Top 10 Best Cooler Bag For Breastmilk Reviews

cooler bag for breastmilk

The best cooler bag for breastmilk is best for mothers who go out with their babies for a long time out. The bags have spaces for keeping two bags inside and the unique feature is that the condition of bottles either warm or cold as it is for hours together.

The bag has two side zippers so that the access for the users is good and fit. The cooler bag has a freezer pack inside. The insulation material inside the bag keeps the cool condition of the pumped milk for hours together. The best cooler bag for breastmilk can be kept at the child care center for the baby as it is.

The cooler bags are used by the mothers for long-distance work without any hassle. Both lunch and milk bottles are kept inside the cooler bag for a long time. There are different types of cooler bags available in the market for the comfort of customers

1. Skip Hop Insulated Breastmilk Cooler And Baby Bottle Bag

best cooler bag for breastmilk

Skip hop breastmilk and cooler bag and baby bottle. This best cooler bag for breastmilk keeps the bottle condition as it is inside the bag either warm or cold. This is possible because of the insulation feature inside the bag. This cooler bag has enough space for keeping two bottles inside it.

A freezer pack is available in the bag for the user. The bag is also enough for keeping snacks and sip bottles along with the two regular bottles. The Skip Hop bag is provided with two zippers for the user to having easy access on the bottles.


  • The bag is made without a phthalate feature.
  • The cooler condition of the bottle is maintained for hours to feed the baby without any hassle.
  • The open strap of the bag is an added advantage as it can be attached to the stroller.
  • This best cooler bag for breastmilk has interior storage space that is provided with mesh which adds benefits to the user.
  • The size of the bag in all dimensions gives comfort to the mother who carries it.


  • Many customers complain that the ice pack gets broken and did not get any replacement.
  • The stitching comes out of the bag after some days of purchasing.
  • Sometimes, the zipper does not work.

2. HOKEMP Insulated Breast Milk Cooler Baby Bottle Bag

cooler bag for breastmilk

Next is the Hokemp insulated breast milk cooler bag. This best cooler bag for breastmilk has an insulated feature along with a baby bottle bag feature. The presence of a baby bottle bag along with the strap which is adjustable helps customers to carry it easily.

The cooler bag is able to hold four numbers of bottles inside it. It also has a lunch box provision inside the bag and hence it holds both lunch and bottles inside.

The Tote Storage bag-shaped triangle is available in the bag. The bag is of great size for the customers’ use. The pumped milk is stored inside the bag for a long time.


  • The big size of the bag enhances the mother to lead a hassle-free trip for a long time. Four numbers of bottles are kept inside the bag with milk in cold conditions for hours together.
  • The cold condition of the bottle is maintained for a long time without getting warm. The extra space is used for keeping the lunch box.
  • The bag is made up of high-quality waterproof material thereby bag is safe without any issues.
  • The bag has an excellent design for the users to have enough space to keep four bottles at a time and comfort.
  • The company guarantees certification is another advantage to the user.
  • The insulation cotton layer inside the bag is useful to customers while carrying it to a long distance.


  • Wide bottles do not have enough space inside the bag.


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3. Teamoy Breast Pump Bag With Cooler Bag

breastmilk cooler bag

This best cooler bag for breastmilk is fitted with compartments for storing bottles for babies. The bag has double layers of cooler bag features for the mother who goes out with a baby for a long travel distance. The bag comes in black in color for the customer.

The two compartments of a bag provide space for keeping the breast pump and other compartments for cooler bag. The bigger space of the bag is helpful for the mothers having more materials inside including snack boxes. The diapers are also put inside the cooler bag.


  • This breast pump bag helps the mother to go out for working place, leisure traveling and shopping.
  • The water-resistant material of the bag keeps it safe from not getting spoiled when it rains outside.
  • The shoulder strap of the bag is removable and attachable as per the convenience of the user.
  • Not only the bag provides professional help but it also improves the stylish look of the person who carries it.
  • The bag has a leak-proof feature.


  • The breast pump and accessories are not included inside the bag.

4. Momcozy Multi-Function Breastmilk Cooler Bag

best ice packs for breast milk

This best cooler bag for breastmilk has both features of cooler and lunch bag facilities. This cooler bag has detachable insulated compartment features. The users of the bag can carry it to any place they like.

The bag is used to store milk bottles of various brands belong to different companies. The bag has a buckle facility which is detachable. This cooler bag has a zipper facility for users to have easy access.


