Top 10 Best Wood for Bathroom Vanity (2021 Reviews)

Choosing new bathroom vanity cabinets can be very difficult if you do not know where to start. Although style and appearance play a significant role, we can’t stop thinking about material and cost.

The best wood for bathroom vanity material plays a significant role as it determines its durability in the bathroom conditions.

But which is the best material? Manufacturers use three common types of materials in vanity make. Since each of them is of different design, you can read through to find out more which wood suits you best.

What should I look for when buying a bathroom vanity?

Who and how will it be used?

It is an essential consideration factor because if you and your partner are off for work in the morning, going for a vanity with two sinks is better. But if you live alone, prioritizing the counter space in case you use a bunch of products.


It is essential to measure the space available before purchasing a bathroom vanity. You can do so by;

. Ensuring you have enough space left for door openings and trim

. The bathroom vanity has additional features, so you should keep it in mind

. Check on the plumbing location to decrease the cost

. Ensure you at least meet the standard building code compliance. That is allowing at least 18-inch from the cabinet edge to the center of your toilet.

. Lastly, measure the size of vanity cabinets with tops.


There are two main styles that you can select from, built in or freestanding vanities. For larger space, built-in vanity is the best as it offers more countertop storage and space. Freestanding vanities, on the other hand, work best for small spaces and are also available in many styles.

Color and finish

Vanity can be of metal, wood, or glass and may also be in espresso, black, white, or mid-tone brown finishes. Select a color that matches your bathroom decor and style. If you go to a wood cabinet, it gives you more options to paint your choice color.


Before you make a purchasing decision, be sure the location of your vanity. Will it be in kids, guestroom bathroom, powder room, or master bathroom? Your needs are essential, so considering storage is necessary.


There are three common types of materials used in vanity make. That is because each material has a different ability because of the humidity in the bathroom.

That is solid wood, plywood, and MDF. With proper ventilation, solid wood vanities will work best if adequately painted and sealed—the most common solid wood used as maple or oak.

Plywood vanities tend to be different from solid or natural wood in that it doesn’t expand much, making it better than solid wood. That works best if you want a material that stands humidity perfectly. It is also a cost-effective option as it is more stable when it comes to warping and other potential water damage.

MDF material consists of other compressed woods. Ideally, if treated and appropriately installed, it can be more resistant to moisture than any other type of material used.

Also, if you are looking for a low-cost vanity option, then MDF is the best. However, it should not come into contact with water as it may result in warping.

Once damaged, it isn’t easy to repair, which may be inconveniencing. Just to let you know, there is a significant concern in that MDF materials leak gases that are harmful to human health.

1. Niturra White Shaker Bathroom Vanity

Niturra is a white Shaker Bathroom Vanity of a Russian birch frame wood species, a solid birch door, and frame. The door and frame style is a veneered door panel while its construction is of half-inch plywood and birch veneer hinges.

The cabinet hinges are frameless and of a 5/8 inch rubber wood dovetail drawer box. The drawers are of a natural finish that glides under the soft mount close smooth door finish.

Besides, its interior and exterior match the face front’s color, which is of a white box finish making it favorable for most bathroom decors.


  • Made of a solid wood
  • Soft closing hinges
  • Comes with handles to ease opening
  • White Shaker right drawers


  • Difficult to assemble

2. Modway Render Bathroom Vanity

Modway render bathroom vanity gets you into the mid-century aesthetics with a durable particle frame with a smooth walnut grain laminate and MDF construction. It comes in four tapered wood legs, two soft and close hinge doors, and an adjustable storage shelf.

Edgy style design meets your desires using a curve ceramic basin with an integrated countertop in the crisp and sleek line’s design. All in all, this vanity boasts the mid-century and modern style making with a solid construction that is also practical and pleasing to look at.


  • Brings a modern style and mid-century intrigue
  • Quality construction and a functional design
  • Gives an ample bathroom storage space
  • Walnut grain vanity


  • Assembly required with no fixtures included.

3. Puluomis 24 Inches Bathroom Vanity

Puluomis is a 24 inches best wood for bathroom vanity that is white and engineered wood, glass, and wood. The modern style of vanity has a sleek surface of a wood grid pattern, eco paint for durability, and careful coverage. Its polished surface and scratch resistant design make it easy to clean.

Also, it comes with a mirror, glass sink, pop-up drain, some of the mounting hardware stores, a chrome faucet, and hot or cold lines. The modern and stylish design fits most of the bathroom decors perfectly. It is also easy to install.


  • Easy and quick installation
  • The durable construction of a wood grid pattern
  • Easy to clean due to the polished surface
  • It’s stylish and modern design fits most decors


  • Leaking faucet

4. eclife 24 inch Modern Bathroom Vanity

The eclife bathroom furniture is a 24-inch modern vanity that cones unassembled to ease it’s movement up and down the stairs and through narrow hallways and doors. It comes steady and strong because of the MDF material used for its construction.

The surface board is 15 mm thick but smooth, thus easy to clean besides being wear-resistant. It’s assembly instructions are provided to ease the installation process. It’s brass pop up drain and faucet tends to be better than the general ones since it goes through rigorous testing.


  • Easy to assemble with the instructions
  • Easy to clean smooth surface board
  • Durable and sturdy construction
  • Wear-resistant vanity of 15 mm thick


  • None

5. LUCA Kitchen and Bath LC24HBP Bathroom Vanity

The Sydney is a 24-inch single sink vanity that provides the perfect finish touch to your bathroom decor. LUCA Kitchen and Bath is of a solid hardwood that remains its functionality and beauty over the years.

