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Top 4 Best Rolling Office Bag Reviews

If you have to travel for work all the time, it’s a must that you bring all your office stuff without a fuss. That’s why it is also a good idea to have the best rolling office bag to make it easier for you to go wherever you need to.

Business trips can usually become hectic and by having everything that you need in one bag is the best. Think of it as your own mobile office. You can have your laptop, tablet and all the documents needed for you to have a successful client meeting from any parts of the world.

To help you decide what will be the best rolling office bag for you, we have compiled the best rated items from Amazon. Men and women have different preferences when it comes to their office bag. Some prefers style to look good over all.

Others just want to have something that can take care of their belongings in one place. But the good thing about this list is that you can have the style, comfort and peace of mind. You can make sure that you will look good and organized when you get the best rolling office bag that will suit you.

1. Samsonite Women’s Spinner Mobile Office

best rolling office bag

This black leather spinner mobile office bag is the best rolling office bag busy women should have. You can carry all the necessary paperwork that you may need for your business trip. Since it is a must that you have your laptop for your presentations and also for communication. It is best to choose a durable bag for it.

This will avoid your gadgets to get damaged. It is also a good idea to make sure that you can have it as your carry over bag aside from your purse. Since this office bag has important documents as well, it’s good to always have it with you specially while travelling.


  • Can carry all your gadgets like a tablet or laptop.
  • Has a padded pockets to protect your gadgets.
  • Can fit under airline seats or overhead bins.
  • Great rolling action since it has 4 wheels.


  • Other colors are not available.
  • A bit pricey for an office bag.

2. Samsonite 15.6-Inch Classic Wheeled Business Case

best mobile office laptop bag

Perfect for men who needs to travel for work as well. It’s the best rolling office bag that can protect your laptop while flying. The best part with this bag is that you can also have some clothes and office essentials in one bag. No need to carry another suitcase just for your spare outfit.

It also comes with pockets to become more organized while travelling. It’s best to protect your gadgets especially when you have to go overseas. The padded compartments can protect your laptop so you don’t have to worry in case someone accidentally bumped into your bag.


  • Office and overnight bag in one.
  • Padded handle for soft and easy handling.
  • You can adjust the handle by just pushing a button.
  • Roll smoothly.


  • 2 wheels can only rotate in one direction.


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3. Heritage Travelware Tablet Wheeled Business Portfolio Tote

rolling office bag for women

This is the best rolling office bag for women who wants to travel in style. It’s also durable that it has an anti-tear material inside that will not become a problem while travelling. You will not have to worry about your belongings to scatter around especially if you are in a rush.

It can also double as an overnight bag so no need to carry more luggage if you will not stay that long. The detachable carry on bag can hold your make ups as well so you can make sure that you are presentable on the go.


  • It’s made from a full grained cowhide peeled SOHO leather.
  • Multiple pockets and dividers for easy organizing.
  • Additional detachable accessory pouch.


  • Available colors are in red and black only.

4. Solo New York Active Rolling Overnight Laptop Bag

wheeled mobile office bag

It’s the best rolling office bag and an overnight bag at the same time. This is also good if you have to commute every day to go to work. You can always have your laptop and other gadgets to carry around with you since this bag is made to make it easier to do so.

It’s best to always be ready if you have to go from one place to another on the same day. Having an all in one rolling bag can avoid misplaced items or worse, forgetting it. You can always make sure that you have your pen for important contract signing. Plus you can easily find your business card from your best rolling office bag that way.


  • Soft grip because of the padded handle.
  • Big compartments for better organizing.
  • The overnight compartment can make sure your clothes are in the right place.
  • Can fit most airlines requirements.


  • No other color options.


The best rolling office bag is a good investment for those people who need to always have their laptops, tablets and other office items with them. For those who have a job or a business that is not confined in just one place, it is a must to always be ready.

Business trips are important opportunities. Since you are always have to be on the go, then make it easier and more organized. Get the best rolling office bag for you to make success to also comes easier. Have yourself ready and well equipped all the time.

Most of the times, you have to travel from one place to another for just a short time. It maybe overnight if you have to go to a different state.

It’s best to always have everything with you in case you need it for your business trip. Remember, you are travelling for business. It’s not a vacation that you can just bring a lot of suitcases for your outfits.

You need to have the best rolling office bag where you can put your business proposals, important documents and of course your laptop. You have to look professional as well at all times since this is your job to also look that you really mean business.


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