Top 10 Best Dump Cart for Lawn Tractor Reviews

Dump Cart

Gardens are essential, especially when it comes to planting fruits, vegetables, and other household items. The problem comes in maintaining the garden.

Without the best gardening tools, maintaining the garden can be very dull. You can avoid this by using a garden dump cart will help you achieve all your needs.

That is because it handles almost all of even all gardening works that may involve carrying garden tools. Before making a purchasing best dump cart for lawn tractor decision, you may consider any of the reviewed products to avoid inconveniences.

How to choose the best dump cart for lawn tractor?

Dump carts tend to have a specific design that makes them very easy to use. Therefore, before you settle on any model, consider the following factors, and ensure the cart suits all your needs.


Based on the load-bearing capacities, dump carts are categorized into two. That is 100-2000 lbs and 800 lbs. The load capacity that you select will also determine the load to carry across the field.

More so, it also affects the price tags. For instance, if working on a farm, go for a bigger capacity while those working on the gardens can go for smaller capacities.


It is a vital factor to consider as everyone has different expectations. The size of the cartwheel determines the mobility of the cart. For instance, dump carts with more substantial and heavier wheels have bigger mobility. This factor is essential while carrying larger loads.


A lightweight dump cart will make your work much more comfortable as it carries the loads better. But remember, the weight also affects the mobility of the cart.

You should even know that poly-based wagons tend to be lighter than the metallic counterparts, so, as much as you consider your budget, construction and weight also matter.


The best dump cart that has the value of money should handle more than one responsibility. For instance, regular carts manage mulch and plants alone.

Dump carts, on the other hand, should handle more than that. They should handle various gardening tasks. It includes moving soil, wood, rock, rubbish, produce, equipment, and plants.


It is an essential factor of consideration as it determines the mobility, durability, and performance of the dump cart. The materials commonly used are poly tub trailer, plastic tub, and a steel tub.

Poly tub trailer is the most favorable and expensive material that many people use. That is because it is of hardened plastic, which is of good quality and does not crack.

Also, it is watertight, meaning wet loads like messes and manure will not leak out. More so, it’s cleaning is too simple, especially if you have a garden hose.

Plastic tub tends to be cheaper than poly tub because of its structure. The plastic is thin and cannot handle all load types. That is because it caves in with ease when overloaded. It may also crack, year, and split, that is why it is cheaper.

Steel tub is also a good and expensive material for dump carts. It is very hard, which means they are also durable enough, which is why it is costly.

What is The Best dump cart for lawn tractor?

1. Gorilla Carts Heavy-Duty Poly Yard Dump Cart

Gorilla Carts Heavy-Duty Poly Yard Dump Cart

Gorilla carts heavy-duty poly yard dump cart have a new design that can accommodate up to 1200 lbs.

The heavy-duty poly garden cart has an updated and innovative frame design that makes it easy and timely to assemble. With it’s patented quick-release dumping design, it can be loaded and off-loaded more easily without hassle.

Moreover, it’s four-wheel drive gives it balance than a wheelbarrow can offer. This best dump cart for lawn tractor can turn quickly, maneuver, and improved ground clearance.

The making is of a durable and sturdy poly bed of easy to clean and maintenance-free. Handles are easily convertible and can work in two different ways by switching from a towing behind the tractor to pulling the cart.


  • The convertible handle of two in one technology
  • Easy to maneuver
  • Patented dump design for easy loading and off-loading
  • Four wheelers for balance


  • Terrible customer services

2. Agri-Fab 45-0101 750-Pound Max Utility Tow Behind Dump Cart

Agri-Fab 45-0101 750-Pound Max Utility Tow Behind Dump Cart

The agri-fab 45-0101 750-pound max utility tow behind dump cart is of scratch-resistant design with a long-lasting powder coat finish. It is of a sturdy steel bed that can accommodate up to 750 lbs load capacity.

In addition to the wheel bearings and grease zerks that offers hassle-free maintenance and prolonged-lasting use.

Maneuverability is easy with the 16″ * 4″ pneumatic tires that can comfortably move through different terrains. The bed size is 49″L * 32.5″W * 12″H in dimensions that can accommodate a good capacity.


