Top 10 Best Diaper Bag For Two Babies Reviews

best diaper bag for two kids

Every parent needs a diaper bag to put the essentials of the baby. It becomes more important when you are adding one more child n your family or expecting twins. In this situation, parents usually search for the best diaper bag for two babies.

The information and reviews of some of the best diaper bags for two babies provided in this write-up can help you to buy the most suitable one for you.

Do You Need Two Diaper Bags For Twins?

Though it is obvious to have two diaper bags to keep the belongings of twins you can also search for the diaper bags that are designed for multiple babies. Such large diaper bags are designed by a very limited number of companies.

While buying a diaper bag for twins you must check that it can hold additional clothes and diapers as well as snacks and burp clothes for two babies. It should have insulated pockets to hold sippers or bottles for them.

What Goes In The Best Diaper Bag For Two Babies?

The best diaper bag for two babies must be stocked with a lot of things to meet various types of needs of the babies like feeding needs and diapering needs as well as extra clothes and entertainment needs.

So your diaper bag must include formula, clean bottles, burp cloth, and bibs for the feeding needs of the babies and a snack and water for the parent.

It should also include diapers, a changing pad, plastic bags to keep dirty wipes and diapers, alcohol-free disposable wipes, hand lotion and sanitizer as well as an ointment for diaper rash.

It should also include a few toys, a camera, and pacifiers along with sunscreen and a few additional clothes to change at least once, according to the weather.

If you have twins or planning for another baby then you may be looking for the best diaper bag for two babies. You can find a wide variety of diaper bags in the market that can adjust two babies at a time.

But buying the best diaper bag for two babies can be a bit difficult for you if you are buying it for the first time. Some of the top grade diaper bags for two kids are briefly reviewed here to help you in buying the best one for your kids.

1. COTEY 30L Diaper Backpack

Best Diaper Bag For Two Babies

This best diaper bag for two children is convenient for moms as it can carry a lot of stuff of babies in its 18 spacious pockets and 3 zippered compartments. Its main compartment is large enough to store mom’s bag along with shoes, toys and changing pads of the babies.

Its bottle pockets and the compartment of diapers can be accessed easily. It can carry tissues in its slot pocket and water bottle inside pocket easily and safely. It is comfortable to carry anywhere due to its ergonomic design. It is made of waterproof materials and its zippers can be adjusted easily.


  • 3 big zippered compartments
  • Spacious with 18 interior pockets
  • Convenient to zip and unzip with one hand
  • Ideal for moms and dads both
  • Safe and high-quality material
  • Durable and waterproof
  • Comfortable to carry with strong padded shoulder straps


  • The diaper changing pad is too short for taller babies
  • Side pocket for dispensing dry tissues should be large to dispense wet tissues also

2. Hap Tim Multi-Function Baby Diaper Backpack

best diaper bag for two kids

This stylish backpack best diaper bag for two babies can hold most of the items of the kids to keep your hands free to do other important tasks while going somewhere. This bag is made of stronger and high quality materials like PU back coating and nylon garment fabric to last for a long time.

It allows you to organize endless items for your kids in its 17 external and internal pockets and 2 separate compartments. It has grab handles, padded shoulder straps and stroller straps to carry it easily according to your choice.

It has a diaper changing mat and baby wipes can be accessed easily from the zipped pocket on its side. It is ideal to gift it at a baby shower. It is backed with a warranty for 90 days and a free exchange offer for 30 days.


  • Large capacity to carry lots of essentials stuffs for babies and mother
  • Easy to organize with a lot of pockets
  • Comfortable to cay throughout the day with shoulder straps and a 3D breathable padded backside
  • Includes 3 insulated pockets, changing pad and stroller straps
  • Waterproof construction


  • The small yoke of the shoulder strap hurts on the back
  • Poor workmanship


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3. Bably Baby Stylish Diaper Backpack

best backpack diaper bag for 2 kids

The backpack best diaper bag for two babies is made with high quality YKK zippers to make it better than many other similar bags with poor quality zippers to make it more durable and confidently usable for you.

Its bottle pockets are large enough in size and insulated from the interior so that all the other stuff packed in its 14 pockets can remain safe and dry, in case of any leakage in bottles.

It also has a pocket for keys and the wallet of the mom or dad. It has two cubes to pack different items in different compartments so that small things may not get lost in it. You can store clean and dry clothes as well as wet and dirty clothes separately in its dry/wet sundry pocket.

It also keeps both of your hands free so that you can take care of your kids more easily. You can carry it comfortably throughout the day with the help of its stroller straps, shoulder straps and padded back. It is a great gift for a baby shower.


