Top 10 Best North Face Laptop Backpacks Reviews

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Backpacks are lovely compared to various contraption things that you can put resources into. Backpacks are incredible at passing on the whole of your contraption, regardless of whether you are in the brutal way or the urban avenues.

Backpacks make it beneficial to pass on your mechanical get-together, so you aren’t doing battling, attempting to adjust everything. There are many distinctive backpack plans available, yet one of the most commended brands that individuals consistently pick is the affiliation with The North Face.

North Face is an affiliation that has worked for more than 50 years to outperform wants at outside apparatus structures. The association makes an assortment of external things from clothing, coats, footwear, equipment, and backpacks!

The North Face has a variety of backpack structures for urban adventurers, stream set travelers, and outside explorers. No issue where you have to go and what you have to do, The North Face has a backpack for you from experience out backpacks to climbing backpacks.

As for picking the best north face laptop backpack, you’ll have to pressure less over the quality and powerfully about express structures and highlights. North Face consistently passes on top-notch gear that is made of premium materials, so you shouldn’t have to stress over the sturdiness of your backpack.

Notwithstanding, there are various sorts of backpacks for multiple individuals, and you have to locate the best north face laptop backpack for you. Too, there is an assortment of sizes for you to research. Subordinate upon the entirety you have to pass on, the structure of the lashes and cushioning might be fundamental to you.

Here, we have a guide that supports you locate the best north face laptop backpack for you. You can comprehend what highlights would best suit your needs and discover a few responses to a few now and then displayed solicitations.

The North Face offers sturdy backpacks that have all the best subtleties and highlights. With striking compared to other North Face Backpacks, you’ll be glad to bring along your apparatus, no issue the event.

1. Twill Beige Of The North Face Women’s

best north face laptop backpack

This best north face laptop backpack main compart is outstanding amongst other North Face backpack structures. There is enough space for books, hooks, a tablet, a workstation, and whatever else you have to pass on.

There are bandolier and extra zipper pockets. There are front slash pockets and included daisy chains for lash focuses. The insightful bicycle light circle will keep you safe, and the water bottle tabs will guarantee you are hydrated.

The shoulder tie has a webbing that offers 360 degrees of reflectivity for your prosperity. There is a downy lined pocket for tricky apparatus and two mesh water bottle pockets. The cushioned top handle makes it an essential pass on, and there are a sternum lash and removable waist belt.

2. Grisaille/GreyRumba Red

monogrammed north face backpack

This best north face laptop backpack FlexVent suspension structure fuses an adaptable weight worked from custom injection-formed shoulder ties, an endlessly comfortable, cushioned mesh backboard, and an essentially breathable lumbar board for most over the top breathability for the day.

Women-unequivocal shoulder ties are flexible, so they shape to a full degree of body types. The front compartment with inner alliance has a cushioned tablet sleeve, a bandolier, and extra secure-zip pockets. Large main compartment for books and fasten.

There are an uncommonly monitored PC compartment and space for the entirety of your books and covers. There is in like the way, a cushioned tablet sleeve and secure zip pockets. On the outside, there are two mesh water bottle holders and a downy lined pocket for delicate apparatus.

For straightforward pass on, there is a cushioned top handle, a sternum tie, and a removable waist belt. There is also new prosperity that includes having wise strips, and a whistle get. On the off chance that you may require an increasingly small size, there is a Women-express adjustment accessible.

3. The North Face Women’s Surge Backpack

north face backpack review

The women-express FlexVent suspension structure marches custom injection-formed shoulder lashes and a cushioned mesh backboard with a spine channel that is unequivocally molded for an ergonomic fit and a lumbar wicking board for most exceptional help and ventilation.

Women-express shoulder lashes with adaptable attachment communities are contoured for a women’s place for an ideal fit for any size or shape. It has some optional compartment for books and locks.

This best north face laptop backpack has cushioned shoulder lashes and a webbed grab handle. It arrives in an assortment of tints so that you can locate the ideal arrangement for your style.

4. The North Face Borealis Men’s Backpack

north face jester vs borealis

The best north face laptop backpack is made of solid materials. This marvelous North Face backpack is made of 210D Cordura brand nylon tinier than usual tear stop material.

There is a restored FlexVent suspension framework, and the shoulder ties are injection formed. The comfortable cushioned mesh backboard guarantees your comfort for the day.

There are a fundamentally wary PC compartment and space for the entirety of your books and folios. There is in like the way, a cushioned tablet sleeve and secure zip pockets.

On the outside, there are two mesh water bottle holders, and a downy lined pocket for delicate mechanical get together.

For straightforward pass on, there is a cushioned top handle, a sternum lash, and a removable midsection belt. There are in like way extra security consolidates that have savvy strips and a whistle affix. On the off chance that you may require an increasingly modest size, there is a Women-unequivocal form open.

5. The North Face Women’s Pivoter School Laptop Backpack

The North Face Women's Pivoter School Laptop Backpack

Coming from the North Face Stores, there are many reasons to believe that it could offer excellent value for money. It is feature-rich and many customers and therefore it is worthwhile having a closer look at a few of the most important attributes and characteristics.