  • Easy to assemble with the video instructions
  • Foot lever dumping mechanism for easy off-loading
  • Pneumatic tires that can move in all terrains
  • Steel bed and frame that cannot scratch easily


  • Not that robust as expected

3. Blue Hawk Steel Dump Cart

Blue Hawk Steel Dump Cart

Blue Hawk dump cart is a heavy-duty cart made of steel frame and is thus more reliable and durable. It is a 43*30*4 inches dump cart that weighs up to 65.9 pounds.

The lightweight design can easily maneuver to your dumpsite with no hassle. It is easy to assemble and can carry a load capacity of up to 200 lbs. It is a perfect cart for lightweight materials and can be used in landscapes.


  • Good price
  • Easy to assemble
  • Great wheels for maneuverability
  • Lightweight thus great for storage


  • Low-quality cart

4. Yard Commander Dump Cart

yard commander dump cart

You might be having a wheelbarrow, but the jobs are overwhelming the wheelbarrow, all you need to do is acquire a Yard Commander Dump Cart.

This best dump cart for lawn tractor is ten cubic feet in dimensions made of steel and can accommodate up to 400 pounds carrying capacity. The compact and reliable unit has off-road wheels of 13 inches pneumatic tires and a rust-resistant steel frame finish.

Removable tailgate eases loading and off-loading with an effortless dumping technique. This simple work hose can do all you may require to dump. Moreover, it is attachable to any garden tractor.


  • Good load capacity
  • Foot pedal release for easy dumping
  • Rust-resistant finish
  • Removable tailgate for easy loading and off-loading
  • Works conveniently with tractors


  • Thin metal frame

5. Craftsman Poly Dump Cart

Craftsman Poly Dump Cart

Craftsman poly dump cart is a red, plastic making cart of 60″ * 33.75″ * 27.5″ that is easy to assemble. The rust-resistant poly bed cart can accommodate up to 550 lbs load capacity in the ten cubic feet.

It’s 14 inches pneumatic, and ribbed style tires are capable of rolling gently through your lawn and in all terrains.

The poly cart can easily connect to ATV or your lawn tractor to transport dirt, landscaping materials, and rocks. When it comes to emptying the cart, you will use the foot pedal to release the dump at an angle of40°.


  • The excellent load capacity of up to 500 lbs
  • 14 inches pneumatic tires that can move to all terrains
  • Utilizes a foot lever dumping mechanism
  • The body is of a steel frame that can last longer


  • Can only manage 350lbs


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6. hello world1 Garden Dump Cart

garden dump cart

This best dump cart for lawn tractoris a dump cart of steel construction for durability with rugged tires that can maneuver through different terrains.

Your kids and grandkids can operate it and play with it as well besides using it as a carrier for garden tools and supplies to the yard. Its sturdy construction makes it capable of holding a load capacity of up to 650 lbs.

The design allows for fast and easy loading and off-loading. Never the less it’s straight and comfortable to pull handle can fold for secure storage.


  • Rust-resistant making
  • Easy and fast to unload
  • Long but comfortable pulling handle
  • The handle can fold for secure storage


  • Loose-fitting parts

7. Sunnydaze Decor Dump Garden Cart

sunnydaze rolling garden cart

Sunnydaze Decor is a high-quality garden cart that can bear a weight capacity of 660 pounds this strong to manage your cumbersome task.

Instead of making repeated trips to and from the garden in the name of transporting logs, mulches, and plants, you can choose to do it in just one trip with this steel-bodied dump cart.

Besides, its large padded handle makes it easy and comfortable to pull beside its pneumatic tires that can move through different terrains more effectively.

The weather-resistant cart is of vibrant colors and powder-coated steel with removable sides for easy loading and unloading.


  • A strong body that can carry up to 660 lbs
  • The cart sits 12 inches above the ground for easy maneuverability
  • Removable sides for easy and quick loading and unloading
  • Powder-coated steel for durability


  • Hard to assemble

8. Kinsunny Garden Dump Cart

best garden dump cart

Kinsunny Garden Dump Cart comes with a patented quick-release dumping technology that allows for easy and fast loading and unloading. With its four air dikked wheels, you can easily steer the cart to various terrains.

