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What’s Better Orbital Or Belt Sander?

What are the differences between an orbital and belt sander? Both of these are sanders. But there are differences between a belt sander and an orbital sander.

These both are power tools. If you want to make new furniture or reshaping and refinishing the old one then, the sander is a great choice for you.

But you may think about which sander you should buy? There are so many options and eventually, you are confused. But with the comparison between a belt sander and orbital sander, you can make the right choice and buy the best sander for cabinets.

So, come and check the detail of each sander.

The Difference Between A Belt Sander And Orbital Sander:

Here are some basic differences between these both sanders. The main differences are such as follows:

  1. A belt sander will constantly make loops on the sandpaper. But on the other hand, orbital sander uses a small kind of disc that revolves into a small circle.

2.  For the powerful and large amounts of materials, you need to use a belt sander. The orbital sander is perfect for small materials and small furniture as well. It is the best tool for fitting into tight spaces.

3. You will have to work with the belt sander on flat spaces. But with the orbital sander, you can work on any angle which is difficult and tough to reach.

The Belt Sander Is For Aggressive Material Remover:

You have already known the fact that a belt sander is looking different from an orbital sander. Belt sander has a motor and it is attaching with two drums. They will move the sandpaper belt across your desired surfaces.

The main purpose of a belt sander is to remove the material fast and rapidly. With the help of the belt sander, you can remove the material easily. It can also be used to smoothen the rough surface of the wood.

This sander is powerful. You can work with it on a large surface area. You will get the smooth finishing with a belt sander.

Benefits Of It:

  • You can use this in a broad range of areas.
  • You will get the fast action with this.
  • You can also get so many varieties in a belt sander.
  • Using a belt sander is very much simple.

An Orbital Sander Is For Finishing:

An orbital sander is very popular as a finishing sander. There are two varieties such as regular orbital sander and a random orbital sander. You can get into any difficult angle with this sander.

Advantages Of It:

  • As per the shape of the orbital sander, you can work with it in any troublesome corner.
  • For the orbital sander, you do not need a big sheet of sandpaper.
  • You will get a smooth finishing with the orbital sander.

These are all details about both tools. But most of the sanding project will not complete with one tool. For the aggressive and heavy-duty sanding, you need the belt sander.

But if you want to remove the deep gashes and deal with critical and complicated corners hen, you need the orbital sander. But overalls belt sander is a good option. It is an efficient power tool.

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