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Top 10 Best 6500 Watt Generator (2021 Reviews)

Having a perfect 6500-watt generator is essential for your home to run a couple of electric appliances. It is the best option to consider, especially in case of a power outage. With various brands in the market, it may be challenging to select the best 6500 watt generator, but our guide eases the process.

We are providing you with a list of top brands to consider that meet local regulations and meet most of your needs. You can read through to find the best option for your home.

Will a 6500-watt generator run my house?

Generally, 6500-watt generators run almost all essential household appliances. That is a sump pump, fridge with freezer, AC unit for a small window, small hearing system, all smaller electric appliances, and some power tools. For you to run each of them once, check on the power of each appliance.

Also, you need to check the type of outlets and the number that the generator has. That is because units like AC  units need a different outlet. However, don’t rely on this one machine to run the whole house as your appliances may require more power.

How many amps is a 6500-watt generator?

A 6500-watt generator provided 54 amps approximately 120 volts and 27 amps for 240 volts. For more detailed information about the amps of a generator, read through the owner manual. But you can also use the following formula to determine amps of the 6500 generators.

amps (A)= watts/volts

Meaning, you have to divide its watts by the voltage i.e., 6500/ 240.

1. Briggs & Stratton 30675 Generator

Briggs and Stratton is a quiet generator that gives out power in a confident manner consistently. It is great for sensitive electronics and essential home appliances since it utilizes inverter generator technology.

This portable generator has an engine that delivers high and efficient power for up to 14 hours in a 25% load. Besides, it has a protective noise-reducing she’ll that helps minimize the noise and protect the interior features from destruction.

The design is compact and light in weight that eases storage and portability. Moreover, its telescopic handle that mimics the suitcase-style helps you maneuver through your garage with ease.


  • Quiet power technology
  • Efficient fuel utilization
  • Easy to move and store
  • Comes with a protective shell for noise reduction


  • Slightly loud

2. Westinghouse WGen6000 Portable Generator

Westinghouse WGen6000 is an easy to use and durable portable generator that is great for back up and power supply during emergency blackouts at home and power outages.

The four-stroke engine is reliable and durable by producing powerful energy that can run for up to 13hours on a full tank of 6.6 gallons. An automatic low oil shutdown, GFCI house outlets, and inbuilt fuel gauge are fully installed.

You can be sure of total household power that conveniently connects straight without the hassle of power strips and annoying extension cords. This best 6500 watt generator is easy to care for as it comes with a control panel with maintenance information for long life and performance.


  • Dual start of remote and electric start
  • Easy to start and operate
  • Safe to use as it is free of shocks
  • Ever ready transfer switch


  • None

3. Generac 7690 GP6500 Portable Generator

Generac 7690 gp6500 portable generator is an available portable generator that offers great power using advanced technology with a 40% improved starting capacity; thereby, you can do more in a limited input. Generac’s engine plus its large capacity fuel tank gives it an improved run and engine life.

Besides, it also has boosted strength due to the steel tube cradle. The generator safe with the low oil feature that renders it protection against damages.

Its heavy-duty wheels allow for easy transportation across rough and difficult terrains plus its foldable handle, which adds to its portability and movements. Easy maintenance at regular intervals as the hour meter keeps track at all times.


  • Power rush advanced technology
  • Durable engine for long life
  • Automatic low oil level shutdown
  • Fuel gauge for durability


  • Not that durable

4. Pulsar G65BN Portable Generator

Pulsar G65BN uses a dual fuel generator that is a reliable and rugged portable power source that you can count on whenever you have issues with power. The single-cylinder engine gives out a 6500 Watts at peak for running appliances and tools.

Convenient wheels that always remain sturdy without being flat, thereby added mobility and storage. In case you are in a situation of a power outage and urgently need a portable energy supply, this best 6500 watt generator will always be your choice even when you are away from home.


  • 120 and 240 voltage output at a go
  • Strong and durable powder-coated  frame
  • Dual fuel of gasoline and LPG
  • 12 hours run time on a single tank at half load


  • None

5. Green-Power America GPG6500EW Generator

Green-Power America is built to give a piece of mind at all times in events of natural disasters. The power source comes with an easy to turn on key electric start, safety for the power outlets with an overload protector for durable rubber cover.

You will enjoy transporting and maneuvering over all terrains with this product using its mobility kit. Also, storage is simple, with the help of its drop-down handles.

When the fuel tank is full, you can work consistently for up to 11 hours on half a load. Besides the waterproof covers, it also has four cycles professional engine that delivers great power.


  • Comes with a weatherproof covers
  • Reliable 11 hours usage in a full tank
  • Four cycles professional engine that delivers great power
  • Has a light lithium-ion battery for longer storage life


  • A customer claimed of crushing.


