag

best rolling work bags

Firstly, we shall see the Alpine Swiss rolling laptop briefcase bag. This best rolling work bag has folders inside the bag and space for laptop products with pad features. The compartments are divided into keeping materials and a laptop.

The dimensions of the bag are structured to cope with the demand of a busy professional in his daily life. Wheels are provided for this rolling briefcase bag. The main compartment of the laptop briefcase has the feature of an organizer where one can keep his pen and card slot.

The bag is specially equipped for the professionals keeping their legal-sized documents. The bag is provided with a handle to pull by the customer.

This handle is pulled up and down by the customer who uses the bag. The wheels are very smooth and are skate featured. The TSA size of the bag is meant for carrying personal items of the individual.

2. Samsonite Women’s Mobile Office

best rolling work bag

Secondly, we shall see the Women’s Mobile Office bag of Samsonite. This best rolling work bag comes in black color with enough space on all sides to keep files without any hassle.

The bag has been looked a favorite by the women who are professionals. The company logo, Samsonite is printed on the front side of the bag.

This best rolling work bag is good for women’s office goers and carrying a laptop inside it and suited for traveling a long distance for business purposes. The bag has skate wheels that are made up of polyurethane.

The bag is provided with a padded pocket have an accessory purpose. The bag gives a stylish look to the women and has different compartments for documents and files.

3. Rolling bag laptop of Amazonbasics

rolling work bag

This rolling laptop bag has wheels that are of high quality. This best rolling work bag is highly suitable for professionals who are very busy traveling to many countries and locally.

The front side of the bag has compartments that are suited to keep many materials like ID cards, business cards, small pocket notebooks.

The professionals who have a big laptop can use this bag as the design is perfect to keep it safe without any hassle. The product is good enough fitting under the airplane seats of the customer.

This best rolling work bag has a push-button for the user to use it. The push-button is easily adjustable. It is designed in such a way that it is light to carry.

4. Deluxe Fashion Rolling Bag Overnighter Of Olympia

small rolling bags for work

This best rolling work bag has the feature of polyester materials. The bag has wheels with bearings and is used for traveling. This product has more space for keeping many items inside with a padded laptop compartment. The side pockets of the bag are important to the user.

The product has a zipper on its front side for keeping items of the user. This best rolling work bag comes in black and purple color and has one size alone. Inside the bag, it is fully printed and is very light in weight to be carried away.

5. AmazonBasics Rolling Travel Luggage Bag

AmazonBasics Rolling Travel Luggage Bag

This AmazonBasics rolling travel luggage bag will allow you to travel in style. It comes with an innovative telescoping handle, useful storage space, as well as smooth rolling wheels. Measuring only 13.39” x 14.17” x 9.45”, it is quite convenient to carry this bag without any problem whatsoever.

Moreover, it is going to slide into most of the airline overhead compartments quite easily. The main compartment is quite roomy where you will be able to store your garments as well as a pair of shoes.

The inclusion of a number of interior pockets will also allow you to keep smaller items such as cosmetics in an organized manner. The luggage handle will be locking into position while fully extended.

Moreover, the product comes with smooth and noiseless in-line skate wheels which will allow you to move it easily in any direction.

6. Solo Classic Collection 16 Inch Laptop Rolling Work Bag

Solo Classic Collection 16 Inch Laptop Rolling Work Bag

This hard-sided catalog case features a padded laptop compartment, a comprehensive zip-down organizer section at the front, as well as interior lid organizer area.

It likewise includes a revolutionary telescoping handle system along with dual combination locks which can be set individually for keeping your laptop and other belongings completely safe. The manufacturer provides a risk-free guarantee of 5 years on the product for the convenience of the customers.

The handle which is ergonomically designed helps to ensure that this case is comfortable as well as functional. This rolling work bag will be the perfect gift to present to your loved ones on special occasions.

7. Kensington Notebook Roller Bag

Kensington Notebook Roller Bag

We all know the company for manufacturing some remarkable products over the years and this one is also one example of that. It comes with a telescoping handle which has been designed ergonomically for shifting weight to the wheels thus reducing pressure on the arms significantly.

There is likewise a deep-quilted as well as an impact-resistant compartment for storing your notebook in a safe and organized manner.

This Kensington notebook roller bag which is 25% lighter as compared to most of the traditional roller bags out there helps is to make placement in airlines overhead compartments without any problem whatsoever.

There is also a compartment at the back along with mesh pockets and the height of the bag is 11.4 inches, width 1.8 inches, and depth 14.4 inches. Besides these, the bottom of this Kensington notebook roller bag is water-resistant which will help to keep the contents inside dry and safe.

8. Heritage Travelware Wheeled Business Portfolio Tote

Heritage Travelware Wheeled Business Portfolio Tote

This particular rolling work bag intended for the ladies features a full-grain SOHO leather exterior as well as a fully lined interior that is tear-resistant.

The large capacity double compartment interior comes with multiple pockets as well as 3 file dividers for holding various accessories including business documents. There is also a cushioned laptop pocket at the front interior compartment which should be able to fit most of the laptops out there.

This rolling work bag also includes a detachable accessory pouch for holding extra accessories and comes with self-repairing coil zippers as well. There are likewise tote style handles on the top for easy maneuvering. The trolley handle which is retractable can be extended to a height of 41 inches.

