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Finding The Best Desk Lamp For Migraine Sufferers

People who are sensitive to light, especially those prone to migraines, need special lighting to make sure that they can enjoy reading under the light and do not feel uncomfortable.

Even though there are a number of options available today in terms of desk lamps, people prone to migraines have problems finding the right light bulbs for their desk lamps.

Researchers have found that the blue green light causes a lot of problems to people who are sensitive to lighting for migraine sufferers and therefore, people who are prone to migraines need to choose bulbs that do not emit light containing the blue green wavelengths.

There are special lenses available for people who are prone to migraines. These work by filtering the blue green wavelength but nobody likes wearing the lenses all the time and therefore, they want some options that can help them read without the fear of developing a headache.

Here is a list of some of the different options available in the market. One of the best options for migraine sufferers is the incandescent light bulbs that provide a warm glow and do not give of too much blue light.

However, the biggest problem with these light bulbs for migraine sufferers is that these are being phased out slowly which means these are not easily available and even when you can find them, these cost a lot of money.

Also, these are not as energy efficient as some of the other options available in the market these days. The incandescent light bulbs available in the market these days are known as rough bulbs.

Another option available in the market these days is the fluorescent light bulbs. These are inexpensive, highly energy-efficient and have a much longer life than the incandescent light bulbs but these give a lot of blue-green light which means these are not good for migraine sufferers.

These also have an invisible flicker which means these are not great for people prone to migraines.There are warm white LED light bulbs that produce extremely low levels of blue-green light and have a much longer life.

However, the biggest problem with these light bulbs is that these are expensive and some of the lightings for migraine sufferers may also come with any invisible flicker that may lead to issues with people prone to migraines.

Similarly, there are halogen light bulbs but these are also expensive and exceptionally bright. These are also not as energy efficient as the other options.

As far as buying the best desk lamp for migraine sufferers is concerned, you can choose from a variety of designs and styles but you need to pay special attention to the bulb inside the lamp.

Keep the above mentioned factors in mind before choosing the right desk lamp for migraine sufferers.

While it is true that you may have to spend a few more dollars to buy a desk lamp that is comfortable on the eyes but it will ensure that you will not feel disturbed or develop a headache while reading under the desk.


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