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A towable tube is one of the best ways to enjoy summer waves. Before investing in a best 3 person towable tube for your boat, you need to check on the size, accessories, and styles. With our towable boating tube guide, you can make much out of every summer weekend.

Choosing high-quality tubes may be a problem majorly to the first-timers. However, we broke them down to the top 10 best 3 person towable tubes in the market.

Follow keenly on the buying guides, and you shall have the best performance and high-quality towable tube.

How To Choose The Best 3 Person Towable Tube?


When seeking a towable tube for boating, you have to think of the tube’s capacity. Capacity determines the number of people you can comfortably ride on simultaneously. There are two, three, or four-person towable tubes available.

The two-person is majorly for lovers, partners, or two friends who wish to have a quiet time or exciting water adventure together.

If you need to have more comfort by stretching your body, you should go for the elongated tubes. So, don’t go for a 2-person towable tube when planning a family ride.


Some towable tubes have shapes that cannot allow you to have comfort while boating. You should go for a shape that fits you and your friends.

The shapes include the raftlike, elongated, and rounded triangle. The shape should bring comfort and an enjoyable ride to the three of you.

Tow rope

Ropes are essential for a towable tube. They are majorly for easing the towable tube to the boat. The rope’s length should allow for at least 20 inches between the boat and the towable tube.

This will prevent inhaling the exhaust fumes of carbon monoxide dangerous to the passengers’ human health. The general length of the rope should range from 50 to 65 inches.

The tube ropes are also not of the same quality and strength as ski ropes. You better go for a tube rope of higher break strengths.

Also, it should be directly proportional to the size of the tube. Three rides rope tensile strength should be at least 3350 lbs.


The materials are crucial as they tell of the product’s durability. It also tells of the tube’s longevity since they are the crucial strengths. You should go for a tube made of PVC and aluminum gauge materials of 30.

Safety measures

Scan through the safety precautions in the owner’s manual before purchase. You should ensure the weight and number of people it can hold is okay not to interfere with the propulsion and engine system.

Check on all mechanical systems of the tube and security for your towing connections. Usually, you should observe the weight limit to avoid unnecessary pressure and inconveniences.

If you have kids

If you wish to ride with your kids in the towable tube, you have to purchase a cockpit tube. The cockpit tubes will make your sporting experience safe with kids, just like in the cars.

Therefore you need to choose a three-person towable tube with a cockpit tube to allow your kids to enjoy the ride with you.

What Is The Best 3 Person Towable Tube?

1. Leader Accessories 3-Person Towable Tube

best 3 person towable tube

This is one of the best 3 person towable tube enough for your family. Therefore, if you are looking for the best summer experience, you can count on it.

Whether you want a new dimension of excitement in rear and forward-facing while towing in backside position, then you have the right towable tube.

It features a PVC air bladder, therefore durable and also comfortable. The double webbing foam handles also guarantee your comfort and well-positioned, therefore no inconveniences.


  • You get a year warranty.
  • Spacious size to fit three riders
  • Comfortable and safe for use
  • Well constructed thus durable


  • Customers complain of durability.

2. Subwing Towable

Subwing Towable

Subwing is one of the unique water products that you can think about. That’s because of this watersports board, and you can fly underwater. As it sounds, it seems to be the best activity you can do underwater.

It’s easy to use features make it suitable for anyone to use. It has a short learning curve, thus easy to maneuver. Since all you have to do is hang on with your two hands and steer to tilt the wings in your desired direction, we find it to be much safer and cheaper than other inflatables.


  • Suitable for any motorized boat
  • Safe and easy for anyone to use
  • You can master acrobatics and master tricks by using it.
  • It is the new towable watersport to consider


  • None

3. SportsStuff Super Mable

SportsStuff Super Mable

SportsStuff has more than 20 years of experience developing watersports products, and its super male model also does not disappoint. If you are looking for the best 3 person towable tube, then it’s all you need.

This sportsstuff super mable has a back and front towing point, thus a customized riding point. You can rely on the backrest for a comfortable ride while seated when you tow it from the front, or you can kneel for chariot style.

It also features the quick connect feature; therefore, it will be easy to attach tow ropes.


  • It is of K80 PVC bladder therefore durable.
  • Fully covered with double-stitched nylon cover.
  • A speed safety valve that prevents air loss
  • 1-3 rider towable tube


  • Extended exposure to sunlight causes fading and cracking of the handles.

4. Airhead G-Force Towable Tube

Airhead G-Force Rider Towable Tube

Designed for up to three riders’ use, it has extra-large bolster stabilizer fins to keep it stable in water. It is also equipped with nylon-wrapped handles, providing an excellent grip for riders to stay on board.

The cover is durable double-stitched nylon, thus durable and convenient for prolonged use. It is also easy and quick to connect ropes as it also uses the airhead patented quick connect.

Airhead G-Force towable tube is all you need if you want a reliable tube for younger kids and adults to use.


  • Its design suits multiple riders
  • Made of heavy gauge PVC water tube hence durable
  • Rides low and nice
  • Padded handles for enhanced comfort and stability


  • Poor customer support
  • Not of good quality as expected as some users say it may submarine

5. SereneLife Towable Booster Tube

SereneLife Towable Booster Tube

This SereneLife heavy-duty inflatable towable booster tube is not just the best because of performance but also enhanced safety features to keep you comfortable.

