Top 5 Expensive Diaper Bags Reviews

Expensive Diaper Bags by Bugaboo

The need to carry both wet and dry clothes while keeping them separate is quite wanting. Luckily, these expensive diaper bags come in handy to all new mothers and swimmers. You can now carry soiled, clean clothes, diapers or swimsuits comfortably without having to worry about smell or leak thanks to the following diaper bags.

1. Planet Wise Hanging Wet/Dry Bags

Expensive Diaper Bags

Planet wise products are always top-notch. The hanging wet/dry bags provide a convenient and stylish way to carry all of your essentials including wet and dry clothes separately. They come innovatively sewn with waterproofing materials and seals to block leaks.

They feature two major sections with multiple pockets. The wet section carries all the dirty and wet cloths conveniently without leaking while the dry compartment is meant for all the dry items.

As the first and only in the industry, they are carefully crafted with high-quality designer fabrics making them more durable.

Here is What I Like About Them

They are available in three different sizes narrowing your selection and making your purchase even easier. The small size comes in size of 9.5 by 4.5 inches which is an excellent choice for smaller essentials such as toiletries, cosmetics, baby food or first aid stuff.

The medium size measures 12.5 by 15.5 and is most suitable to carry stuff such as shoes, diapers, or swimwear, while the larger size which measures 16 by 26.5 is also convenient for diapers and swimwear.

They are laminated with polyurethane to prevent leaking. Additionally, the zippers and handles have coordinated colors making them attractive and beautiful.

What I don’t like about them

I don’t like the fact that they have a few front pockets


  • Planet wise hanging wet/ dry bags are excellent at keeping smell trapped.
  • Are durable and can be washed and dried a few times without wearing off.


  • They have terrible low-quality zippers.
  • The zippers are also tiny and easy to use especially for adult fingers.
  • If only these bags could have sturdy or better zippers, then it would be really nice.

2. Vilah Bloom Diaper Bags

expensive baby bags

For life’s little messes. How about an expensive baby bag that incorporates fashion to meet function. The Vilah Bloom is a stylish diaper bag that dispenses wipes. It is the ultimate alternative expensive baby bags for mothers who want to preserve their want to cant to take care of their children without mess or fuss.

They have a minimalistic design to maintain class and organization. They also come with 12 organizational pockets to store your adventure essentials safe and within reach.

They feature electronic compartment to store your devices such as phones and laptops conveniently. Additionally, they are equipped with changing pads al lower body to change your pads on-the-go.

I also like their 3-way to wear design. If you don’t like strollers, you can comfortably carry them across the body or by the shoulder.


  • It is functional and quite lightweight
  • It has a perfect in and out
  • Allow easy one-handed access to wipe


  • Vilah Bloom is sometimes smelly.
  • Too expensive.

3. Bugaboo Storksak Leather Diaper Bag

Expensive Diaper Bags by Bugaboo

Bugaboo is a unisex leather bag available in black. It comes with 6 internal compartments and an insulated internal holder with a wipe clean lining; it also has 3 outer pockets to store your essentials within easy reach conveniently not to mention the award-winning range of baby skin care for bath and body.

What I like about Bugaboo

Once you buy bugaboo bags; you will find yourself naturally liking them. Although they are in black, they have a timeless design. You can now carry your essentials in style without fear of class.

I like their high-quality leather that is quite durable. It has a really nice shape making it ultra-stylish even though it is black

Lastly, it is a smart, no-nonsense bag that doesn’t compromise style for function. Although it appears big, it has the perfect size to carry all your essentials in one place.


  • It is lightweight compares to its counterparts od similar size.
  • It also has great length handles to put over your shoulder.
  • The longer straps are also removable and adjustable not to mention their smooth nature you don’t hurt.


  • none

4. Storksak Emma Leather Diaper Bag

Expensive Diaper Bags by Storksak

Emma leather is another must-have diaper bag that features a classic British style. It is carefully crafted with beautiful luxurious and durable leather.

What I like about this Expensive Leather bag

It is an elegant, luxurious bag with a sense of class. It is also machine washable and reusable.

It has concealed pockets for nappies and wipes. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about the smell. In fact, it is the perfect poop bag as it retains the smell inside.

It has zipped insulated bottle holders thanks to this feature; you can now keep fluids warm or cool for up to five hours.

The leather feels, smells and looks great making it adorable and attractive. Trust all you get are compliments once you carry Emma bag along.


  • It is multipurpose. You can use it for travel once you are done with its diaper usage.
  • It is also beautiful and an appealing color


  • The leather straps are smaller and comfortably fit over the shoulder.
  • It is more expensive than its diaper bags counterparts.

5. Planet Wise Wet Diaper Bag Peacock Plumage

Expensive Diaper Bags by Planet Wise Wet Diaper Bag

This expensive diaper bag feature an expensive leak free design. It has sewn and sealed seams to make it a great waterproofing bag even with the wettest of diapers.

Here is what I like about this bag

It is made with polyurethane laminate material on the inner to inhibit microbial and bacteria growth. It is also designer cotton outer and lead-free zippers making it perfect for the environment

It is also machine wash and hangs to dry. It resists most odors and stains keeping the smell in.

This bag is available in 3 different sizes which are small, medium and large making it easier to choose your perfect size.


  • It is durable and long lasting.
  • It has stylish color patterns making it more beautiful and attractive.
  • It has thick, sturdy, beautiful leather.


  • It is pricy.

With that, it is easy to choose the right Expensive diaper bags for you. It’s just a matter of what you really want from the bag.


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