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Top 10 Best Youth Lacrosse Stick (2021 Reviews)

In past years, lacrosse sticks were considered an economical option for beginners players to learn about the lacrosse game. It has recently gained popularity as most companies have advanced their playing field, thus making the best youth lacrosse stick with top technologies.

Our review will guide you through as a beginner or youth player. And we hope you find the solutions to your problem all in one place.

How to choose a lacrosse stick?

There are two main things to consider in any lacrosse stick. That is the shaft and the head.

Depending on your skill level and position, there are many variations when it comes to lacrosse shafts and heads.

The top part of your stick where the ball is caught is known as the head. It comes either unstrung or strung.

On the other hand, the lacrosse shafts are the handles, that long rod that the player holds. They are mostly of metal alloys hence strong and light.

When choosing the best lacrosse stick length, focus on your position. However, that rule does not apply to women’s lacrosse.

Attackers and midfielders should use a shorter stick that range from 40-42 inch long. However, as a defensive player, consider one with a length of 52-72 inches long.

On the other hand, goalies can use sticks with a length of 40-72 inches as they are more flexible. But as a beginner, consider a lacrosse stick that fits your size, don’t focus on the position you play.

How do you size a youth lacrosse stick?

The best way to size a youth lacrosse stick is by skill level. For instance:


Beginners are children of up to 12 years old with at least 1 to 4 years of experience. The most important feature to put into consideration for them is flatter scoop and a wider head.

As it will help them learn how to catch, pick up, and throw ground balls. The shaft must belong as its length from your shoulders back to fingertips and leaving  1 to 2 inches space for growth.


This skill level is known to be for children over 12 years of age with at least 4-years experience. At this level, it all depends on the players’ preference and position to be able to.

Choose whether non offset or offset head. Offset heads offer more precision, speed, and a curacy on shots, which is best for midfielder or attacker.

Non-offset head, on the other hand, has an extreme scoop angle, which helps with stiffer head and ground balls for more control, making it perfect for midfielders and defenders.

1. STX Lacrosse Stallion 200 A/M Complete Stick

Inspired by elite stallion U 500 head, the STX stallion 200 will help you with easy catching and ball control for all level players.

Its design encourages the development of fundamental skills wen drawing on the features of some of the advanced STX products. This best youth lacrosse stick meets all NCAA and NFUS rules hence very reliable.

The soft mesh stringing will give you good ball control making it easy to control. More so, it makes it versatile and flexible for use in all positions.

Lastly, it’s simple design makes it perfect for developing fundamentals.


  • Meets NFHS and NCAA rules
  • The versatile design thus flexible
  • Ideal for all level players


  • The screw attaching the head is not secure enough

2. STX FiddlesSTX Super Power Lacrosse Stick

These two-pack STX lacrosse sticks are mini sticks with a length of 30 inches each. They are of plastic construction, which means they can’t be used in competitions.

And they are not legal Lacrosse sticks. However, you can rely on them for practice, especially kids. The package includes a practice ball and two Lacrosse sticks.

Additionally, their handles are of plastic hence easy to use, especially by kids.

While purchasing this set, you must understand that they are not professional lacrosse sticks, but their primary purpose is to help your kindergarten kids sharpen their lacrosse skills.


  • Lightweight because of its plastic construction hence easy to use
  • It is sturdy enough for kids to use
  • Good beginner sticks
  • Good for pop lacrosse


  • None

3. STX Lacrosse Stallion U 550  men’s Complete Stick

Are you a defensive or offensive midfielder? If yes, the stallion U 550 men’s lacrosse complete stick works best in those positions, although they fit at any field position.

Its head features DTX patented C-channel technology that strengthens the sidewalls but maintaining it’s lightweight profile.

It is the best men’s Complete Stick that you can consider as an intermediate player. More so, the sidewalk braces will provide stability on ground balls and outside shots.

That is also supported by the improved stringing pattern paired by dry mesh lite to give the players playable pockets right of the shelf.

The handles are of STX 7000 alloy handle hence comfortable and easy to use.


  • Meets NFHS and NCAA rules
  • The elite end cap offers lightweight and durability alternative to the tape
  • Perfect intermediate stick
  • A good quality mesh that comes pre-strung


  • May come smashed if not double-checked

4. STX Lacrosse Stallion 50 Youth Lacrosse Complete Stick

This stallion 50 Youth Lacrosse is perfect for the youths and kids interested in learning lacrosse basics. Its ergonomic design makes it suitable for beginners use.

Inspired by the elite stallion 550 head, it is of soft material making it easy for players to pick the ball from the ground.

Its thin and short handle will give you smooth control over the stick for the young or intermediate players.

Another outstanding feature is the best youth lacrosse stick is lightweight, which makes it perfect for children under 20-years.


  • Has a reasonable price
  • Lightweight and of good quality
  • Easy to use
  • Provides easy control hence easy catching and ball control
  • Suitable for beginners and youths


  • The pocket is too deep

5. STX Lacrosse Youth Girls Lilly Complete Stick with Crux Mesh Pocket

The STX girls lacrosse stick is the perfect stick to consider for the youngest beginners because of its design.