  • Large diaper changing pad
  • Two packing cubes to keep everything organized
  • Wet and dry sundry bag
  • Pocket for wet wipes
  • Functional and spacious with plenty of insulated bottle pockets


  • Space is not used efficiently to adjust everything for two babies
  • Stitches ripped off after a few days

4. Mancro Large Diaper Backpack

best diaper backpack for two

This best diaper bag for two babies is large enough to store a lot of items of your kids in its several pockets. This bag with a 21-liter capacity has 14 compartments to organize things not only for two babies but also for the accessories of their moms and dads.

It is also suitable for traveling, shopping and restaurant as well as to be gifted on the baby shower to help new moms and dads. Its pockets can be used for various types of functions including keeping water bottles, milk bottles, wipes and other accessories for kids as well as moms or dads.

It has a large compartment for storing diaper changing mat, and laptop while traveling. It allows you to keep your hands free with the help of its stroller straps, shoulder straps, and a comfortable padded back.

You can carry it at your convenience. The heavy duty dual metal zippers used in its min pocket ensure the safety of belongings in it.

It can be used not only by moms but also by dads due to its unisex design. Its ergonomic design allows everyone to carry this diaper bag easily on his shoulders, on the stroller with the help of the built-in straps provided in it. It is made durable and lightweight by using waterproof fabric.


  • Can be carried comfortably throughout the day
  • Convenient diaper changing pad
  • Durable Metal Zippers can be operated easily
  • Suitable for moms and dads both due to its stylish unisex design
  • Large storage space


  • Space is not enough to store all the things for twp babies
  • It falls even when it is empty due to its heavy front

5. Hap Tim Diaper Bag Backpack

Hap Tim Diaper Bag Backpack

It is an ergonomically designed diaper backpack that can be carried away anywhere comfortably on your back. Its large capacity can keep a lot of things in a well-organized manner for a long time.

It can be used to keep everything for your babies dry in any weather as it is made of a high-quality water-resistant fabric of nylon. It is easy to clean and manage.

This stylish diaper bag for two babies is supported by after-sales service and a free exchange warranty for 30 days.


  • Ergonomic and comfortable
  • Large capacity to organize easily
  • Waterproof and durable
  • Easy to clean
  • Stylish design


  • Lacks a place to keep a changing pad separate from other items
  • Not suitable to keep breast milk cooler in it

6. Mokaloo Large Baby Bag

Mokaloo Large Baby Bag

This Mokaloo large baby bag made of Oxford fabric is large enough to organize most of the essentials of your two babies. Along with keeping the babies’ essentials, it can also help in charging your cell phone through its power cable and USB port.

You can store a lot of stuff separately in its layered compartments. It keeps the clothes of your babies dry due to the waterproof and durable fabric used in making it. It can also be used for various purposes and different occasions.


  • Large and spacious
  • Lightweight versatile backpack with a USB charging port
  • Waterproof and durable
  • Practical unisex design


  • The USB port is not functional
  • The absence of a changing pad disappointed

7. DEBUG Baby Diaper Bag

DEBUG Baby Diaper Bag

This large diaper backpack bag has several multifunctional pockets to keep various essentials for your babies. You can also use this bag to lie down or sleep one of your babies if required due to its spacious interior. It includes 3 insulated pockets to keep babies’ warm milk or water warm for a long time.

This stylish unisex diaper bag is made of a skin-friendly and waterproof fabric so that you can use it in routine to save you from getting wet. Its side pockets are conveniently accessible to get baby wipes.


  • Large multifunctional pockets
  • Spacious
  • Large insulated pockets to hold baby bottles
  • Stylish unisex diaper backpack
  • Convenient to fetch side pockets


  • Not really strong backpack
  • Quality below expectations

8. ALLCAMP Diaper bag backpack

allcamp diaper bag backpack

The design of this ALLCAMP diaper bag backpack includes 5% PU and 95% Nylon fiber which makes it easily convertible from diaper bag to shoulder tote or crossbody messenger bag.

It is a fashionable and multifunctional bag made from waterproof fabric to keep the essentials of your babies dry in any season.

You can use this stylish bag comfortably wherever you go. It has several pockets to keep your things organized very smartly. It has metal hardware and can be washed easily in a machine.


  • Convertible backpack and stroller
  • High-quality materials
  • Extremely comfortable
  • Spacious pockets
  • Easy to wash in the machine


  • The outer side pocket is not insulated
  • Cheap quality of changing pad
  • Slot for a photo cannot hold standard photos of 4×6 size

9. Bably Baby Diaper Bag

Bably Baby Diaper Bag

This diaper bag for two babies is one of the best in its class because it is made from high-quality durable materials. It is very functional because of its several insulated pockets to keep the snacks and bottles of your babies warm.