We love the unique backrest with cushioned stabilizer walls as it guarantees safety for both kids and adults.

It has an expansive sitting area for up to three riders. Also, it features a speed safety valve, therefore no inconvenience while inflating or deflating.


  • Equipped with front and back tow points
  • Has inflatable floor therefore comfortable sitting
  • Ten grab handles for added durability and security
  • Accommodates up to three people
  • Has improved backrest Safe, reliable, and durable


  • Does not include a tow rope


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6. Airhead Mach 3 Towable Tube

airhead mach 3 towable tube

Airhead Mach towable tube is the best towable tubes in the market today. What makes it unique is the cockpit design; therefore, there will be no slipping off while moving.

This Airhead Mach 3 towable tube is suitable for kids, especially when it comes to safety, and that’s why it is the best selling Airhead product.

Also, there will be no air leaks because of its patented safety valve, therefore safe and reliable.


  • A stable and secure ride
  • Offers a perfect grip
  • Easy to inflate and deflate
  • Equipped with six neoprene handles, thus a safer ride.


  • Has a sharp lining

7. Airhead Slice Towable Tube

Airhead Slice Towable Tube

It is the best towable tube for tricks. Therefore, it is the best towable for enhanced excitement during your holiday. You can enjoy the ride from 1-3 family members hence convenient.

The speed safety valves enable easy inflating and deflating of the tube, making it very easy to use.

This Airhead Slice towable tube differs from others as tapered gusset design, better towing, comfortable riding position, and easy mounting.


  • Six handles and neoprene knuckle guards for enhanced safety
  • Suitable for three riders
  • Made of 100% Denier nylon, thus increased durability
  • Equipped with patented Kwik connect


  • Has durability issues

8. XGear Towable Tube

XGear towable tube

The XGear towable tube offers both front and back towing points, which means you can tow either back or forth. Its non-slip cushioned handles and knuckle guards ensure comfort and stability.

It suits up to 3-riders; therefore, it is best for boating with friends and family.

Lastly, its PVC bladder is covered with a double-stitched nylon cover; therefore, this product’s durability is guaranteed.


  • Easy to inflate and deflate by using a safety valve
  • Padded handles to enhance comfort and stability
  • Offers multiple riding options
  • Quality construction is hence durable.


  • The customer complains of not holding air.

9. Airhead Comfort Shell Deck Tube

Airhead Comfort shell deck tube

Uniqueness is made this Airhead Comfort Shell deck tube the best. Unlike other backrest products, this one has a round flat shell designed from the best softest foam available in the market today.

So, there will be no abrasion to the riders. Comfortable boarding straps and webbing handles; therefore, climbing on is not intricate even if you fall inside water, it is easy to get back.

It is also easy to inflate and deflate because of its safety speed valves hence no inconveniences.


  • Has boarding straps thus easy to climb on
  • Foam-filled handles thus comfortable.
  • Suitable for up to 3 riders
  • Safe and durable


  • May come damaged

10. Sportsstuff Poparazzi Towable Tube

Sportsstuff Poparazzi Towable Tube

If you are looking for a versatile towable tube, Sportsstuff Poparazzi towable tube is ready for you and your family. This Sportsstuff Poparazzi towable tube can hold up to 3 riders. All you need to do is hold the handles and enjoy the ride.

What makes it very different from the rest is its unique riding options. That is, you can ride while you lie flat, stand, sit, kneel.

Apart from that, its rocker bottom and wing-shaped design allow you to ride with less drag. So, it’s high time you bid buy to sit on top models and go for the Poparazzi model.


  • Has safety valves
  • Equipped with a speed safety valve, therefore, no air leaks.
  • Have multiple handles attached
  • The outer cover is nylon, thus durable.
  • Suitable for three people


  • May lose air with ease.


Most people love water sports since it is fun, but one way to make it safe is by using a towable water tube. The towable tubes come in beautiful shapes and designs.

To maximize your experience, you should go for a sizeable towable tube that can accommodate you and your friends. It is also of high quality for both durability and avoiding unnecessary risks.

After going through this article, you are now free to purchase any of the high performing and quality three persons’ towable tubes.


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What Is An Excellent Speed To Pull a Tube?

Hinga non-experienced boat driver behind the wheel when towing a boat may cause injury to your family or friends. Tubing has got more injuries as compared to the other water sports.

Speed is a critical factor that a driver considers to avoid injuries. The end of the ski rope can easily wipe you if the tube is at high speed in a tight turn. In full turn, the tube travels twice the boat’s distance; thus, its speed is also estimated to be twice that of the boat.

Therefore when towing with kids, you should keep the speed at 8 and 12 MPH; the younger the kids, the slower the speed. Teenagers and adults can be towed at 15 to 20 MPH comfortably.

What Are Towable Tubes Made Of?

Towable tubes are 600 to 1000 Denier Polyester plus 26 to 28 oz. UV treated PVC. It utilized the same material that many ocean moving inflatables and inflatable military boats have.

For maximum strength, every seam is heat welded. Even at some crucial stress points, the welds have been doubled. Thus, making it of high quality and durable.

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