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Perception Truefit Kayak Spray Skirt

Not all kayaks adventures will take place in glassy waters and balmy weather. Whenever the cooler conditions prevail, you will need a spray skirt for your kayak. There are considerations that you need to have in mind when choosing the best kayak spray skirt for your kayak.

The process can be tedious and demanding. Due to this, we conducted research and came out with the top 10 Best kayak spray skirts that will vividly fit your desires. We majored in our research on comfort, durability, and performance to get long-lasting models in the market.

What Is a Spray Skirt On a Kayak?

A spray skirt is a neoprene clothing used to keep out of the kayak. The spray skirt helps the kayak in floating. The skirt is worn on the kayak, and it securely fits the cockpit rim.

Besides, it comes with a grab loop or pulls a cord that stays out of the cockpit. The grab loop helps you pull the skirt off the kayak to get out quickly.

How To Choose The Best Kayak Spray Skirt?


You may not necessarily need a spray skirt during the warm conditions since it will turn the kayak condition into stuffy. But if the water is choppy, you will need a spray skirt to prevent the waves from washing over the deck and swamping your boat.

When the water and air are cold, there will be a need for a spray skirt to create a warm environment inside the kayak. It also controls rains and splashes from getting inside the kayak.

Therefore, the spray skirt is there to help you increase your comfort inside the kayak and not necessarily prevent you from capsizing. In other words, you should go for a perfect fit and that which brings you comfort.

Materials and parts

Spray skirts are a tunnel, a rand, and a deck. The tunnel covers the paddler’s torso, and the deck covers from the tunnel to the cockpit of the boat. The deck is also the skirt portion, and the rand is the edge of the spray skirt that holds the deck and fastens it over the cockpit.

The materials of the spray skirts are nylon and neoprene. The neoprene provides warmth during the cold. The neoprene skirts have a neoprene rand that is rubber to grip the cockpit to help withstand the rolling kayak firmly. Due to the tight seal, removing the neoprene skirts during the wet exit becomes difficult.

A nylon skirt is comfortable in moderate conditions. The nylon can be waterproof and water-resistant but breathable. Nylon decks are easy to attach and remove compared to the neoprene ones, but they do not create the right seal for rough water as the neoprene decks.

It can be comfortable if you go for a combination of a nylon tunnel with a supertight seal of the neoprene deck. This brings an all-time comfortable condition even during waves.


The features are to improve the performance and convenience of the spray skirts. The spray skirt should have shoulder straps to help keep the tunnel extended and prevent water pooling at the base of the tunnel.

A tensioned deck also helps in preventing water from pooling. Pockets can either be of mesh or hook and loop. The mesh pockets drain quickly, but the hoop and loop closure can securely hold your snacks. Also, the fleece-lined pockets help in warming up cold hands.


The spray skirt should fit you and your kayak. Nowadays, you do not need to measure your cockpit or go for a one-size-fits-all, but rather know your kayak’s model and brand. After that, find your size and model in a sizing chart from the manufacturers.

1. Seals Shocker Sprayskirt

best kayak spray skirt

Even though it is expensive compared to the other spray skirts, Seals shocker sprayskirt is the ultimate performing spray skirt. It is a 4 mm thick neoprene-making that acts as a perfect seal during the water’s rough times.

It also has a 3/8 inches stitched bungee that helps to keep it in place at all times. The Seals shocker sprayskirt comes with an integrated Sealtex wear guard as a bonus that improves its durability to the test of time.


  • Its anatomic tunnel follows your body lines.
  • The safety slip technology improves the sturdiness of the skirt.
  • Outstanding performance with the medium to thick neoprene material
  • It comes with a top edge Sealtex wear guard for durability.


  • It does not seal super well.

2. SEALS Coastal Tour Spray Skirt

SEALS Coastal Tour Spray Skirt

SEALS Coastal Tour is an athletic golden spray skirt that has a smart design to keep you dry and comfortable at all times when kayaking.

The deck and tunnel are of nylon, while the waist is of neoprene material, making it more durable and comfortable even during heavy waves.

A removable suspender, convenient front stash pocket, and ballistic wear guards of nylon are just bonuses.


  • It comes with a front zippered mesh pocket.
  • Premium nylon wear guards
  • No more water pooling with the tensioned deck
  • Has removable suspenders and adjustable neoprene waistbands


  • Water pooling on top of the combing

3. Perception Truefit Kayak Spray Skirt

Perception Truefit Kayak Spray Skirt

Perception truefit kayak spray skirt is a compact kayak spray skirt of high performance. It has a splash seatback cooler that attaches securely with four bungee ball tethers. You can keep your fishing gear in an organized way inside this stylish kayak crate.

It is also great for general storage that can fit 17 piano boxes. It is compatible with most sit-inside kayaks for an open tank well. It can keep you dry at all times with an accurate fit system.


  • It has a water-resistant tunnel zipper.
  • Extra durability due to the sticky edging grips
  • It comes with removable suspenders.
  • Proper fit thus keeps water out of your kayak.


  • Too tight to wrap around the cockpit

4. Wilderness Systems Spray Skirt

Wilderness Systems Spray Skirt

As the name suggests, Wilderness systems spray skirt is a compatible skirt for almost all wilderness system kayaks. The high-quality spray skirt will always keep you dry and warm at all paddling times.

It fits the tsunami and tempests perfectly from the 2018 model and even earlier. The water-resistant tunnel comes with zippers that allow hot air to move out when unzipped but will still keep you dry.

