Top 10 Best Herschel Backpacks For College Reviews

best herschel bag for school

Canadian company Herschel has exploded in popularity since its debut over 10 years ago. While the company produces a large variety of items, including a number of different apparel, its most popular products include bags and backpacks.

The brand is well-known and loved for its stylish, retro bags and backpacks, perfect for the college student starting a new semester or those who are tired of their old bags or low-quality backpacks.

The only question will be: Which is the best Herschel backpack for college? The bags do not only have minimalist style; they are also constructed to be sturdy and comfortable all at once.

The following are the best Herschel backpacks for those who want to start their year looking and feeling good:

1. Herschel Little America Backpack

best herschel backpack for college

This best Herschel backpack for college features an ample main compartment that offers space for storing books, binders, and other school basics close by a downy lined PC pocket inside of the main compartment that is designed to fit most workstations up to 15 inches.

In all honesty, Herschel’s carefulness and quality all through their degree of uncommon things have made them a very notable college backpack brand among understudies that need a pack that is as smart as it is useful.

Notwithstanding offering a variety of backpack designs, Herschel, similarly, offers correspondingly designed wallets that give a charming correlative look to your everyday backpack.

2. Herschel Supply Co. Settlement Backpack

best herschel bag for college

This best Herschel bag for college is timeless because it has that very key backpack design that will never leave style. Streamlined shoulder lashes, pockets, and shape make the Herschel Classic something that will be in style forever.

That is exceptionally critical, considering that the Classic pack doesn’t have any safe water features. It also needs padding and even ventilation on a back panel, so it is the most suitable Herschel backpack one may purchase.

3. Herschel Retreat Backpack

herschel backpack review

There are few Herschel backpack made of a combination of nylon and also polyester, which are not as reliable as the ripstop nylon sacks. For any circumstance, these backpacks usually are increasingly affordable.

The various cheaper Herschel backpacks are these made of the woven cotton canvas, that is genuinely solid yet doesn’t hold up to water introduction likewise as engineered materials.

Has a Limited Lifetime Warranty – our affirmation that every best Herschel backpack for college thing is liberated from material and manufacturing deserts.

This affirmation begins on the date of purchase and covers ordinary and everyday utilization of our stuff for the scope of the original purchaser’s lifetime.

4. Herschel Dawson Backpack

best herschel bag for school

Made for everyday investigation, the Dawson backpack features a hid drawcord cinch closure and extra stockpiling with distinctive lash subtleties.

Some Herschel backpacks likewise have fake calfskin features close to the base and sides that give them a powerfully great look yet don’t require the consideration or maintenance that genuine cowhide would.

You comparably get plenitude association features inside the backpack, notwithstanding the twofold use workstation sleeve. There are a key clip and a few pockets inside the backpack, which are handy features to have on any backpack.

And you additionally have a sternum lash, which will shield the backpack from moving excessively while you’re walking around with it.

When in doubt, this is the best Herschel backpack for college, the minimalistic outside and incredibly practical interior make it a sensible choice for a full extent of undertakings. Regardless of whether it’s fundamentally carrying books to class.

5. Herschel Settlement Backpack

Herschel Settlement Backpack

This Herschel settlement bag is a popular pick for many young women and one of the ‘best Herschel backpack for college’ choices. The bag is made out of 100% durable polyester fabric, strong enough to take on any amount of college textbooks without becoming stretched out or broken.

The padded, contoured shoulder straps ensure comfort throughout the day, perfect for handling long commutes to and from school.

Moreover, inside is a tech-safe sleeve for laptops measuring up to 15 inches, as well as a sleeve for smartphones and keys. The pastel pink remains the most-purchased color, though there are also gray and black options for those who want a more subtle look.


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6. Herschel Nova Backpack

Herschel Nova Backpack

This light gray crosshatch bag is ideal for men and women alike who prefer a smaller bag over a large, hefty one. Crosshatch-styled bags have become more popular over the years for their fashionable design.

Those who want to take a break from carrying their backpack on their shoulders can use the alternative strap on top of the bag for carrying with a hand. The red lining inside, as well as the gold-colored zippers, give the bag an extra pop, making this backpack a nice blend of subtle with a special, colorful touch.

There is a 13-inch laptop sleeve inside, as well as two dual water bottle pockets, making this a good pick for those who walk or bike to campus and need to keep hydrated.

7. Herschel Retreat Backpack

Herschel Retreat Backpack

Men who love the camo-look will fall in love with this herschel retreat backpack. Its large size is perfect for carrying books, laptops, and plenty of other items for any kind of adventure, inside and outside.

