lightweight rolling laptop bag

Top 4 Best Lightweight Rolling Laptop Bag Reviews

The best lightweight rolling laptop bag is very necessary. It makes it easy for you to carry your laptop around. The best bag should have enough padding to prevent cases where your laptop will be damaged. Nowadays, people require computers in different places.

You can travel; enter your nearest restaurant and even the meeting while carrying the laptop. No need to have a heavy laptop, which will make your day hectic. With the best lightweight rolling laptop bag, it will be easy to carry the laptop around. Take your time and check on the general design of the laptop bag before purchasing.

It should be of high quality. If you love traveling, you need to consider a travel bag which is TSA compatible. There are several materials used to make the bags. It is essential to consider the different materials available out there before choosing the best.

Some customers don’t prefer bringing too many clothes or stuff when leaving their homes because they want to reduce the weight of their luggage as much as they can. While there are still people who like to travel with big storage, we can’t just leave out the idea of lightweight bags for others. If you are someone looking for the best lightweight rolling laptop bag, here are your options.

Top 4 best lightweight rolling laptop bag reviews

1. REYLEO Rolling Briefcase Laptop Bag

Best Lightweight Rolling Laptop Bag

The rolling briefcase will guarantee the best experience when travelling around with your laptop. With the computer case, don’t worry about the safety of your laptop.

This best lightweight rolling laptop bag comes in high-quality construction, which making it highly reliable as you try to carry the laptop around. You may have bought an expensive laptop, and you intend to take good care of it. Don’t worry; the laptop bag takes care of it.

With the 14.1-inch laptop sleeve, you are sure of having the best place where you will comfortably carry your laptop around. The bag comes with three-level aluminum handle to assure you great comfort as you move around. You will always realize the value for money after you decide to buy the laptop bag.

The use of the best materials makes the bag highly reliable. It is very easy to maneuver around. Each time you decide to apply the bag as you carry the laptop, it will be very convenient for you.

This best lightweight rolling laptop bag has 8 small wheels to give you mobility. It can be rolled side to side or back and forth. It is composed of side pockets to add more space for your things. What’s outside the bag is identity authentication feature, drop resistance lining, TSA locks, and side clothes that prevent side leakage.

You can get a 3-year warranty upon purchasing this bag, so if you have concerns regarding the piece you bought, you can contact the company’s customer service anytime.

When you buy this product, you get a quality rolling bag that can fit your 14.1″ laptop. If you have a smaller device, the better. This is also suitable if you want a lightweight bag since it is made of lightweight thicker nylon materials.

The laptop pocket is padded too for extra protection. The wheels can spin in 360 degrees angle so you can roll it whatever the way you want. Plus, the identity authentication feature allows you to easily identify and find your laptop in case of loss.

What’s not ideal about this bag is the TSA lock that will give you inconvenience when you forgot your combination. But, that could be avoided if you will save your passport on your mobile phone or write it down. This bag is actually one of the greatest deals you will get in the market because of its security features.


  • Built-in TSA lock
  • Lightweight and thick nylon material
  • Silent spinner wheels
  • Three-level aluminum handle


  • Only three-year warranty

2. Targus Metro Rolling Case

best lightweight rolling laptop bags

It is a big laptop bag that can accommodate up to the 16-inch laptop. If you have a large laptop to carry around; then the laptop bag will be the best for you to buy. You will get it very easy to roll the bag around. Use of the latest technology in making the laptop bag assures you great convenience.

You will not regret buying the best lightweight rolling laptop bag. With the 1200D polyester construction, it is very durable. It is among the few laptops you can find in the market built to serve you well.

You will have the necessary space to carry the laptop and its accessories. Remember, you will need a battery, among other accessories, as you move the laptop along. You will never feel let down after investing in the laptop bag.

Use of the best materials makes it highly durable. The water-resistant design avoids cases where water can spill on the bag as you travel and affect your laptop.

The good thing about this best lightweight rolling laptop bag is that it gives you enough space for your staff. Yes, it is lightweight but your need for compartments should be satisfied too. This product offers you extended pockets in case you have other things to put inside unexpectedly.

What’s even more interesting other than being a lightweight bag is that it can fit your 16″ laptop. You don’t need to look for other bags if you want to bring your gadget anywhere. The company also gives you a warranty in case of defects.

But, keep in mind that you can’t use this as a backpack. You can only bring it as a trolley bag or use the straps to hand-carry it. This makes the wheels prone to damages especially if you are a frequent traveler. That’s the con of having this Targus rolling case.