It includes two packing cubes to pack important items separately. You can wear it on your back or shoulder to keep your hands free for other essential works. This Bably Baby diaper bag can be used by moms and dads both.


  • High-quality diaper bag for twins
  • Spacious and functional
  • Accessories included
  • Comfortable for hands-free carrying
  • Stylish and well organized


  • The threads of the strap are falling apart
  • The main compartment is not wide enough

10. TETHYS Diaper Bag Backpack

TETHYS Diaper Bag Backpack

This Tethys diaper bag backpack has 2 insulated pockets to keep beverages of your babies warm or cool as required. This unisex stylish bag is designed ergonomically so that both dad and mom can wear it.

There are 6 separate pockets in its main compartment to keep various items of your babies separately. Its openings are extra wide to make it easier for you to find things in it. It is backed by a warranty for a full lifetime.


  • Ergonomic and stylish
  • Insulated pockets
  • Convenient design
  • Special pocket for the parent
  • Lifetime warranty


  • Lack of stroller straps
  • Other pockets become tight when something is put in one pocket

Parenting is a difficult task. It brings along a lot of responsibilities and new experiences. While you might be thrilled playing this new role, much of your time and energy will be invested in caring for the newborn.

Among the multiple things that you need to carry while traveling or stepping out with your baby, a diaper bag is a must-have.

If you are worried about which is the best diaper bag for two babies, read along and get all your doubts clarified. This article features the most commonly asked questions regarding the best diaper bag for two babies.

Can I Use A Regular Backpack As A Diaper Bag?

Of course, you can. Regular backpacks provide sufficient interior storage space. The multiple pockets are a great help to store a variety of items.

Regular backpacks are also quite comfortable as they keep your hands free. They work fine when you need to carry much lesser items as your baby grows up to be a toddler.

However, regular backpacks are not specifically designed for babies. So, it would not include particular baby compartments such as wipe dispensers, changing pads, and insulated pouches. In this case, buying the best diaper bag for two babies would be useful.

What Is The Difference Between A Diaper Bag And A Regular Bag?

Some parents also use regular gym bags as a diaper bag. The interior and exterior pockets in the gym bags allow you to keep all your stuff in one place. They also come with special bottle pouches where you can store milk or water for your little one.

However, gym bags are hardly equipped with insulated bottle pouches and changing pads. You will find these essential features in the best diaper bag for two babies.

Good and branded diaper bags are made up of easy to clean and washable material. You can easily wipe out any accidental spot or stain. The materials used in regular bags are not suitable for handwash. Very few regular backpacks have a water-resistant interior lining.

Sometimes, new parents also use tote handbags as diaper bags. But tote handbags do not have multiple pockets. They are also not spacious enough for you to pack all your important items.

If you are not going to dedicate your regular tote bag to be used as a diaper bag, you can purchase baby tote bags that are specially designed for tiny tots.

A regular bag might not be very colorful and attractive. As a new parent, you would want a cute, good looking and best diaper bag for two babies.

How Do You Attach A Diaper Bag To A Stroller?

Diaper bags that come with stroller straps can be easily attached or hanged to your baby’s stroller. This reduces any chances of dropping the bag and also keeps your hands free to hold other important items.

You can easily attach your diaper bag to a stroller in the following manner:

Locate the Velcro flap on your shoulder strap.

  • Pull that Velcro webbing till you reach the ring placed at the top.
  • Wrap it securely around the handle of your stroller. Ensure that it gets fixed firmly.
  • Put the stroller strap tab back by inserting it through the top ring.
  • Pull the Velcro webbing to strengthen your grip.
  • Seal the Velcro once it has been secured properly.
  • Repeat the same procedure to tighten the other strap to the opposite end of the stroller handle.

If you have already purchased a diaper bag that has neither a clip loop nor a velcro strap, do not worry. Get hold of some ‘Buggy Clip’. These are specially designed accessories that will help you hang your diaper bag to a stroller.

Choosing the best diaper bag for two babies will ease your life to a great extent. So, go for a diaper bag that provides ample storage space and has enough pockets to keep your essentials organized.

Diaper bags with stroller straps are a must-buy if you have a stroller to carry your baby. You can also purchase diaper bags that feature specially designed changing pads. The best diaper bag for two babies is easy to clean and can also be machine-washed.

Thus, by going through the reviews of some of the best diaper bags for two babies provided in this write-up you can easily buy the best one for your kids.


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