  • The Momcozy bag does multifunction’s to cope with the expectations of mothers.
  • The bag stores all the items necessary for baby’s in daycare.
  • The bag can store even the lunch and snack bag of babies.
  • The bag is also used as a wine carrier by simple adjustments.
  • This best cooler bag for breastmilk is widely used as a picnic bag, sports bag, job place station, camping, school, public hall, meetings and conference halls.
  • Even bottles more than six inches are kept inside the bag without any discomfort.
  • The polyester material of the bag gives it a sturdy feature.
  • The zip provisions are perfect and fit for all items.
  • The food items of the babies are well protected by the bag due to its insulation material makeup.
  • The bag has durable and warranty features assured by the company.


  • Some customers complain that big sized bottles are not easily kept inside the bag.

5. Teamoy Breastmilk Cooler Bag

Teamoy Breastmilk Cooler Bag

The Teamoy breastmilk bag is a very comfortable product for breastfeeding mothers. The customers can take four bottles inside the bag. The breastfeeding mothers can carry the bag for a long distance. Use of bottles and ice pack are not included like other product.

The bag is made up of nylon materials and hence the customer feels comfortable with its lasting quality. The bag has back pockets for the users. The leak-proof and waterproof of the product entice many customers to buy the bag. The functional and stylish features of the cooler bag are hair rising


  • The bag has good space to store many times including food and snacks
  • The pockets of the bag allow the customers to carry extra items
  • The functional design of the product enhances the comfort of the customers
  • Easy to clean, highly durable, versatile dimensions and portable are major features
  • The shoulder strap feature of the bag adds value to the users


  • Space is not found satisfactory by some customers

6. EIVOTOR Insulated Breastmilk Cooler Bag

Insulated Breastmilk Cooler Bag

EIVOTOR brand breastmilk baby bag is a wonderful choice for working mothers. Breastfeeding mothers use the bag extensively when they travel. This easy to carry bag is widely used by breastfeeding mothers.

The bag has insulated tin foil materials. The moms can feel comfortable because the bag can keep the milk in cool condition for a long time. This EIVOTOR insulated breastmilk cooler bag is free from BPA-and Phthalate.


  • The Eivotor baby bag has an excellent insulation material with a large space to store materials used by the customers.
  • The positive features like 8L Large Capacity, Triple Insulation, and Two-way zippers help customers to a greater extent. These features make customers use the product in an exemplary way
  • Yet another advantage of the bag is environmentally friendly and insulated small bag
  • The Detachable Buckle feature of the Eivotor breast bag is hair rising in all aspects
  • Other merits are waterproof and easy to clean features of the bag


  • The flexibility of using the product is not satisfied by some customers.

7. Lekebaby Breast Milk Cooler Bag

Lekebaby Breast Milk Cooler Bag

The Lekebaby breast milk cooler bag is very popular among working moms and breastfeeding mothers. The various attractive features of this bag make the product a world-class one. The brand is liked by the majority of the customers.

This Lekebaby breast milk cooler bag can accommodate six bottles on all aspects. The black color bag reaches the customers in an exemplary way. This best baby cooler bag is a perfect product for customers who are on the go. The bag contains one piece of Cooler Bag.


  • The bag is easy to clean and handled easily by the customers
  • The waterproof and leakproof features of the bag are major milestones
  • The bag dimensions are versatile in all aspects
  • The Two type zippers open design of the bag enhances the facility of the customers to another extent
  • The milk can be kept in cold status for a long time


  • Some of the mothers find it very congested to use it for daily life.

8. Sarah Wells Cold Gold Breastmilk Cooler Bag

Sarah Wells Cold Gold Breastmilk Cooler Bag

The Sarah wells cold gold breastmilk cooler bag has the feature of lifetime warranty to the customer’s hands. The bag is well designed to meet the expectations of working mothers and breastfeeding moms.


  • The safety-tested feature of the product is attractive and make customers feel comfortable
  • The lifetime warranty feature of the product gives the customer a lot of hope to purchase the product
  • The other benefits of the bag are BPA, PVC, Phthalate and lead-free features are absent that is safe to the users
  • Moreover, the cold status of the pumped milk is maintained for a long time

9. VCOOOL Breastmilk Cooler Bag

VCOOOL Breastmilk Cooler Bag

The VCOOOL breastmilk bag can store six milk bottles inside the bag. The bag is also used as a lunch bag by the customers. The other features of the bag are cationic Oxford fabric with a single-layer design.

The breastfeeding mothers can use the bag easily and sophistically because it has pockets, portable, and widened.