Even though the bag has large dimensions, it remains lightweight, even with multiple heavy items inside. Customers also love this backpack’s front pocket, perfect for keys, sunglasses, or other small objects.

The bag’s fabric also holds well against rain or other unfavorable weather conditions, making it practical for a class or student gathering outside. Those who may not have tried the camouflage look before will find themselves loving this new fashion.

8. Herschel Grove Backpack

Herschel Grove Backpack

Made from 100% cotton, this Herschel grove backpack is ideal for the essentials, including notebooks, binders, or other common college items. The bag has multiple straps, including slim back straps as well as a front seat belt strap for guaranteed security, which will make commuters in busy places feel safer.

This Herschel grove backpack is also a nice choice for those who bike or job to campus, ensuring that their bag won’t slip off and fall down.

Additionally, there are zippered pockets on both the inside and outside of the bag, made of polyester lining, for easy and comfortable zipping. This Herschel grove backpack is a great option for those who are taking small trips to campus or meeting with study groups and do not want anything bulky or oversized.

9. Herschel Travel Backpack

Herschel Travel Backpack

Travelers will make this Herschel travel backpack their bag of choice. The bag itself consists of three inner compartments fitted with safety nets to make sure no objects are lost throughout travel.

Their small size acts as the perfect place to store a passport or other important documents or small travel items like bathroom products. In addition, the front of the bag unzips completely, coming down flatly, making it easy to both put in and take out objects of the bag.

The most loved aspect of this Herschel travel backpack for many customers is the luggage trolley sleeve, making the bag easy to slip on luggage handles for easy and smooth transportation.

In this way, customers don’t have to be concerned with both carrying a bag and rolling luggage as well, taking some stress out of travel. Lastly, its thin size also makes it an optimal overhead luggage option.

10. Herschel Nova Sprout Backpack

Herschel Nova Sprout Backpack

College students who also have newborns or young children will find this Herschel nova sprout backpack not only stylish but also very practical.

This Herschel nova sprout backpack comes with a changing mat, making it the perfect pad for doing a quick diaper change. The mat is not too big or small, ensuring that it can be easily carried around.

In addition to this feature, this Herschel nova sprout backpack also has a hook and loop accessory, making it easy to strap over the stomach. Both the inner and outer pockets are the perfect size for fitting any kind of college necessity.

Those without children will equally enjoy this Herschel nova sprout backpack, as it remains sturdy without sacrificing any comfort. The white color is the most purchased, as the color white remains a classic for any occasion, especially with school and college.

Kind Of Herschel Backpack

Much proportionate to any OK backpack affiliation, Herschel makes packs for a full extent of conditions. They are best known for their extraordinary school packs, which are the most acclaimed sacks from this Brand.

For any circumstance, Herschel also makes some extraordinary travel backpacks. I’ve indicated both of you or three of those in this diagram, and they are incredibly exceptional choices for those of you that need packs for improvement.

They are durable, solid, comfortable to wear, and unequivocally designed for wayfarers with a ton of tech.

Notwithstanding that, there are in like way packs with features fitting for outside undertakings. On the off chance that you need a backpack that you can wear to work yet moreover on certain risings or when camping, the versatile backpacks are superior to an average decision.

They include hip belts, sternum ties, rain covers, and very strong outside, which is more than fitting for the outside. For any circumstance, they also look instead in fashion and cold, so they’re likewise incredible for school or work.

Workstation Size

Most best Herschel backpack for college includes workstation sleeves, and they’re generally worthy with 15″ or 13″ PCs. None of the backpacks in this survey are reasonable for 17″ workstations.

By far, most of the packs included here have padded PC sleeves. They will shield your PC from any scratches, and they give very incredible effect opposition on the off chance that you drop your backpack with a workstation inside.


Two or three backpacks in this audit are crushed with features, and others are straightforward. Things being what they are, what suits you better – a significant backpack that you can pass on your workstation in, or something with a rigging lash and a coordinator board?

You ought to consistently know which features you are going to utilize a great deal. And never bargain on those features, since you won’t get as a lot of use of the backpack you purchase.

That, in turn, proposes less an incentive for cash, and that is something that we ought to consistently attempt to maintain a strategic distance from.

The best Herschel backpack for college will depend on each individual’s specific needs and desires. Fortunately, there are plenty of options for every kind of student out there, including the adventurer, the book-lover, the commuter, and the parent alike.

Its minimalist style matches the current ‘hipster’ trend of going back to basic colors while remaining sleek and visually appealing. The variety of colors and looks make for many style choices and the number of different pockets and straps provides various comfort levels.

The company’s popularity continues to rise not just in Canada, but all over the globe, especially in online stores. Herschel bags remain student and customer-friendly for the future.


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