  • Large laptop compartment
  • Easy-rolling case
  • Water-resistant
  • Highly durable


  • Not for small laptops


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3. Heritage Travelware Women’s 17″ Laptop bag

lightweight rolling laptop bag

The laptop carrier stands out. For example, it comes in a large design allows accommodation up to 17-inch laptop. If you have a big machine, the laptop bag will be the best to buy. Padded pockets provide the necessary cushion allowing you to travel comfortably.
This is a lightweight product that you can use as a rolling case or a tote bag. It comes in blue and black colors. If you are a traveler who loves fashion so much, this is a good deal you will find in the market.

It can serve as your additional luggage when traveling because it is lightweight and compact. There is a big compartment for your laptop, a secondary pocket for your small stuff, and side pockets for your phone and small travel notebooks.

It is made up of nylon twill with Croco PVC to make the bag tear-resistant. If you would notice, its size can meet the carry-on size requirements of many airlines.

This best lightweight rolling laptop bag comes in an attractive finish, which will make you very proud as you carry it around. With the large computer compartment, it will be straightforward to carry the laptop around. Dual in the skate-wheel making it easy to move around.

You will always feel comfortable after you buy a laptop bag. Use of the best materials aim at making it achieves the highest quality. It retains style while at the same time remaining functional.

The pro of using this best lightweight rolling laptop bag is obvious–it’s a fashion statement! You don’t have to sacrifice your looks and fashion when carrying a rolling bag when you travel. With this Heritage Travelware product, you can stroll in style while carrying enough storage for your things.

Although this bag will make you more fashionable, note that you can’t use this product alone if you are traveling with clothes and shoes. You still need to bring your luggage to fit all your travel essentials. This is solely made to carry a laptop and other small accessories.


  • Accommodates 17-inch laptops
  • Lightweight construction
  • Fine finish
  • Removable carry porch


  • No inbuilt TSA lock

4. Kenneth Cole Reaction Women’s Carry-On Laptop Bag

lightweight laptop trolley bag

This best lightweight rolling laptop bag is built to serve women who carry the laptop a lot. With the famine design, you will always feel proud as a lady carrying the laptop around. Antitheft design assures you great safety as you carry the laptop around.

Sometimes you would prefer to travel with your laptop over a long distance. No need to worry; the lightweight laptop trolley bag serves you well. It is among the few laptop bags you can find in the market, that works well to assure you great comfort.

It comes with 2 main compartments, 1 side pocket, and 1 purse for your phone and money. The main compartment can fit a 17″ laptop while the secondary pocket can store small accessories like keys, passport, phones, and so on.

The use of high-quality nylon makes it highly durable. You will use it even in wet areas, but your laptop will remain protected. Easy to organize compartments allows you to stay organized; you will always stay neat as you travel.

This best lightweight rolling laptop bag is made out of vinyl, nylon, and imported materials. It has a built-in anti-theft radio frequency identification (RFID) blocking feature to prevent your passport and cards from sending information to hackers’ devices.

This is a good deal already if you are looking for a high-quality rolling bag brand and a fashionable one. This is perfect for you if you want a hand-carry bag when traveling outside the country.

Your laptop will surely fit as well as long as it does not exceed a standard size of 17″. Your things will be organized properly with its compartments.

However, make sure you have enough money to purchase this bag. It comes with a more expensive price compared to other bags mentioned above. That’s the only con. Everything else is perfect.


  • Nylon construction
  • Radio waves blocking technology
  • Full-length zipper pocket
  • Padding on the laptop compartment


  • For 17 inch laptop only


The above are the best lightweight rolling laptop bags. After taking into consideration different factors, we have realized the laptops on our list are the best laptop bags. Remember, you need the best lightweight rolling laptop bag so that you can easily carry your laptop around.

You will prolong the lifespan of your laptop and, at the same time, make it convenient as you carry the laptop along. Always take time to check out reviews so that you can buy the right bag. It is economical to buy bag which can serve you for long.

Most of the laptop bags in our list are of the highest quality. You can buy with confidence knowing the bags will serve the purpose. We save you time by listing the best laptop carry bags.

Your rolling laptop bags should not be that heavy. You don’t have to suffer from back and arm pains just because you need to bring your gadgets with you. Your life will be easier if you will choose the right lightweight rolling bag. So, choose from the list above and enjoy their benefits.


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