It comes in a wide range of colors and this certainly is a big and promising takeaway. It is around 27 liters in carrying capacity and has been designed keeping in mind the shoulders of women. It offers total comfort to them. You also will love the main compartment that is quite roomy.

The flex vent technology ensures that it comes with a flexible yoke that is made from custom injection-molded shoulder straps.

The entire bag has been designed such that it ensures organized storage. You also have two extended water bottle storage space. You can be sure that your laptop will stay safe and secure.


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6. The North Face Recon Laptop Backpack

The North Face Recon Laptop Backpack

If you are looking for a large sized backpack (30 liters), you are in the right place. You have many reasons to feel happy about this product.

Whether it is the spacious main compartment or the highly protected laptop compartment, you will find it offers good value for money. Here are some things that go in making it a good buy.

It comes with the patented flex vent technology. This feature features the much talked about flexible yoke made from injection molded material.

This helped to give a new look and feel as far as the shoulder straps are concerned. The overall organization is quite efficient and you can keep your laptops safely and also helps you to keep two water bottles. You also will like the external fleece lined pocket stores for keeping small electronic items.

You will find it comfortable carrying it whether it is for school, or long distance travel or commuting from home to workplace or for other such purposes.

7. The North Face Pivoter School Laptop Backpack

The North Face Pivoter School Laptop Backpack

If you are planning to use a laptop that is 100% polyester then please spend some time having a look at this Pivoter School Laptop from North Face. There are quite a few technical firsts that may go in making it a perfect candidate for the best north face laptop backpack.

This 27.7 back to campus pack will certainly be an exciting product for college goers and young customers. Further, you will also like a few more technologies that are available in other models of North Face.

The best flex vent technology will also be available in this backpack. This will help in comfortable moving around with the backpack whether you are young or old.

The padded mesh or the injection molded shoulder straps make it quite unique. It also ensures a breathable lumbar panel for that much needed ventilation support.

All-purpose design is another interesting feature that has caught the imagination of many. It helps in better storage management. You will love the supportive sternum strap. The overall size is 11 x 8.5 x 18 inches. It has a volume of 27.7 liters.

8. The North Face Router Commuter Laptop Backpack

The North Face Router Commuter Laptop Backpack

You will have many reasons to love this imported backpack from North Face. This is made from 100% polyester of the best quality. It also features rich and comes in some exciting colors. It offers a total and complete solution taking into account the exact needs and requirements of its clients.

It is perfectly suited for organized commuting. It has a number of pockets and compartments. Other things include padded tablet sleeves, pockets for holding two water bottles and fleece-lined pockets for holding sunglasses, or even your smartphone.

The top handle adds comfort when there is a need for urgent grabbing and being on the move. Overall it is a good buy offering reasonably good value for money.

9. The North Face Unisex Borealis Backpack

The North Face Unisex Borealis Backpack

It is a 28 liter backpack that has been updated and some improvements have been brought about. It comes with pockets that are quite easy to access.

The back panel with a padded mesh and the special shoulder straps that are injection molded are just some of the many features that it offers.

The internal organization is quite brilliant and it also ahs some extra padding added to it. This could help in preventing damages to the laptop caused by heavy bumps and falls.

The large, main compartment has been made keeping in mind binders and books. It is made from a fine combination of 600D polyester and 420D nylon. 1680D ballistics nylon has also been used.

10. The North Face Top Loader Commuter Laptop Backpack

The North Face Top Loader Commuter Laptop Backpack

Whether you are looking at a quality backpack for your child or for your personal use, you may find the Top Loader Laptop Backpack from North Face impressive and utility-driven.

This USA made or imported backpack has the best of 100% polyester as the base material. The design features take into account the need for a comfortable carry and wear.

You will find it perfect for day missions that are light and also walking across campus. The shoulder straps are specially designed with extra padded back panels that help give the right support to the body and additional weight will not bother you much.

The backpack also has a side release buckle closure ensuring safe custody of belonging. The storage compartments are well organized. The backpack comes with an overall dimension of 10.24 x 4.13 x 14.37 inches. On the whole, it is a great purchase.


Amazing among other best north face laptop backpack plans is the Women’s Backpack. The backpack has a moderate structure that is impeccable with striking shades and incredible storage.

The backpack has a starting late empowered and structured FlexVent suspension framework, which has an adaptable weight that is worked from the custom injection shaped shoulder ties.

The cushioned mesh back, and the lumbar board makes for fundamental breathability. The arrangement escalates your comfort for the day use.

This structure has shoulder ties that are straightforward for women’s middles and body types. There are two mesh water bottle pockets and a keen bicycle circle.

The lashes will effectively shape the form of the body, which causes you to pass on your apparatus suitably. There is additionally a sternum tie with a whistle secure and a cushioned top handle for a comfortable pass on.

There is a large main compartment for books and fasten, likewise as internal alliance pockets. There is a cushioned workstation and tablet sleeve that will shield your gadgets from knocks and falls.


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