Top 4 Herschel Pop Quiz Bag Review

herschel pop quiz laptop

The Herschel Pop quiz bag is one of Herschel’s first-class school and work backpacks. Right now, look at why this pack is so popular.

We’ll look at the highlights you will adore, yet what’s progressively about the stresses that you will detest. I’m not going to dial down of this pack, and that is considering the way that I need you to know totally what you’re spending your cash on.

As an issue of first significance; look at a portion of the essential things you have to think about the pack, and the general rating it got.

We’ll talk in more bits of information as for why it got this specific rating in the following segments of the herschel pop quiz review, so irrefutably stay tuned.

The Pop Quiz rucksack isn’t proportionate to what we, for the most part survey here. We will all things considered stick to extravagant knapsacks, for which we have specific needs.

In any case, this is from a general perspective a school and work rucksack, so I should change (read lower) my benchmarks a touch, in a general sense considering the way that you can’t expect similar highlights from the two inconceivably stand-out knapsack types.

1. Herschel Pop Quiz Classic Backpack

Herschel Pop Quiz Bag Review

This backpack is made from polyester, with a textile lining. It features a 15″ shoulder drop and has a height of 17.5″ and a width of 11″.

The Herschel Pop quiz bag is water-resistant, which leaves your stuff perfectly dry even when you are caught in the rain. You can easily access your phone from the pocket on the top.

Additionally, you can use this pocket at the top for your pens and pencils. The bag has a sturdy build and is durable.

The backpack is spacious enough to hold all your stuff comfortably. The design is classy and good looking

However, there are cons to hold against this backpack too. It has no exterior water bottle pockets, and the zippers are weak and cheap.

Even though it is spacious, the bag has no multiple compartments, which makes organizing it a bit cumbersome. Access to is stressful as the zippers are hard to open and close.

2. Herschel Supply Co. Pop Quiz

Herschel Pop Quiz Review

This backpack has a fabric lining and an insulation design, which makes it wipe-clean. It has a soft feel. It features an external woven name label, which makes it a ways to identify your backpack from a bunch of them.

The Herschel Pop quiz bag is excellent for lunch and snacks courtesy of the organizers and extra room for a juice box.

The style is unique and classy. The zippers are well made, and the interior is insulated to keep your food and drinks warm. The bag is of high quality and durable.

3. Herschel Supply Co. Men’s Pop Quiz

laptop quiz

This backpack is made from Ballistic weave fabric. It is 11.75in / 30cm long and 17.75in / 45cm high. Its zip is right at the top.

Its shoulder straps are padded, adjustable, and broad. This backpack also features an internal media pocket with a headphone port.

The Herschel Pop quiz bag is lightweight and comfortable to carry. The bag has a soft feel and is durable. Additionally, it has enough room to hold all your stuff comfortably.

4. Herschel Supply Co. Unisex Pop Quiz

herschel pop quiz laptop

This backpack is available in Lucite Green/White/Black. It is made from 100 percent polyester and has zip closure. It has a fully padded and fleece-lined sleeve that is capable of holding laptops up to 15 inches.

The Herschel Pop quiz backpack has an elegant and unisex design. It is easy and comfortable to carry and spacious to hold all your stuff.

Standard packs like the Pop Quiz don’t, all things considered, ought to be as healthy and extraordinary as packs for climbing and voyaging.

Despite that, most conventional packs don’t have a hipbelt or a sternum lash. That is considering the way that they have humbler cutoff focuses and they will quantify widely less when completely stuffed.

Consider it – you need a hipbelt for a 40lb+ climbing pack, considering how it is entirely doubtful your shoulders can pass on such weight.

Regardless, for a 15lb pack that is holding your PC and several books? Not so much. Therefore, I didn’t consider the nonattendance of those highlights as a negative when rating the pack.

What makes a lovely knapsack? Considering, I everything considered mission for a rucksack that had a cushioned back panel, considering the way that gives a breaking point from its substance and your back.

Else, anything you put inside the pack can basically hit you while you’re wearing it, and that is disturbed utilizing all methods.

I moreover need the shoulder associations with be cushioned, considering how the ones that are not will cut into your shoulders significantly more effectively, which is obviously grieved.

Those are the guideline two reasons why I’m not especially dumbfounded with the solace of this rucksack. Regardless, really, at any rate, you make some cushion from inside – that is most than you get with different packs of this sort.

Moreover, despise you will pass on anything too overwhelming inside it and that you need a back panel with renowned cushioning.

The herschel pop quiz bag has a not too horrendous keep and some cool association highlights. I’ll enlighten you regarding them very quickly more detail, and you can choose for yourself whether they are satisfactory for you.

The PC sleeve on this knapsack isn’t really awful. It is cushioned and fixed with downy, so you comprehend your PC will be shielded from any dangers.

Moreover, in the event that you incidentally drop your pack, the cushioning will shield it from getting injured, since it gives some stun assimilation.


So what’s our appraisal about the rucksack by and large? It didn’t get a phenomenal rating, and that is for the most part since it truly comes up short on explicit highlights with respect to the wearer’s solace – the handle and the back panel are need veritable cushioning and ventilation.

Also, what that at long last techniques is that at the full limit, this rucksack is going to make you sore and sweat-drenched.

Notwithstanding, who very 20lb+ of mechanical gathering for school? That is one easing thing. Another is that the backpack has a significant expansive compartment which is completely lined, and which looks extraordinary.

Likewise, it has a cushioned PC sleeve, which won’t just secure your PC on the off chance that you drop the sack, yet additionally give some cushioning and solace to your back.

There are a couple of extra highlights you’ll genuinely like about the Herschel pop quiz bag, similar to the shades and media pockets and the smart facilitator in the front outer pocket.

Regardless, taking everything into account, the Pop Quiz isn’t as crushed with highlights as some different backpacks you see today.


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