Moreover, the grip handle is cushion gripped for an easy pull, push, or dump the contents. You will enjoy using this best garden dump cart that can suit your home and garden needs.


  • Easy loading and unloading materials
  • Straight handle that makes pulling comfortable
  • Double plastic making that can hold up to 600 lbs
  • Excellent stability and balance with the wide wheelbase and 10-inch tires


  • Weak welds and poor design

9. Precision Products Dump Cart

precision products dump cart

Precision Products dump cart is a ten cubic feet dump cart capable of holding up to 750lbs load capacity; this is achievable due to the undercarriage and steel toolbar frames, powder coating, and welded and 18 gauge steel that are strong and durable.

You need not take time when loading and off-loading your items on or out of the cart, since it utilizes a release handle. The USA manufactured product is easy to use with its 16-inch pneumatic tires that can easily maneuver across your lawn.


  • Easy to use
  • Comes with a removable rear tailgate
  • Sturdy steel axle with bed
  • Easy loading and unloading


  • Somehow thin metal

10. Allfit Poly Swivel Dump Cart

allfit poly swivel dump cart

AllFit HD is a heavy-duty swivel dump cart that is great for large jobs in your farm, yard or estate. The 12.5 cubic feet foam poly bed is capable of carrying up to 1000 lbs.

Whenever you activate the step on release pedal, the bed tilts and swivels to release the content within a 105 ° radius.

For fifty years, Ohio Steel has manufactured high-quality materials that can attach to tractors or ATV, thereby easing the job by making it done faster with less effort. On the other hand, this best dump cart for lawn tractor is compatible with most garden and lawn tractors.


  • Strong and sturdy
  • Easy to use
  • Easy to load and unload
  • Compatible to most garden and lawn tractors


  • None

How to maintain a garden dump cart?

There are various maintaining and using tips that you can apply to your dump cart. It includes:

. Applying grease to the wheels by utilizing the grease gun until the oil is visible and by squeezing away, it comes from the sides of the bike

. After every use, wash the cart to remove residue that might be in it. This helps in improving the durability and longevity of use.

. If not in use, store the discharge compartment inside to protect the car against harsh weather.

. Always connect the dump cart to your lawn tractor by using the included hitch pin.

. Check the tire pressure before you attach it to the lawn tractor. You can also inflate to 30 psi if need be.

. Ensure the load weight is distributed evenly In the body for easy control and handling

. When hauling the large load, ensure that the cart offers a sufficient braking system and towing capacity.

. Don’t exceed six kilometers per hour while dragging the dump cart.

. Tighten the fasteners before every use and when need be


With several carts available in the market, their quality depends on your budget and how much you intend to invest in a dump cart. If you are not that keen when looking at the dump cart’s material quality, you may end up with low-quality materials that are not durable.

Our review covers the best dump cart for lawn tractor that meets all your needs. All you have to do is to select one that you feel suits you best. We can guarantee that they offer the best services and that is why we highly recommend them.


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FAQ Of Best Dump Cart for Lawn Tractor:

Are dump carts hard to assemble/put together?

If you need the dump cart attached to the rack of the trailer, you need a partner to help in holding it and aligning it when drilling the top. With the video instructions and manual included, you will be able to assemble it without much difficulty.

How long does it take to detach the wheels of my dump cart of I want to store them?

It doesn’t take much time to detach the wheels from a dump cart; all you need to know is how to detach it. That can be in approximately 3-minutes or maybe less given one cotter-pin per tire.

Do I have to grease the tires of my new dump cart before I use it?

From the maintenance process and tips above, applying grease to the dump cart’s tires is very necessary. That is because it makes it easy to maneuver and push the cart.

Although it is not essential to always grease it before any use, daily maintenance is vital to avoid inconveniences. If it is a new dump cart, then you must grease the tires before using it to work correctly. That is because wheels don’t arrive pre-greased.

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