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Top 8 High Sierra Academy Backpack Review

One of the best backpacks around that can help you packing your belongings and carrying it comfortably is the high sierra academy backpack. It is designed to provide a better solution for different types of adventures.

Whether you want to go out for an adventure or even if you will just have to go to school, you can use this backpack to help you bring everything around.

You don’t have to worry about forgetting something since everything can have its own space in your backpack.

1. High Sierra Composite BackPack

It comes with a large front-load main compartment so that you can make sure that you can fit almost anything with this backpack. There are multiple pockets as well to keep your stuff to stay organized.

This high sierra composite backpack also has a separate media pocket with a head port to have your gadgets to have their place within your backpack.

This composite backpack will suit high school students, college, or even for those who need to bring along a lot of stuff with them. It can be good for both men and women as well since there are other color schemes available for this backpack.

It comes in Lime, Mint Leopard, and Moroccan Tile. You can also bring along your water bottle everywhere you go since you can easily just use the beverage side pockets for it.

2. High Sierra Curve Lightweight and Compact Backpack

This high sierra academy backpack looks so soft and comfortable to use. Since it is designed for comfort, you can make sure that you will not have a hard time carrying it as well.

Even if you have to put a lot of items inside, you can still feel comfortable compared to other backpacks. It comes with so many colors and designs available as well. So all you have to do is to just choose the best one for you.

It is an ideal backpack for students even from those who are still in grade school. Because of the lightweight material that was used for making this backpack, your kids can carry it with ease.

You can also use it for yourself since it has a compact design while allowing you to put a lot of items inside.


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3. High Sierra Unisex Autry Backpack

This is the perfect high sierra academy backpack for both men and women alike. Since it comes in a stylish design, it can be used for students in college or even if you are already working.

You can carry your laptop wherever you go since there is a dedicated laptop compartment. It can carry a 15 inches laptop without a problem. There are also multiple pockets inside the bag to organize your other gadgets and cords.

This high sierra academy backpack is designed for ease of carrying and for comfort. Even if you have so many gadgets with you, it will be easier for you to carry it around campus or from your workplace.

Other extra features included in this backpack. It comes with the side daisy chain loop, mesh grab handle and reflected accents.

4. High Sierra Swerve Backpack

This is a great high sierra academy backpack for those who always need to bring along their laptops and tablets. It is fully padded to ensure the safety of your laptop.

It can accommodate even 17 inches models. Mostly for college students or even professionals. Since it also comes with the beverage pocket, you can stay hydrated anytime.

All your belongings are safe inside this backpack since it also has a padded bottom panel. You don’t have to worry about moisture as well since the material that has been used is breathable.

This high sierra academy backpack can also keep you safe even at night because of its reflective accents. You can adjust the side straps to fit you better.

5.High Sierra Mindie Backpack

This is an ideal high sierra academy backpack for highschool or college students because of its stylish designs and colors. You can have your laptop to fit in even if you have the 17 inches model.

It is also roomy enough for your other things and comes with pocket organizers to ensure that everything is in the right place. It’s the perfect backpack for students and gamers since there is a TechSpot sleeve included as well.

The large main compartment can fit everything that you need to bring along. Since there are organizer pockets inside, you don’t have to worry about your things mixing up.

You can also make sure that your laptop will not be damaged since it has its compartment. Access your smartphone easily by putting it in the top front pocket.

6. Hynes Eagle Carry On Backpack

If you are planning to travel anytime soon, then you must have this backpack to carry with you. Its flight approved so you can use it when you have to travel by air.

The roomy main compartment will allow you to carry some clothes as well. It has a laptop compartment at the back so you can bring it along with you even while traveling.

The front organizer pocket can hold your other gadgets in place so that you can also access it easily. You can convert it from a backpack into slip luggage and it comes with a hideable shoulder strap.

It has an adjustable sternum and waist strap for easier carrying stability and comfort. The compression straps can hold and help to avoid pressure on the zippers.

7. High Sierra Swerve Backpack Summerbloom

It’s the perfect high sierra academy backpack for ladies in high school or even up to college. You can use this backpack to carry all your school supplies and your gadgets.

There is a cushion zone for your laptop which can accommodate up to the 17 inches models. You can have more room for your tablet as well and you can wear your headset while walking with it since there is a port included.

The multiple pockets will organize your stuff and its also great for your books and folders. It has a beverage pocket on the sides to keep you hydrated while on the go.

If you need to bring your mobile devices, there will be enough room for all of them. Its the most convenient way to carry all your stuff but still have a stylish color and design that can compliment you in a feminine way.

8. High Sierra Riprap Lifestyle Backpack

If you have to bring a lot of things for school or even if you need to travel now and then, this is your best bet.

This is the high sierra academy backpack to use for your gadgets and school supplies. It can hold a 15 inches laptop and protect it with the padded laptop sleeve.

You don’t have to worry in case that you dropped it accidentally since it has a padded bottom that can protect your laptop and other gadgets.

Its design to ensure that you will not have a tough time carrying it since it has mesh shoulder straps and padded back.


A high sierra academy backpack is a very useful tool especially for people who need to carry so many things as they go. It is commonly used by students since they have to bring almost everything in one bag.

Bringing a backpack is a better option instead of carrying a shoulder bag since the weight can be bad for the posture and can even affect health negatively.

Since using a backpack distributes the heavy weight of your school items evenly, you can easily carry it around better.


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