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6. Generac Store 5946 GP6500 Generator

This Generac Store generator is of CARB Compliant style and comes with engine oil, instructions sheet, and oil funnel. The portable generator is an addition to the home, work, and away from activities.

During emergencies, this generator can give back a critical backup power, thereby making tailgating and camping comfortable.

Moreover, the contractors keep appreciating the portable power to the job site. Its wheels can never get flat at all costs, thus making it easily portable. Just in a single full tank on a 50% load, it can run effectively for up to 10 hours.


  • Automatic low oil level shutdown to safeguard the engine
  • Easy portability with never-flat wheels
  • 10 hours run time in a full tank
  • A protected circuit breaker that is covered


  • Poor package

7. Champion Power Equipment 100109 Generator

Champion Power Equipment is a 6500-watt reliable generator that keeps the equipment and appliances safe. A volt guard to protect this machine from overloads and damages.

This best 6500 watt generator can provide up to 11 hours run time besides the intelligent gauge that keeps track of the voltage, thereby making it easy to monitor and track.

Advanced cold start technology makes it quick and easy to start. U shaped handles that are also foldable makes storage and transportation easy. Its wheels are solid, 9-1/2 inches, and can never get flat; this necessitates easy storage and transportation.


  • Reliable and safe model
  • Can run for up to 11 hours continuously
  • Volt guard helps prevent defaults in overload
  • Great power delivery


  • A bit noisy

8. CAT Store RP6500E Generator

CAT RP6500E is a small but sturdy portable generator with a powerful engine that can start with an electric start for durability, power, and quiet operation.

It is a heavy-duty construction of all steel with never-flat wheels and a double folding handles that enable easy operation. It is easy to operate, set up beside the LED light that enables you to operate even in the night.

Albeit compact and lightweight design, this product gives out great power that can keep most electric tools in your home running. Durability is also given more strength with a 36 months warranty from the manufacturer’s.


  • Convenient and easy to use
  • Has six power outlets
  • The balanced weight thus easy to move design
  • Automatic low oil shutdown to prevent unnecessary damages


  • None

9. Dirty Hand Tools 104502 Generator

The Dirty Hand Tools 104502 is a gas-powered generator that is reliable at all times. It is ideal for camping, farming, running household electronic equipment, and tailgating. Despite the high power output, its volume tends to be as low as 76 dB, equivalent to that of street traffic.

In fact, with this best 6500 watt generator, you will sit back and enjoy eleven hours run time since it comes with one objective of working.

Other features like low oil shutdown, recoil starting system, and unleading gasoline make it powerful and effective. All in all, it’s durability relies on the two-year warranty by the manufacturers.


  • Great for most household electronic appliances
  • Low noise rating like that of a street traffic
  • 11hours run time in a full tank
  • Reliable generator with a powerful engine


  • None

10. TogoPower Portable Gas Generator

TogoPower is a gas-powered generator that utilizes an electric start for a hassle-free engine that gives a great power output. This generator has a foldable handle and wheel kit that makes it easy to move and maneuver.

It does not require advanced knowledge for starting this engine since it comes with a simple to follow steps on starting and operating this generator.

Its solid frame makes it durable and can last to the test of time with a working time of up to 11 hours in a full tank. It is a two-stroke engine, meaning that it is also lightweight and easy to carry from place to place.


  • Durable and sturdy construction
  • Easy to use the model
  • Lightweight and thus easy to transport
  • An awesome choice for household appliances


  • None

How long will a 6500-watt generator run?

Ideally, there is no general answer to this question because generators are different models with different fuel consumption rates and capacity. From our data, we can summarize that averagely, a 6500 generator may run for up to 11 hours if it’s 50% loaded.

How much can a 6500-watt generator power?

A best 6500-watt generator can power almost all appliances in case of a power outage. It will handle a 240 volts load up to 27 amps and 120 boots for up to 54 amps, enough to provide light and heat in your home.

Ideally, Power a power surge includes the medium-sized freezer, or a refrigerator, microwave oven, home computer.


From our review above, best 6500 watt generator suits well for multiple house use. Ideally, you can rely on it to run various units in the household without inconveniences. But, before you make any decision, always check whether the local laws and regulations of your locality limit your choices.

Also, you have to ensure that you meet all storage requirements. That means you have to get a foldable handle and wheel kit to move the machine with ease.

More so, if you plan on storing the generator for a longer time, add a fuel stabilizer or drain the gas from the fuel lines to avoid inconveniences. With that in mind, we hope that you are now able to make a suitable choice for your home backyard use.


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