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Top 4 Best Baby Bottle Cooler Bag

Breastfeeding is one thing many moms can’t release themselves from, especially because the benefits are geared toward the development of their kids. If you are a mom, you would want the same benefits for your baby. However, there is a challenge if you are a working mother too.

How can you be able to carry or transport your breastmilk to your baby if you are at the office? Is that even possible? The answer is yes! There is a technology now that lets you pump your breastmilk with the help of a device.

The device is called a breast pump, which is usually partnered with storage bags and bottles to help preserve the milk. If you’ve got a breast pump already but don’t have the storage bags yet, here is the list of the best baby bottle cooler bag in the market.

1.Medela Breast Milk Cooler and Transport Set

best baby bottle cooler bag

Medela is one popular brand in the United States and is used by many moms who are working and breastfeeding. This best baby bottle cooler bag comes with a black cooler carrier bag and 5 ounces bottles with lids.

The bottles serve as your extra storage when transporting your breastmilk from work to your baby. If you don’t have this kind of set and you want the best quality for your milk, Medela is a great choice already.

What’s good about this product is that it is a perfect secondary container when you carry your breastmilk from work to home. The cooler bag is small and handy and it comes with 1 contoured ice pack to help you cool the milk in the bottles.

You will not spend your time looking for compatible bottles to put in the bag because this is a full set already. You will get the right storage for you if you will travel 8-9 hours every day.

However, keep in mind that this storage does not cool by itself. You have to put the ice bag to create a cooling system for your milk. This is a bit hassle especially if you forgot to freeze the ice pack before you go home.

2.MIER Large Soft Cooler Bag

bottle cooler bag

This product from Mier is a versatile one. Its size is 8.3″ x 11.5″ x 7.5″ and it comes in black, red, and blue colors. It has quick access to the opening so that you can put or get something from the inside.

This best baby bottle cooler bag can fit up to 24 normal-sized cans. It has roomy front pockets and has 2-side mesh pockets for the bottles. Mier is not only used to store drinks, but it can also only be used to store your baby bottles containing breastmilk when you are traveling from work to home.

The pros of using this Mier large soft cooler bag is that it does not leak even if you put ice cubes in it. Your cold drinks and food will not cause any liquid to drop while you are carrying the bag. The interior of the bag is made with a thick thermal insulation wall to keep its content fresh for hours.

Another good feature of the bag is the square insulated lid where you can get a drink inside of it. It’s very convenient because you don’t have to open the big zipper just to get what you need. Finally, it has a large storage. You can put any drink or food aside from your baby bottles.

The only con of using this product is its large size. If you are traveling every day with this, it can add extra weight to what you are bringing from work. Expect that it will be heavier when put ice cubes to cool your baby bottles.


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3.Large Cooler Cooling Tote By Lifewit

baby bottle cooler bag

This best baby bottle cooler bag is an insulated large storage bag that can also help you transport your breastmilk from one place to another. It can store up to 24 cans or equivalent to 15 liters.

The only color option you have is grey and it has 2 mesh pockets for your bottled water. The lining and zipper of the bag are upgraded to give you the comfort that it won’t easily melt away when you put something hot in it.

What’s great about this product is that it has long-term insulation that can keep whatever you store in it fresh for over 5 hours. The lining of the product is made out of PEVA foil, allowing you to stores food directly in the bag.

If you are traveling with breastmilk for that long, this is a suitable storage bag for you. Also, the size of the bag is 11.8″ x 9.1″ and it gives you a large space for other food you may want to bring home.

The size is also a con for this product especially if you are commuting. It can add weight to your baggage and it can be heavier when you put ice in it to keep your milk fresh.

4.Meichoon Waterproof Insulated Baby Bottle Bag Cooler Backpack

breastmilk cooler bag

Finally, a product that you can carry on your back anywhere, anytime! This Meichoon storage bag is very suitable for moms as the size is made to store storage bottles, baby bottles, or breast pump. It comes with 2 separate storages so you can segregate the things you need to bring when you are traveling from work to home.

The benefits of using this best baby bottle cooler bag include keeping your breastmilk fresh for hours to keep the nutrients of the milk fresh, its durability and multifunctional so you can put not only baby bottles but as well as other baby essentials, and its big capacity that provides you bigger storage for all your needs.

The only con you will face when you buy this product is that you will not get a free ice pack or storage bottles for your breastmilk. You have to but those items separately.


The hearts of all moms out there are in breastfeeding. You don’t have to sacrifice the quality of your breastmilk just because you don’t have the right storage bag for you. You can get one online best baby bottle cooler bag and be able to deliver fresh milk to your baby at home!


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