It is durable due to the urethane prayed nylon construction. Its handle includes a clip that you can attach to a PFD while walking.


  • It fits all 2018 and earlier Pungo.
  • Great idea of two-way zippers
  • It is of high quality and thus comfortable to use
  • Durable to the test of time


  • It fits great but is too tight on large paddlers.

5. Dagger Outbound Spray Skirt

Dagger Outbound Spray Skirt

Dagger outbound spray skirt is of a reinforced neoprene both in the rim and deck to bring superior protection that can prevent any abrasion without necessarily affecting its stretch.

It has a durable coating below it, responsible for giving the spray skirt an excellent grip and water repellent on your kayak.

It comes with a durable and soft waistband that is both breathable and waterproof. An additional form pockets are put to keep small items. It is a great model for sport kayaking.


  • Protected against abrasion
  • Waterproof and breathable waistband
  • Small zippered pockets on the waistband
  • It has an excellent grip using the durable underneath coating.


  • Smaller than the advertised measurements

6. Seals Extreme Tour Spray Skirt Ver II

seals extreme tour spray skirt

Seals extreme tour is a fantastic addition to the whitewater kayak skirt for those who enjoy going down rapids. It can withstand heavy use due to the thick neoprene making plus reinforcements.

This Seals extreme tour spray skirt brings comfort using shoulder straps and adjustable waistbands. The performance is excellent due to the 4mm neoprene deck and a sealtex edge guard.


  • It comes with a hook and loop waist closure that makes setup easy.
  • A great model for intense and rapid padding
  • A tight fit from the high-quality neoprene deck
  • It comes with removable suspenders for comfort.


  • Tunnels adjustable tabs need a redesign.

7. Seals Sneak Zippered Kayak Spray Skirt

Seals Sneak Zippered Kayak Spray Skirt

Seal sneak kayak spray skirt is of both neoprene and nylon materials to bring more outstanding performance and comfort. This water-resistant and waterproof tunnel has a neoprene waistband and suspenders for an improved seal.

Also, it has two zippered pockets for keeping some small items. It utilized the safety slip technology to prevent water from pooling.

Finally, the nylon pack cloth is of medium weight with sealed seams and double stitches.


  • Easily removable and adjustable suspenders
  • It is of double-stitched and sealed seams without leakages.
  • Side zippered mesh pockets
  • Great for light to moderate paddlings


  • None

8. Seals Adventurer Nylon Sprayskirt for Kayaks

Seals Adventurer Nylon Sprayskirt for Kayaks

Seals adventurer spray skirt comes in various sizes and can fit every vessel. The medium-weight kayak spray skirt is perfect for recreational and touring kayaking.

Despite the little features, it has suspenders and a tensioned deck stay to keep away the water from the surface. A double stitch and sealed seams for durability.


  • No water accumulation with the tensioned deck stay
  • Rim grip technology preventing the skirt from slipping.
  • With the adjustable shoulder straps, the tunnel is kept in place.
  • It is of medium coated nylon.


  • It is too tight

9. Immersion Research Klingon Spray Skirt

Immersion Research Klingon Spray Skirt

Immersion Research Klingon is a bungee style rand and can stretch in four different dimensions. The spray skirt is of high quality made with a 3mm neoprene tunnel, two neoprene decks, 4mm supra text, and a rear casing.

Its rim reinforcement is through the Schoeller dynamic known as gnarlar. The stitches are glued, blind stitched, and taped to prevent water from getting into the kayak. The patches are of an anti-implosion super stick silicone.


  • Durable construction with high-quality materials
  • Waterproof seams
  • It uses silicon that super sticks.
  • Comfortable bungee style tunnel


  • None

10. Dagger Axis Spray Skirt

Dagger Axis Spray Skirt

Dagger axis spray skirt is a kayak spray skirt with adjustable and removable suspenders to keep you comfortable while paddling. The skirt is of a high performing 3.5mm neoprene deck with a lightweight, breathable and waterproof fabric tunnel.

Its waistbands are adjustable and of neoprene material. The seams are sealed and double stitched to withstand the waves’ pressure.


  • It comes with adjustable and removable suspenders as a bonus.
  • Adjustable neoprene waistbands
  • Highly waterproof and of outstanding performance
  • Double-stitched for durability


  • No adequate elaboration on the midriff size


A best kayak spray skirt is an essential component for kayaking since it prevents you from getting wet at all times. The best kayak should be able to keep the lower half of your body from the sun.

The above spray skirts are tested and proven to do whatever role they are intended for. Feel free to purchase any of these convenient, colorful, and waterproof spray skirts. Trust me, and you will not go wrong with these spray skirts.


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Are Kayak Spray Skirts Universal?

There are universal kayak skirts that are sized to fit all. In modern days, the manufacturers have come up with a sizing chart that each brand can rate your size according to their models. It is recommended that you know your kayak brand and model to come up with a fitting spray skirt.

Do I Need a Spray Skirt For My Kayak?

You should have a spray skirt for your kayak. This is because the temperatures in the waters fluctuate, and the waves are not predictable. Therefore to keep your kayak and your health safe, we recommend that you go for a spray skirt for your kayak.

Are Spray Skirts Dangerous?

No. Spray skirts are safe for your health, but this depends on the spray skirt model you go for. If you choose a hard to remove spray skirt when wet, it is dangerous. Since it is worn to protect your body and the boat from wetting up, it makes the situation comfortable even during the waves.

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