The integrated sink with overflow and porcelain countertop matches the cabinet style perfectly and thus simple to maintain. Its small size offers an adequate storage space whereby a unique and useful storage box gets hidden in the flip drawer.

The other drawer is of dovetail joinery that sits on the soft glides. An open shelf is available at the base of the cabinet for additional storage purposes.


  • Larger sink in a smaller space
  • Modern farmhouse design
  • Closes softly and quietly
  • Comes fully assembled


  • Great for small-sized bathrooms


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6. Fresca Manchester Regal 24″ Gray Wood Veneer Traditional Bathroom Vanity

The Fresca Manchester Regal 24″ Gray Wood Veneer Traditional Bathroom Vanity is one of the house’s essential rooms,  from the morning as we prepare in the bathroom for the day activities.

Since our day revolves in the bathroom, we need to keep it smart and neet with this high quality, cutting edge design and durable materials.

Fresca Manchester bathroom vanity has a brushed nickel door handles for brings aesthecity to the room. Closing the cabinet is an easy task since the door hinges are soft and close. An open bottom shelf included for storing different bath supplies.


  • Comes with an integrated ceramic sink
  • Soft-close hinges for silent and effortless closure
  • Fresh brushed nickel door handles
  • Ample storage with an open bottom shelf


  • None

7. Wonline Bathroom Vanity

Wonline is a 24 by 22 by 32.5  inches modern bathroom vanity that is of an MDF construction with a large storage space beside the high-cost performance. Its luxury design brightens your bathroom by adding value to your property.

It has a mirror and sinks in it with a unique brown color that can harmonize your decor perfectly. Installation needs not to bother you since you can assemble it by yourself with the delicate design.

Its small body helps conserve the space in your bathroom even though it has a maximized storage space. Being moisture-proof and easy to store due to the versatile layouts.


  • Strong and sturdy construction
  • Easy to install
  • Modern and stylish design
  • Versatile layouts for easy storage


  • Short faucet for a sink

8. eclife 24” Sink Combo Brown Cabinet Vanity

eclife vanity is a 24 inches Bathroom Vanity that is obligated to bringing an economical and comfortable life. The bathroom vanity is a durable MDF material that makes it sturdy, thus suitable for your bathroom. It has an easy to clean and a good 19 inches white ceramic bathroom sink.

The modern and stylish design fits most decors. The MDF making brings more advantages besides being easy to assemble; it is also non-corrosive, durable, wear-resistant, and environmentally friendly. Also, A mounting ring and solid umbrella pop up drain are both included with a chrome finish.


  • Easy to assemble
  • Modern style that fits most Decors
  • Durable construction
  • Environmentally friendly


  • Hard to understand instructions

9. BATHJOY 24” White Bathroom Wood Vanity Cabinet

BATHJOY is a modern bathroom vanity that has a large storage space beside the high-performance cost. Having the top color choice for most bathrooms that is a black finish. Its installation is simple; you need to do is follow the instructions and carefully.

The luxurious design will brighten your bathroom and also add value to your property upon purchase. It also comes with a mirror, chrome faucet, vanity cabinet, pop-up drain, and installation hardware.


  • Made of strong and durable materials
  • Soft closing drawers and doors
  • Easy to assemble with assembling instructions
  • Modern and stylish design that can fit your decor perfectly


  • Short and small after installation

10. QIERAO 24 inch White Bathroom Vanity

QIERAO is a 24-inch white bathroom vanity of solid wood with a mirror countertop square vessel sink durable enough for your bathroom use. Since it is from ecofriendly materials, it provides a safe, clean, and fresh atmosphere.

Its appearance is simple, practical, and beautiful, with a large storage space that can easily accept everything into the bathroom cabinet. Moreover, it is moisture and waterproof; thus, all your belongings will be in a safe condition. This non-toxic furniture is easy to install but of good quality.


  • Modern and stylish design
  • Environmentally friendly making
  • Easy to install
  • Large storage space
  • Water and moisture-proof design


  • Instructions are not complete


What is the best wood to use for bathroom vanity?

The best wood to use for your bathroom vanity is solid wood. That is because if properly sealed and painted, it will suit any bathroom setting. It is also easy to repair and also last longer if compared with other materials. But still, solid wood may be Marple or oak, so research on the material will best suit you.

How do I protect my wooden bathroom vanity?

The best way to protect a wooden bathroom vanity is by using the best finish: waterloo sealer and finish. It is the best option because it is a resin to seal and makes the wood waterproof and Tung oil to penetrate the wood.

To work best, it needs oxygen to cure; therefore, you should follow the right procedure to avoid inconveniences.

How to clean wood bathroom Vanity?

You can clean the wood bathroom vanity by using warm water with additional mild dishwashing detergent or oil soap. But for wooden surfaces, it is perfect to consider oil soaps. Use a soft cloth by soaking it to the solution, wring it, then wipe.

You may consider using other drying clothes to clean and dry through the vanity. Follow the same steps weekly for the best results.


For a long-lasting bathroom vanity, selecting the best material is of significant importance. That is why our review of the best wood for bathroom vanity is the best alternative. It gives you various options to design and style your bathroom. Its maintenance is also easy, making it very convenient.

With the right finish, woodworks best for most vanities; therefore, there is no need to fear its durability. We hope that by reading through, you will distinguish the best that meets your requirements fully.

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