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Top 10 Best Garden Seeder (2021 Reviews)

One of the best ways of spreading fertilizer or seeds on your farm is by using the best garden seeder. Their design is specifically to allow precise planting of seeds and also spreading fertilizer.

As a farmer, you can rely on it to help improve your yields with time. That is because it makes tasks more comfortable and more convenient. Meaning farmers will have ample time focusing on other garden issues.

Each garden seeder design based on the hopper capacity is why you have to select one that meets your needs. But, with the availability of various brands in the market today, it may be challenging to settle in the best.

In our review, we have listed the top 10 Best Garden Seeders that meet all your needs. Read through to find out more from our buying guide why they are the best overall.

What is the best garden seeder?

The best garden seeder is one that meets all your needs and expectations on the farm. And it is not just the best because of a brand name but because of its performance. While selecting the best, there are various factors to put into consideration. It includes;

Hopper capacity

You have to check out for the best seeder because they all have different hopper capacities. But, whichever the case, if you want for a large farm, go for one with almost 200 lbs hopper capacity, which serves up to 5000 SQ.ft. For smaller farms, you can go for one with 50 lbs hopper capacity.


It is an essential factor of consideration as it determines the performance and durability of the seeder. Go for a durable and rustproof garden seeder that you can rely on over the years.

That means you have to go for a heavy-duty steel construction that also makes it durable and sturdy enough. Besides that, ensure the hopper is if rustproof poly material.

Push vs. pull seeders

These are the two main types of garden seeders available. This factor depends on the user’s level of preference. For instance,  push seeders may be of ergonomic design with grip handles for easy transportation.

Pull seeders, on the other hand,  can be attached to the tractor. Generally, pull seeders are easy to use if compared to push seeders.

1. Earthway 1001-B Garden Seeder

Earthway garden seeder is an ideal crop planter that takes away the guesswork. All you need to do is install one of the precision seed plates that fit your seed and adjust the planting depth to the ground.

After that, you can set the 30 inches long row market to suit your desired width after filling the seed hopper with seeds.

Upon pushing the results will explain themselves more efficiently when the crops emerge in a perfect row. Sure enough, the plants will come up simultaneously, thereby making your garden look smart.


  • Efficient and designed for easy planting
  • Automatic spacing for even spread
  • Tough, durable and weather-resistant
  • Includes six seed plates


  • Requires sufficient ground preparation before planting

2. Earthway 2150 Garden Seeder

Are you looking for a compact Commercial spreader? Then the Earthway 2150 garden seeder is the perfect choice for your dream. With its 50 lb capacity, that is great for small jobs or small storage spaces.

It has two height-adjustable positions handle besides a T speed lever that necessitates total comfort and control to operators with different heights. Its EV-N-SPRED of three holes drop shut off system works to spread an even spread pattern and spread for accurate application.


  • Heavy duty with great power
  • Two positions of height adjustable
  • Lightweight for easy storage
  • Super duty for long life


  • Hard to assemble

3. Earthway 2050P Walk Behind Garden Seeder

Earthway 2050P has a large, pneumatic rugged tire that does not recognize any terrain what so ever. This easy to use great spreader is also sturdy and can tackle rough to uneven patches in an easy way.

Its making is of a sturdy and tubular steel frame of a large capacity hopper capable of holding up to 80 pounds of fertilizer. Besides even planting, you can also fertilize using the three holes drop system.

A commercial gearbox, inbuilt durable gears, and a mounted holder can easily adjust for various distributions. Moreover, this best garden seeder is adjustable with all granular lawn fertilizers.


  • Easy to assemble
  • High capacity hopper of 80 lbs
  • Perfect broadcast garden seeding spreader
  • Heavy-duty frames for durability


  • Rear to find and expensive parts in case of replacement

4. Precision GE2010 Garden Seeder

Precision garden seeder majorly designed to plow, plant after that cover the cost of seeds in just a single pass. Therefore it comes with dual hoppers that can work simultaneously by planting and fertilizing at the same time.

In addition to this, it has a storage pouch for seven seed plates that can help in even planting and in a more effective way without time wastage. This best garden seeder is a reversible row maker to help you set up your next row and a planting depth with its row maker and planting plow.


  • Can plow, plant and cover the seeds in one touch
  • 7seed plates for variable seeds
  • Concave wheel design that cleats the soil for adequate drainage
  • Comes when fully assembled


  • Works best on a level and fine beds

5. Varomorus Metal Precision Seeder

Varomorus is a manual seeder that is universal for planting different vegetables either in a greenhouse or on open ground. Its principle is based on the sewing drums rotation that helps release the seed to it’s calibrated deepening.

Depending on the regulations, the brush stopper leaves one or a few seeds in every depending. Its flip-out ejector then drops a seed into the furrow. The sowing density relies on the spacing between the deepenings of the sowing hub and the brush stopper regulations.


