How To Find And Select The Best Digital Stage Piano

Nord Stage 3 88-Key Digital Piano

There are many different types of digital pianos that are for sale. One of the more popular ones is referred to as digital stage pianos. These are top-of-the-line digital pianos that are extremely expensive, but that is because of everything that they can do.

These are programmable, coming with a substantial amount of memory, up to a gigabyte with some of them.

It is because they are able to utilize so much more memory that the sounds that are made are much richer and deeper, and sometimes new voicings are added to these products.

Depending upon the type of performance that you would like to give, these 88 key pianos are perfect for live performances.

They can provide both acoustic and electric piano sounds, and if you would like to give a performance using an organ, they can also do that as well.

To find and select the best digital stage piano that is available, here are a few things to look for in regard to the features that they possess.

Why You Might Need One Of These?

Nord Stage 3 88-Key Digital Piano

People that do stage performances on a regular basis will most certainly want one of these units. They are far better than most of the standard ones that are sold today. Even in comparison to some of the top-of-the-line Yamaha’s, companies like Nord produce some of the best.

Even when you look at these keyboards, you can clearly see that they are designed for professional performances. There is a vast assortment of adjustments that you can make, including equalizers and a multitude of other options.

If you do a lot of traveling, these can go with you wherever you go, from one gig to the next. As long as you are willing to spend the time to understand how they work, you should have no problem at all using one of these high-tech digital stage pianos.

Where To Get Them For Reasonable Prices?

A reasonable price for items of this caliber is going to be a little different than what you are probably used to. For example, if you get a standard Casio digital piano, you are probably going to pay less than $100.

For digital stage pianos, you are looking at a several thousand dollar investments, although some companies will allow you to get financing.

Korg Grandstage Digital Stage Piano 88 Key

The amount of money that you spend is going to be representative of the quality of the unit that you ultimately purchase.

You can get them for great prices from companies that sell them at discounts, primarily because they are able to buy them in bulk.

There are also times when there are sales throughout the year, and you can take advantage of the excellent savings which could save you several hundred dollars.

This can happen whether you are purchasing them at a store in your area that sells electronic equipment.

However, what most people find is that by purchasing them online, they will have a higher probability of finding them for even lower prices.


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What Features Do They Possess?

These pianos are extremely complex, and therefore you have to divide the different sections up when you are discussing the features.

First, there is the piano section which is where you can have up to a gigabyte of memory storage for all of the songs that you produce.

They also have state-of-the-art samples that are based upon actual performances made by electric and acoustic pianos.

They also take advantage of what is called advanced string residence, long release options, and dynamic pedal noise.

The second part is called the synth section, which is essentially the synthesizer, and there’s about half a gigabyte of storage for this portion.

It provides you with a powerful classic analog system, with wave cable and FM synthesis possibilities, plus access to what is called a master clock.

Williams Legato 88-Key

The third section is the organ section which will have Rotary speakers and B3 tone wheel simulations.

Additionally, Vox and Farfisa organs are part of the mix, plus you can look at the beautiful digital LED drawbars so that you can see exactly what is going on.

Finally, there are going to be global features which will have comprehensive effects. You can also take advantage of single function controls. This gives you instant visibility for all of your current settings, plus you can expand into what is called live mode.

Making Your Final Choice

Your search for the best digital stage piano will lead you to many different options. You can always find reviews of these different products online.

There are actually websites that are dedicated to evaluating all of them, and once you have found one that has top reviews, you can probably add that to all of the instruments that you use professionally.

Even if you are not a professional, if you want the absolute best digital stage piano, you cannot go wrong with this type of equipment.

It is designed by professionals, for professionals, and will certainly improve the way that all of the music that you play sounds, plus make it easier on you when making arrangements.

Roland RD-2000 Premium 88-key Digital Stage Piano

The benefit of using one of these high-tech devices can only be realized when you are actually using them at home or on stage.

They have so much to offer, far beyond the typical digital piano, and it will allow you to take any performance that you have and enhance it to a higher level.

You can find many companies that sell these, and if you spend enough time looking, you should be able to get one that is not only affordable but one that you will truly like to use.

It doesn’t matter what company manufactures them. You simply need to read the reviews and make your choice based upon what other people have had to say about the many different best digital stage pianos on the market right now.

Even better, most of these companies offer a moneyback guarantee if you are not satisfied. This means you have nothing to lose, and everything to gain, by ordering one of these professional digital pianos.


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