  • The better size combination features of the bag are eye-catching and convenient to the working mothers
  • Heat and cold resistant features of the bag are topnotch
  • Leakproof and waterproof features are major benefits of the bag
  • The cooler effect is very fine with this bag

10. Teamoy Breast Pump Tote

Teamoy Breast Pump Tote

The Teamoy bag comes with a compartment for the breast pump task. The bag is very cool and has a single layer feature. The Black and white stripes of the bag are matchless and extremely useful to the customers in all aspects.

The bag is used for dual purposes like using it for breast milk and for storing cool bags and other items. The product is made up of nylon material.


  • The leakproof and water-resistant feature
  • The shoulder strap is adjustable and convenient to the customers for a long term use
  • The elegant and stylish look of a bag are topnotch


  • The absence of accessories and a breast pump are major negative features for customers who use the bag.

Spoiled milk after a troubled time pumping, storing, and labeling is a worse scenario. It is known that breastfeeding and pumping are work and necessary for a baby’s health.

So, they should essentially serve the purpose. This is where getting the best cooler bag for breastmilk becomes all the more essential. It should offer convenience and functionality.

Can Sandwich Bags Be Used To Store Breast Milk?

Prevent the use of sandwich bags or feeding bottle disposable liners as they can break open when frozen. The liners are intended as bottle-feeding liners and not for breast milk freezing storage.

By storing the milk in sandwich bags, you are wasting precious milk as they are not so strong to hold for long. They eventually breakdown and leak.

Breast milk should be stored in your freezer, your fridge, an insulated bag, or at room temperature. BPA-free hard plastic with lids that leak-proof should be used for freezer bags used to store breast milk.

CDC-Centre for disease control suggests breast milk storage be avoided in any plastic with a 7 recycle number. This indicates BPA plastic, which is toxic for storage.

Tips For Storing Breast Milk:

  • Collect milk with clean equipment and clean hands to keep it safe.
  • Thus, breast milk is best not heated or chilled as it has more infection-fighting attributes and nutrients compared to which have been chilled or heated.
  • Make use of hard plastic or glass for breast milk storage.
  • You can also use freezer bags for breast milk; however, do not reuse these freezer bags.
  • Refrain from using commercial bottle bags, soft plastic, or zip-lock bags to store/freeze breast milk.
  • When storing in a cooler bag, use icepack in the cooler bag.
  • When storing in freezer bags, let out all the air within the bag before closing and keep them flat within your freezer.
  • Stack them in a bigger freezer bag.
  • Store the oldest milk at the front and use them first.
  • Write the time and date of expressing the milk.

How To Keep Your Breast Milk During Traveling?

Breast milk remains fresh in a cooler insulation bag for about 24 hours. While traveling, you can take the breast milk along with you in a cooler bag. Be it in a vehicle, train, or plane, this is the best option. However, the ice pack should be clubbed in the cooler bag, or the liquid may leak and keep it cold.

Tips For Storing Breast Milk During Traveling:

Ice: You will require ice the majority of the time. Breast milk is stable and can handle room temperature for a few hours. So, if the period is not long, icepacks and keeping the milk cool should be sufficient.

If not, pump the milk just before heading out and then manage it with a bag cooler. Keep checking for milk being cold in the duration.

Frozen Milk: Freezer bags with breast milk, when frozen sufficiently, can act as an icepack itself to one another. This also helps to keep the milk cold in the cooler bag.

Storage Bags For Breast Milk: These bags are ideal as an emergency ice pack. You can have additional freezer bags that can be filled with ice with a flight attendant or a café before boarding. These will be your ice packs for the journey.

Best Cooler Bag For Breast Milk: A best and soft lined lunch-sized bag makes the best cooler. The bag should be equipped with good closure to sustain the temperature within the cooler. Space should be able to hold at least a 6-pack for a trip of 3-7 days.


The best cooler bag for breastmilk is a savior for nursing moms to keep their baby’s nutrition and health intact. Whether you are traveling or working or taking a break, your breast milk stays good for at least a day. Head to a picnic or a trip with these cooler bags in convenience and peace.

FAQ Of Best Cooler Bag For Breastmilk:

What Is The Time Frame To Store Breast Milk Within A Cooler Bag?

Breast milk should be stored in a cooler bag, which is insulated and will keep breast milk fresh for a day. Use frozen packs of ice in the cooler. You can store this for 24 hours and use it while traveling. Store in the fridge or keep it frozen.

Storing breast milk with recommended techniques, mothers, babysitters, and caretakers can sustain the quality and safety along with the health of the baby.

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