  • Comes with twenty nozzles for different seeds
  • Fully metal thus durable
  • Rows distance are adjustable
  • Compact for easy storage


  • Does not come with handles


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6. Agri-Fab 45-0543 Seeder

Agri-Fab is a 100lbs seeder, tow spiker, and drop spreader that can help you grow your lawn as you wish. For optimal results, spread the grass in the spring overbear areas. In the summer seasons, feed, and fertilize when need be to enhance the growth rate.

The drop spreader can provide precise performance besides aerating the soil. Depending on the speed of applications and material, you can plant up to 40,000 square in one fill.

With its steel lift handle, you can easily adjust the height to your perfect position. In addition to its durability, this product comes with a three-year warranty.


  • Precise performance
  • Steel lift handle for maximum precision
  • Enough aeration with the eight galvanized spikes
  • Smooth transportation with the 10 inches flat wheels


  • Flawed design

7. Chapin 8701B Garden Push Seeder

Chapin garden seeder is your dream garden seeder that makes planting easy and accurate without hassle. With its six seed plates, it is capable of accommodating twenty different sees types. It can quickly plow, plant, cover, and mark the coming row besides rolling smoothly over the cultivated area.

A durable powder coating is used on the steel frame to last and endure the harsh working conditions. Moreover, to the comfortable cushion grip handles, you can work season after seasons. You are also assured of the full technical support from the customer service team.


  • Comes with six interchangeable plates for different seeds
  • Row maker that can adjust the spacing
  • Comfortable grip handle that prevents fatigue
  • Durable powder-coated steel frame


  • Not suitable for the small-sized seeds

8. EnRoot Products Garden Seeder

EnRoot Products Garden Seeder is a seed stitcher pro double that can help you if you have lots of ground to cover. It can double the work with it’s fast and efficient speed.

Wedge-shaped spikes create funnel-shaped holes through the lawn thatch or mulch without ripping it up. Seeds can easily slip down the holes into the soil.

This best garden seeder helps shelter the seeds by covering them by the mulches or thatch and, at the same time, suppressing the weeds from growing. It provides ambient surroundings for the seeds to germinate.


  • Helps cover the seeds
  • Can plant variable seeds
  • Amazing results
  • Easy on the body


  • Can break easily

9. Jeffergarden Household Seeding Machine

Jeffergarden is a new brand for the household seeding machine capable of providing convenient home and garden tools. This product is associated with improving quality, functionality, design that fits most customers’ desires despite the affordable price.

By understanding what you want and what is essential for you, they work hard to help you share your friend’s and relative’s love.


  • Made of high-quality plastic material
  • It helps save on the fertilizer
  • Height and depth of planting can be adjusted
  • Easy to use and operate


  • None

10. Earthway M20 Garden Seeder

Earthway is an amount broadcast garden spreader that you can add to your ATV and work with ease. Its hopper is rustproof, 80lbs, and EV-N-SPRED 3-holes drop shut off system that keeps on ensuring uniform planting, chemical application, fertilizer application, and germination.

Its elegant design is for performance and long-lasting. Lastly, the quick-connect mounting is also heavy-duty, thus renders it an excellent seeder for trouble-free service.


  • Can be used with ATV
  • 12 voltage powerful motor
  • Durable and rustproof hopper
  • Great capacity of up to 80 pounds


  • Tends to throw fertilizer all over

How does a garden seeder work?

A garden seeder comprises a seed plate, two wheels, a trench, hopper, and a mechanism covering the soil after the seeds drop. The front wheel is attached to the seed plate, which means the seed plate turns when the wheel turns.

The seed plate will then scoop seeds, place it on the slip that leads to the furrow. The trench will then create the furrow after the seed gets placed, a mechanism covers the spread seeds with soil.

Then, the back wheel compacts the soil after the seed is covered. Some garden seeders have roe markers to ensure you maintain the straight lines.

How to use a garden seeder?

Although garden seeders’ purpose is to spread seeds, you can’t use it to seed everything like cucumber seeds and sow melon. More so, if you are using advanced gardening methods, then using a garden seeder will be inappropriate.

The best way you can use garden seeders is when there are long rows that need planting. Follow the steps below to use it conveniently.

Step 1: select the seeds

Do not use soak seeds on a garden seeder. Also, don’t use seed pellets as they usually don’t fit in the seed plates. Also, ensure that the hopper is clean for the seeds to get sowed properly. Lastly, ensure that you plow the soil before you start seedling.

Step 2: select the seed plates

Garden Seeder needs the appropriate seed plate depending on the type of crop you want to plant. For instance, if you use the right produce in the correct seed plate, you will have satisfactory results.

Step 3: use the seeder to sow seeds

First, fix the correct seed plate to the hopper’s interior. Set the ground opener for the seeder to sow the seeds appropriately at a specific depth in the soil. Then, adjust the row marker, place the seeds in the hopper. Lastly, you move the seeder straight.


We can conclude that Earthway garden seeder is among the top seeders in the market today. But, the above selection is the best to check out for. They are easy to use with ergonomic handles and grip for a quick push while others have a low system for sharp pulling.

With that in mind, we are confident selecting any of the above seeders will be beneficial to you. They are heavy-duty frames that ensure it is desirable and sturdy enough just as you had expected, therefore an ideal pick for your budget.


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