The difference between this Lilly model and the previous model is that they are shorter than their counterparts that are 36″.

It’s wider face shape, and flat style scoops make it perfect for smooth ground ball pickups and easy catching. It comes pre-strung with a mesh pocket hence a soft and smooth feel while catching the ball.

The Crux Mesh with dry mesh lite makes it weather-resistant, therefore no inconveniences while purchasing.

It also means that it has minimal maintenance and improved durability. Furthermore, it allows a deeper pocket to keep the ball in place all the time.


  • Helps to boost youths confidence while playing
  • Perfect for an attacker, midfield, and defense
  • It’s easy to use
  • Suitable for beginners
  • Weather-resistant


  • None


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6. StringKing Complete Junior Boy’s Youth Lacrosse Stick

StringKing is the best youth lacrosse stick for you to purchase for your kids. It comes with a wide head and light shaft, making it easy to learn the lacrosse basics.

Also, it is a regulation-sized stick hence comes complete and ready to use with the stringed mesh. Compared to the adult version, the shaft is much more comfortable, lighter, and thinner to grip.

More so, the head is wide enough with a good pocket hence very easy catching the ball. The bottom line is, this premium stick is durable, lightweight, and also perfect for youth players.


  • The pocket is perfect hence no need for adjustments
  • Properly balanced
  • Lightweight and durable
  • Has a wider head therefore easy to catch the ball


  • None

7. WARRIOR Mako Jr.-Youth Lacrosse Stick

The warrior mako jr.-youth lacrosse stick is the downsized version of the real lacrosse stick. It is perfect for beginners who want to sharpen their skills before using adults stick.

This stick is 37 1/2″ with a small diameter to fit youth players. The pockets don’t need adjustments throughout.

However, they are not too stiff, which makes it perfect and easy to use for beginners. Also, it’s weight, length, and diameter makes it a good fit for kids as it is easy to handle.


  • Comes restrung
  • The perfect stick for beginners
  • Lightweight and good design hence perfect for kids


  • Not durable as other sticks

8. STX Lacrosse Crux 300 Girls Complete Stick

STX manufacturers have always remained top when it comes to producing quality lacrosse sticks, and yes, the STX crux 300 complete stick also doesn’t disappoint.

Its design is for intermediate girls’ lacrosse player as it was inspired by the Crux 500 girls complete stick.

For accuracy on shots and passes, it’s pointed scoop makes it possible, therefore, good gaming. It also features a minimum sidewall height for the deepest legal pocket, making it perfect for catching it.

More so, the STX runway pocket allows the two center runners to flex out and hug the ball, making it very convenient for use.


  • It includes 7075 alloy handle hence no inconveniences while playing
  • The pointed scoop enhances its accuracy on shots and passes
  • Lightweight therefore easy to use


  • Has poor string quality
  • The plastic head easily breaks

9. Franklin Sports Youth Lacrosse Goal and Stick Set

With these sets, you will be able to transform your backyard into a lacrosse field with ease. That is because the set includes everything you need for the game.

It is the best way to train and introduce your kids to a lacrosse game. The set consists of two sticks, one goal, and one ball.

It’s ABS construction makes it lightweight, making it a perfect fit for kids. The sticks are in player and goalie style, respectively.

Meaning you will train your kid in all lacrosse positions, which is very convenient. This set is worth the purchase for teaching kids.


  • Lightweight ABS construction
  • Suitable for youths
  • Comes two sticks for the player and goalie
  • Complete set for beginners


  • The goal net is of poor quality
  • May come broken

10. New Franklin Lacrosse Youth Jr stick and Ball Starter Set

As you had seen from its previous version, which tends to have shortcomings, the new Franklin Lacrosse offers you the best quality to meet all your needs.

It is suitable for youth beginners hence very friendly. You will also have better play because of its deep pocket.

More so, it’s lightweight ABS construction makes it the perfect stick for youth beginners who need to enhance their skills to the next level.

Also, the best youth lacrosse stick grip deco wrap makes it very attractive.

Lastly, you can rely on it for recreational and backyard use only as it is not permitted for organized play.


  • Lightweight construction
  • 32″ stick suitable for youth beginners
  • Easy to use
  • Has deep pockets for better play


  • None

How to know what size of the lacrosse stick to buying?

You will know the size of the lacrosse stick to buy after knowing your skill level. It all depends on your preference and position to obtain the best.

Lacrosse Stick sizes vary depending on the players’ position. If you follow the above process on how to choose a lacrosse stick, we are confident you will be able to identify which one suits you best.

But, you can also consider sizing by position. That is 37″-42″ for attack, 37″-42″ for midfield, 42″-62″ for defense and 40″ goalie.


If you are reading my conclusion, you have gone through all of the above guidelines to find out the best. We also encourage you to break down your considerations to individual components for a great selection.

That means you should evaluate it by your skill level, value, and playing style. After all that, you can now rely on the lacrosse stick sizing chart by position to select your best option.

We hope that you will purchase the best youth lacrosse stick and advance your skills to the next level with ease.


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