This Heritage Travelware wheeled business portfolio tote will be able to fit into the majority of the airline overhead compartments. The overall dimension of the product is 16.75 inches in width, 13 inches in height, and 7.5 inches in depth. The weight is 6.5 pounds which makes it easy to carry the bag anywhere you like.

9. Wenger Swissgear Granada Rolling Case

Wenger swissgear granada rolling case

This Wenger swissgear Granada rolling case comes with a computer compartment that will be able to fit the majority of the laptops and notebooks out there. There is likewise an innovative quick pocket for simple access to items like your mobile phone, airline tickets, phone charger, and so on.

The presence of the smooth skate wheels helps to make maneuvering extremely easy in the tight corners and narrow walkways.

Apart from these features, this comprehensive business organizer includes slots and pockets for your PDA, pens, smartphone, business cards, iPod, ID, and so forth. The roomy overnight compartment is able to fit garments for the next day which makes it ideal for business trips.

10. Solo New York Walker Leather Rolling Laptop Bag

Solo New York Walker Leather Rolling Laptop Bag

This sophisticated leather wheeled rolling work bag features a cushioned laptop compartment, a full-size zip-down organizer section at the front, a full-length zipper pocket at the front, as well as a segmented file compartment.

This Solo New York walker leather rolling laptop bag will help to maintain the safety of your essential business documents and laptop while you are traveling for business.

There is likewise an innovative pushbutton telescoping handle for your convenience. The good thing is that the manufacturer provides a lucrative 5-year warranty on the item from the purchase date.

How To Choose The Best Rolling Work Bag?

You will have to choose the best and high-quality rolling work bag many people want a bag for both travel and working purpose. Choosing the perfect bag can prevent you to bear all future tragedies.

So, you will have to select a bag with which you can travel without any trouble. So, for that, you will have to check some important considerations such as follows:

What Is The Purpose Of The Bag?

At first, you will have to decide for what purpose you are going to use this bag. If you are looking for a travel working bag then, you will have to decide the right size of the bag.

So, you will have to choose a bag that is right in shape and size. It should follow the size restrictions of airline rules. It is very much necessary if you frequently travel for your business purpose. So, you can go for the rolling work bag.

You can also carry your laptop, charger and all work-related items in this bag. You can carry also your changing clothes with your work items. There is enough interior space in these bags. This type of bag looks very stylish as well.

So, if you follow the trend and want to travel with style and dignity then, you can go for this type of rolling work bag. This type of bag is lightweight and easy to carry as well.

Size And Capacity: You will have to check whether your working device fits in this bag or not. So, you will have to buy a rolling bag after checking the size of your device. But you will be happy to know that most of the wheeled bags are designed to fit a large laptop device.

There are so many options. If you want to carry two laptops then, you will have to buy two separate sections bag. It is good to have separate sleeves. Apart from the size, you will have to check the capacity of the bags.

You will have to check all other compartments and sleeves of the bag. You can check whether you need some sorts of extra sleeves for files and documents or not.

Durability: While you are looking for the best type of rolling laptop bags then, you will have to check its durability. You will have to check the durability of the bag before buying it.

Comfort: Before buying any rolling work bag, you will have to check its comfortability. You can check whether you will need the handle on the top or not. It is up to you what do you want.

What Is In A Rolling Work Bag?

A rolling bag work bag is very much easy to carry your work items and extra items such as clothes, charger, keys, bottle and all. So, you should check enough interior space at the time of buying a rolling work bag. You will get separate sleeves in your laptop bag.

The separate sleeves will help you to carry your laptops and other items. So, rolling work bags are not just for your working items but you can carry your essentials at the time of business tours.

You will have to choose the sturdy handle of a rolling work bag. Apart from the handle, you will have to check for the sturdy and heavy zipper. You need to choose a bag that has multiple pockets and sleeves. This will help you to carry whatever things you want at the time of travel.

You will have to select high-quality material for durability purposes and easy going. There are so many options you will get in the market. Many bags are now available with charging ports. These are the essential considerations that you need to check at the time of choosing the best rolling work bag.


The considerations that you have to make while purchasing the top 10 best rolling work bags are durability, comfort, as well as storage space. Hopefully, this above-mentioned article will assist you in finding the ideal product for your personal requirements.

All these products have been built to last and will be able to withstand the wear-and-tear that might happen to them because of constant usage. Apart from this, these are also extremely versatile and you will be able to travel anywhere without any problem at all.


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FAQ Of Best Rolling Work Bags:

How Do I Know What Size Rolling Work Bag To Buy?

You should buy a bag where you can put your laptop easily without any obligations. So, you will have to check the dimension of the bag. There is a size restriction in the airline.

So, if you are a frequent traveler then, you will have to buy the perfect size of a laptop bag as per the requirement. You can buy a 17-inch laptop space rolling work bag. More inches can give you more space. You will have to decide the size of the bag before buying it for your purpose.

What Colour Work Bag Should I Get?

The colour of the work bag should be professional and classy. You cannot go for red, green colours like a casual bag. You will have to choose the colour of the work bag very minutely. You need to choose a neutral colour for your work bag.

So, you will have to choose a solid colour such as tan, burgundy, brown and black. You cannot choose the printed bag for your official purpose. It will look weird. So, choosing a solid colour for your work bag is essential. You should go and choose a neutral one.

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